d&b D80 amp hire in London

On Tour Events stocks both d&b Audiotechnik & L- Acoustics PA systems & one thing in common is that both manufacturers use their own power amp such as the LA12 or in d&b's case the D12 or the newer D80.... So the D80? what is it all about..


The d&b Audiotechnik D80 is needed when you hire any of our d&b speakers as this not only acts as the power amp but these very clever amps also deal with all the required DSP, timing & phase correction that goes on. The D80 power amplifier was designed from the ground Up by d&b themselves and it's truly magnificent amplifier and processing unit. 

d&b Audiotechnik D80 Amplifier

SKU: d&bAudiotechnikD80
  • The d&b Audiotechnik D80 power amplifier is a 4-channel digital DSP power amp / system controller & at just 19 kilos this impressive amplifier can produce 4000 Watts at 4ohm across each channel! Plus you can also assign a 16 band parametric EQ to each channel & one of the most handy additions to the D80 over the D6 and D12 is its digital full colour touchscreen which makes setting up the PA system and selecting what speaker you want to use a lot easier. 


    Here's a little tip if you have used some of the larger d&b subs such as the J-sub or B2 or J-Infra sub and you haven't heard one of these speaker cabinets driven by a D80 .... you need to listen! Ohh the power & delivery is nothing but exceptional. On Tour Events offer a complete sound equipment hire service so just let us know what you need & we will sort it out


    As London's leading audiovisual company we can also supply any staging LED screen or lighting required for your event. So if you looking to hire a IEM package fopr your event please contact us