Doughty Modular Drop Arm Hire London

What you are looking at is the Doughty modular drop arm which is used to suspend lighting in a flexible & safeway helping to create different positions or lighting fixtures thus giving lighting effects at your event or in your venue. We can also assist you with any lighting equipment you may need and of course we stock the full Doughty range. If you're unsure about what it is you need to hire please contact us

Doughty Modular Drop Arm

SKU: DoughtyRigging01
  • If you're trying to make your event stand out from the rest look different your be needing to pay close attention to the lighting & lighting design for your wedding or event. Using an incorporating a modular drop arm will allow you to get different heights for the lighting fixtures which means you'll get different lighting positions which means you'll be able to get different lighting ''looks'' for your event. For instance you have a product launch and you want that wow factor entrance for your clients and guests... well this is only achievable with great production and with any great production you need lighting at multiple positions and multiple heights giving you multiple angles and this is why the modular drop arm is used on so many different events as the creativity that it gives you when designing your lighting Show makes a world of difference.


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