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A Lectern is a specialist stand used to support a book or script in a convenient position for a presenter to read from. Lecterns are commonly used in front of an audience and are often positioned on stage in front of a public speaker at conferences, seminars and lectures.


Lecterns also allow for microphones to be attached and enable the speaker to be clearly heard amongst their guests. Professional gooseneck lectern mics, designed to pick up the voice of a public speaker can be easily attached to such lecterns allowing whoever comes to the lectern to talk to be heard. This is often the best solution for award shows when winners receive their awards and want to say a few words of thanks.


Our Acrylic / Perspex lectern is one of our most popular choices for product launches, press conferences and corporate events. This lectern benefits from its sleek elegant design and is lightweight, making it easy to transport on and off stage and is quick to set up.

On Tour Events is a London based audio-visual event production hire company. Like many other event rental companies, it is imperative to have stock of lecterns as these are factored into most corporate functions. 


We make sure we stock a range of different lecterns from perspex acrylic lecterns to wooden and bespoke lecterns providing a professional and extensive range. Branded lecterns have been used in the hospitality sector for years and one of the most popular, most sought after is the clear acrylic lectern as seen above. This particular lectern comes unbranded but if you are looking for a customized branded lectern then this is something we can certainly assist you with from the design through to the manufacturing and finished build.


Perspex Lectern

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  • If you are organising an event with public speakers or presenters are on stage addressing a large audience, then you may want to consider hiring a lectern. Our acrylic lectern hire is the perfect choice for high-end profile occasions with a luxurious look. With a comfortable shelf positioned on top, it allows a place for speeches, notes and laptops to rest whereby the speaker can easily glance to during their presentation. It also means the speaker can comfortably stand on stage at all times without the need to bending down too low to read from a table.


    Our lecterns also come with discrete microphone attachments, allowing gooseneck microphones to be easily attached and enabling all cables to be hidden away from sight. For the personal touch vinyl or foamex graphics can be added on to increase brand awareness


    Our Acrylic lectern is constructed with 6mm clear plastic. It's strong and durable able and looks very sophisticated on stage. For events of more than one speaker, we can supply two or more lecterns to complete the uniform look.


    Our range of lecterns can be easily customised to include any branding, logos or designs. As a lectern is such a focal point in front of all the delegates of an event, It has become a popular option for corporate events where brand presence is important. Branding can be easily incorporated to the front pillar of the lectern is usually in the form of a vinyl sticker or physical plaque.



    This acrylic lectern is just one of our many options.  We also stock truss, wooden and LED lecterns for events looking for something a little different. If organisers have a specific design in mind and really want to be different from all other events, then that is also not a problem. Our bespoke design team can manufacture a one-off unique lectern for your event just the way you want it using a wide range of premium materials and construction methods to produce any shape lectern in any design.


    If you are looking for the complete audio-visual event package then On Tour events is the perfect partner for your event. We are able to provide a wide variety of event equipment suitable for such events. As one of London’s leading audio-visual companies can assist with your lighting, staging and PA requirements all in house with experienced production managers and trained lighting and sound engineers who are always ready to help.



    As London's leading audiovisual company we can also supply any staging LED screen or sound required for your event. So if you looking to hire a IEM package fopr your event please contact us