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Source Your Heathrow Sound Hire and Event Production Services from On Tour Events

Screen, Lighting, Staging & Sound Hire Services in Heathrow
Screen, Lighting, Staging & Sound Hire Services in Heathrow

Heathrow has long been a thriving hub for events. With a plethora of hotels and Europe’s best-served airport, there is perhaps no better location to hold important business events or music events.

With multiple conferences, concerts, corporate events taking place every week, here at On Tour Events, we have spent the last 25 years or so providing all manner of sound equipment, lighting fixtures, and other aspects of event production to our clients.

As such, we have developed a reputation as one of Heathrow’s premier event equipment suppliers.

With that in mind, let’s give you a little bit more on our relationship with the Heathrow area before running through the various Heathrow production services we can offer to your event.

Event Equipment Hire in Heathrow is Our Bread and Butter

Here at On Tour Events, we have a love affair with the Heathrow region that dates all the way back into the late 1990s, when we were first starting as the first iteration of what we have become today.

We were heavily focused on the conference audio visual (AV) equipment hire space initially, and given that there are dozens of conference venues in Heathrow, what better place to start advertising our services? After a lot of door knocking and phone calling, we eventually landed our first gig and the rest, as they say, is history!

The reason we are telling you this story is because we boast something that not many other London-based event equipment hire companies have. We have developed long-term relationships with most of the venues that host events in this area, including the surrounding towns of Cranford, Heston, and Hayes, to name but a few (more on the specific areas we cover later).

In many instances, we are the preferred equipment hire supplier. What that means for you is that we can offer you hassle-free and cost-effective equipment hire since we already know every nook and cranny of each venue. By the end of just one phone call, we’ll know exactly what you’ll need and supply it to you at a very competitive price.

But enough about our longstanding love affair with Heathrow events, let’s tell you a little bit more about what we can offer.

Heathrow Sound Hire Services from On Tour Events

Sound equipment hire is usually top of the list for event organisers. We supply all manner of sound equipment to all kinds of events in the Heathrow area. Whether you are a popular local band that needs a reliable supplier for your upcoming gig schedule, or you are hosting a conference at one of Heathrow’s premier hotels, we have sound equipment hire solutions for you.

We understand how vital it is for a keynote speaker to be heard or for your live musical performance to sound complete and immersive. That’s why we only stock industry-leading brands. From top-of-the-range Shure wireless microphones to d&b audiotechnik PA speakers, we have all of your sound needs covered.

Our Heathrow sound equipment hire services include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

  • PA speaker systems

  • Amplifiers

  • Subwoofers

  • Microphones (wired/wireless)

  • Stage monitors

  • Mixing consoles

  • In-ear monitors

  • Cabling

  • DJ equipment

  • And much, much more!

Better still, our experienced sound engineers will not only set everything up and test all devices to ensure they are working correctly but can stick around to handle all of your sound mixing needs should you need them to.

All of our sound equipment is less than three years old, and we carry out regular maintenance and servicing to help us maintain our track record of zero recorded equipment failures while on hire. How’s that for a commitment to high-quality service?

But enough about Heathrow sound equipment hire, let’s move onto another vital production aspect of events – the lighting.

Heathrow Event Lighting Hire

While crystal clear sound is crucial for an event, your choice of event lighting hire options can make or break your occasion. From venue uplighters that totally transform the look and feel of a venue to your all-important stage spotlights, you’ve got to get your lighting choices right to have any chance of hosting a successful event.

Not only do we stock dozens of different types of lighting fixtures, but we have hundreds of devices overall, meaning there isn’t a lighting production that we can’t put together! Once we’ve had a chat about what you need in terms of lighting, our lighting technicians will turn up prior to your event to rig everything and erect truss structures if necessary.

Once again, we are happy to oversee the artistic direction of a lighting show should you need us to, and we are always available to give you insight and suggestions to ensure your lighting budget delivers the maximum impact. We also stock specialist lighting for live streaming, which is becoming an increasingly crucial aspect of events such as conferences.

Stage Hire Services for Heathrow Events

Along with sound and lighting hire, most events require a stage. Fortunately for you, we’ve also developed an enormous range of stage hire options for Heathrow events that we can mobilise very quickly should you need us to.

Firstly, you can choose from a broad spectrum of modular designs for stages and sets that we can completely customise with your branding (these are perfect for corporate events and business conferences). Alternatively, you can make use of our incredibly talented in-house design team to create a custom stage or set for your exhibition stand or even your wedding.

If you are planning on hosting a larger event in the Heathrow area, you may also want to look at our fleet of arc roof stages. Some of our largest models will even accommodate a stage production for up to 10,000 guests! They are incredibly popular at music concerts and festivals and would be perfect if you intend to host an outdoor event this summer in one of Windsor, Slough, or Hounslow’s many parks, for example.

