dry ice machine hire in London

On Tour Event stocks the world-renowned & trusted Le Maitre’s Freezefog Pro which is a powerful controllable low-lying fog effect which can also be used to create fog curtains when used in conjunction with the additional G300. This dynamic & powerful dry ice machine has been in our hire stock for many years use for creating incredible theatrical low lying smoke / fog effects across your venue floor. 


If you're looking to hire a dry ice machine for your event or wedding and we would highly recommend this machine (Le Maitre’s Freezefog Pro) but please continue to read on and find out more information about why this is the professionals choice when it comes to dry ice. 

Le Maitre FreezeFog Pro Dry Ice

SKU: DryIceMachine001
  • So why hire Le Maitre’s Freezefog Pro why over other dry ice machines? 


    Well let's quickly explain why this particular dry ice machine is the professionals choice and some of the key differences between this machine and other dry ice machines on the higher market. The Le Maitre’s Freezefog Pro has been used on film sets, clubs and tours and in theme parks for years and On Tour Events stocks this because it allows us to deliver highly stable dry ice effects with a long hanging time above your floor (due to a high accurate thermal monitoring system combined with an advanced microprocessor) and these machines aren't cheap nasty rip offs the other dry ice machines you can hire this is a professional dry ice machine for creating incredible effects. 


    So if you're planning a wedding or an event and you're looking for that spectacular long-lasting dry ice effect otherwise known as white fog then this is the only machine to hire and with over 25 years the events industry On Tour Events as seen many other rental companies try and fail to produce the same effect this machine produces.


    As London's leading audiovisual company we can also supply any staging LED screen or sound required for your event. So if you looking to hire a IEM package fopr your event please contact us