Midas M32R Digital Mixer Hire London

The Midas M32R in a compact digital mixing console primarily used for conferences & smaller live sound work. The M32R can accept 16 inputs without the use of a stage rack or up to 32-in inputs when used with the matching Midas DL32 stage rack.


This is one of our most favourite mixing consoles to use because it's light user-friendly reliable most technicians no how to use on navigate around these desks and even if you haven't used one before the interface is so easy that you'll be able to pick it up within a matter of minutes.


Maybe you looking to hire a sound engineer with a mixing console for your conference? On Tour Events also offer this service but for those that are wanting to try out their first digital mixing desk we highly recommend the Midas M32R

Midas M32R Digital Mixer

SKU: MidasM32RDesk001
  • There aren't many events that don't require or need a mixing console as most events having a handheld or wireless microphones used somewhere on the stage so you'll need to also hire a reliable and professional mixing console and this is where the - comes into play. The reason why on tour events stocks this particular mixing desk is because is a rock solid platform with a super slick and easy-to-use interface with amazing sound quality considering the price point of these consoles. Most of the companies in London we stock a few of these desks as they are just an all round work hourse. 


    To give you some more technical details on this desk you can use up to 25 buses (monitor mixes) 16 or up to 32 inputs as mentioned before if you used the DL32 stack rack with it, the M32R has 16 motorised faders and a 5-in hi definition display again making navigating around the console extremely easy. With the addition of a USB interface we can offer multitrack recording which is a popular option for conferences & weddings plus this mixing desk can also be used as a wireless remote control surface when used with an iPad or iPhone to control the sound wirelessly at your event. 


    We have own many desks over the years but this particular product will be staying in our hire inventory for some time to come but if you're looking to hire the bigg