No other events company is quite as flexible when it comes to stages. Not only do we have a massive inventory of stages and a talented in-house design team, but we also employ the latest 3D rendering technology to show you precisely what your stage production will look like. That way, we can make any necessary tweaks and adjustments to guarantee your satisfaction long before we even set foot in your chosen Heathrow events venue.

Hire Your Entire Heathrow Event Production from On Tour Events

While we are more than happy to provide one or several elements of your event production needs, we firmly believe that it's always better to source everything from one provider. Our Heathrow production services cover pretty much every conceivable aspect of an event.

We could go on forever about the equipment we could supply, but it’s worth mentioning a few highlights here to give you a sense of the scale of our Heathrow operations. First up, let’s take a quick look at LED screen hire.

Heathrow LED Screen Hire

We have LED screens (or video walls if you prefer) for every occasion. It doesn’t matter if you are putting on an outdoor cinema event or an indoor conference with international delegates. We can supply LED screens of any size or configuration.

We have helped conferences, exhibitions, festivals, concerts, corporate events, and even weddings in the Heathrow area with our LED screen hire service. These aren’t any old LED screens either. They are the best in the business. We stock screens with a pixel pitch of 3.9mm, brightness ratings of over 5000 nits, and an IP 65 rating against the outdoor elements.

With over 120 square metres of LED video panels in stock, we can build pretty much anything you need!

Live Streaming for Heathrow Events

Live streaming has been a revelation in the few years where event organisers have been prohibited from having their paying guests attend in person (or only in limited numbers). Here at On Tour Events, we’ve been able to capitalise on our existing live streaming knowledge since it’s a service we’ve been providing for years to our clients.

With our equipment and support services, we can beam your event around the world, far beyond the confines of your Heathrow conference centre. You can use live streaming for all kinds of events. We have found live streaming to be most beneficial for corporate events such as conferences or product launches, but there’s no reason why you can’t live-stream your wedding, for example.

Hire Large TVs and Projectors for Your Heathrow Events

While we’re not ones to stereotype, Heathrow is dominated by corporate events, conferences, expos, exhibitions, and other similar occasions. If that’s the type of event you are in the process of pulling together, you may well be looking at your projector and screen hire options.

Yes, LED screens have come along and taken some of their market share. But there’s a reason projectors are still preferred by many event hosts, not least their cheaper price point.

Don’t need something quite as big as a full-blown projector and screen combo? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered in this instance too. We have a whole suite of large TV/plasma screens available for hire that boast screens as large as 110 inches. Perfect for those more intimate presentations in the business suite of your preferred Heathrow hotel!

Why Choose On Tour Events for Heathrow Event Production and Hire Services?

Hopefully, now we’ve run through some (not all!) of the key event production and equipment hire services we provide in the Heathrow area, you can begin to understand just how much we can supply to your event. In 99 of every 100 cases (probably even higher), we can supply absolutely everything you need to make your event an unmitigated success.

But supplying everything you need is just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t forget that we can also provide some of the most experienced sound engineers, lighting technicians, and stage crews to oversee the smooth running of your event. These guys have seen it all, from exclusive, extravagant weddings on the continent to massive productions at the O2 Arena and the ExCeL, and they have over a century of experience between them.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly for you, you eliminate the hassle of dealing with several suppliers all at once by dealing with us. With just one point of contact, you can organise all technical elements of your event in one fell swoop.

There’s no need to call several people to get one job done. There’s no frantic scheduling to ensure that contractors don’t clash with each other when carrying out their operations. All it takes is a few chats over the phone or in-person to nail down the finer details, and that’s it. We’ll handle the rest for you!

What Areas of Heathrow Does On Tour Events Cover?

In short, all of them. We are a well-established national outfit that often does work over in Europe, too, so you don’t need to worry if you’re hosting an event in one of the towns surrounding Heathrow.

In case you want specifics, here’s a list that is by no means exhaustive of the places we can supply our equipment and services to:

  • Feltham

  • Harlington

  • Harmondsworth

  • Sipson

  • Hanworth

  • Hounslow

  • Slough

  • Hayes

  • Colnbrook

  • Windsor

  • Eton

  • Heston

  • Staines

  • West Drayton

  • Uxbridge

  • Hillingdon

Again, this list could go on forever. But hopefully you get the point that we can help events anywhere in Heathrow, London, or the rest of the UK, for that matter.

Contact On Tour Events Today Regarding Your Heathrow Event

When it comes to Heathrow events, we are proud of our long track record and hard-earned reputation. We love providing our event production and equipment hire services to this hub of corporate and private events, and we cherish our longstanding relationships with venues that made us preferred suppliers many years ago.

If you are thinking of planning an event (no matter the type of occasion), please do get in touch to discuss your requirements. We supply the best quality equipment available at affordable prices by leveraging our economies of scale. So even if you are only planning a small event and you only need a price for Heathrow PA system rental, you may well be shocked by how competitive we can be.

Either give us a call on 020 8058 0093 or send us an email at to get the ball rolling!

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