Doughty Stage Weight 12.5kg Hire London


The stage weight has been the go-to accessory providing added ballast or weight in the production industry for a number of years. Its 12.5kg standard weight and small profile size makes easy to mauver and carry during production builds and transporting in and out of venues. Stage weights are also easy to stack, with their location lugs you can add extra weight by adding additional stage weight on top of each other. Check out our Stage Hire page if your looking to hire staging rather than stage weights


Stage weights commonly used to help prop up scenery boards and other production materials such as stage flaps. They have also often been used as a counterweight to secure items to the floor to prevent items from slipping or being moved from accidentally being kicked. Base plates, truss, and beams also tend to require additional stage weights as extra ballast and to increase safety amongst guests during events.

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