Wireless Pin Spot Light Hire London

Pin Spot Lighting uses tight beams of focused light to spotlight or highlight specific parts of your event or feature. Each beam of light is focused directly towards tables or surfaces creating a bright halo and accenting any object it is pointing towards.


Popular at events such as gala dinners and award ceremonies, a single four degree beam of highly focused white light is often directed towards table centrepieces to highlight flowers designs, or any other special objects making them an attractive feature and stand out in the room.


Pin spots are usually mounted on tall beams of truss, scaffolding poles or in ceilings. They are used in clusters with often 4 or more lights being positioned in a single area. They are used to project light on specific areas of an event or the architecture of a building, illuminating and adding attention to details such as decorative plants, entrances and chandeliers.

Wireless Pin Spot Light

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  • At On Tour Events, we often use pin spots to light centre pieces of tables. This is our light of choice for various reasons. Firstly, it is small and discrete with a fixture size the size of a palm, this means lights can be positioned in corners of the room or up high whe