White Dance Floor Hire London

Welcome to this On Tour Events hire page. If you have been searching for a large white dance floor then you are certainly in the right place! Although this package is listed as a 20ft white dance floor, we also offer dance floors as small as 10ft x 10ft (unless your after ery bespoke) up to 40 x 40ft in plain and starlit versions / colours. 

20Ft White Dance Floor

SKU: WhiteDanceFloor01
  • This white 20ft floor is a great way of drawing people’s attention to it and ensuring the space is used for what is it intended for, to dance on! We have all been to a wedding reception only to walk in and see a large twinkly light up dance floor which are popular choices for weddings & events to create a bubbly vibrant atmosphere with people dancing on it. 


    This white dance floor offers a slight alternative option for people not wanting the twinkly appearance which may appear slightly more suited to weddings. As mentioned before we can offer any size floor within reason.