d&b Audiotechnik M4 Monitor Hire London

At On Tour Events we love d&b audiotechnik speakers and the d&b audiotechnik M4 stage monitor is nothing be exceptional! The M4 is a two-way stage monitoring loudspeaker and this is the chosen stage monitor for many artists across the world. On Tour Events stocks this stage monitor due to the powerful and exceptional sound that is achieved from such a small and compact package is an absolute must for us and our hire stock.



If you're looking to hire a stage monitor for a live band conference wedding or event and we would highly recommend this product and being D&B audiotechnik it is also ''rider'' friendly will be accepted by any artist

d&b Audiotechnik M4 Monitor Hire

SKU: d&bM4MonitorHire01
  • The d&b M4 stage monitor uses a 15 in low mid bass with a 1 inch s high mid / HF compression horn / driver, the M4 gives the musician / artist a constant dispersion of 50 degrees by 70 degrees. This stage monitor delivers accurate high fidelity audio it should also be noted that the M4 can be used as a stand-alone PA system as well as the 15-inch driver gives you enough warmth and bottom end allowing for it to be used as a stand-alone sound system.


    A pair of M4's with a pair of Qsubs will easily cover a couple of hundred people when you have a pair either side of the stage. The M4 stage monitor is ultra light and compact giving you a tidy meat stage with plen