ROBE Robin Spikie Hire London

On Tour Events stocks a of different lighting fixtures but the Robe Spikie is very unique ... The Spikie is a super compact, very fast LED moving wash & beam lighting fixture. The Robe Spikie utilises a extremely powerful 60W RGBW (Red, Green, Blue & White) LED light source with a specially designed 110mm wide front lens producing a solid beam & you got to see for yourself what these look like when you have them programmed - Amazing.


The Robe Spikie fixture can quickly zoom from a very wide but 28° wash to a tight sharp edged 4° beam giving you stunning air effects when programed. 

ROBE Robin Spikie

SKU: RobeMovingHead0001
  • Most productions these days require some form of event lighting to be installed and one of the first moving head fixtures that comes to mind when a job requires a high impact, reliable lighting fixture is the Robe Spikie! So why the Spikie?


    The Robe Spikie is a fast 60W LED moving head which doubles up as a neat wash fixture but is more at home being used for ariel effects as the tight bright beam produced by the Spikie is a real crowd pleaser & great for clients that are looking for a high impact lighting effect. Things to bear in mind is the spiking is very compact meaning we can get a lot of lighting fixtures onto flown truss as the overall payload is drastically reduced when you're comparing to using a more traditional lighting fixture like a clay paky sharpy for instance which are almost double the weight also the Spikie can be hung in any position allowing for some awesome & really creative Lighting designs.


    Also remember that the robie spiky has one massive advantage over other lighting fixtures and that is it has continuous pan & tilt ! A huge bonus & really helps with designing events due to the flexibility this gives the lighting programmer


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