Wireless Pin Spot Light Hire London

Pin Spot Lighting uses tight beams of focused light to spotlight or highlight specific parts of your event or feature. Each beam of light is focused directly towards tables or surfaces creating a bright halo and accenting any object it is pointing towards.


Popular at events such as gala dinners and award ceremonies, a single four degree beam of highly focused white light is often directed towards table centrepieces to highlight flowers designs, or any other special objects making them an attractive feature and stand out in the room.


Pin spots are usually mounted on tall beams of truss, scaffolding poles or in ceilings. They are used in clusters with often 4 or more lights being positioned in a single area. They are used to project light on specific areas of an event or the architecture of a building, illuminating and adding attention to details such as decorative plants, entrances and chandeliers.

Wireless Pin Spot Light

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  • At On Tour Events, we often use pin spots to light centre pieces of tables. This is our light of choice for various reasons. Firstly, it is small and discrete with a fixture size the size of a palm, this means lights can be positioned in corners of the room or up high where they will not be in the way of the view of any audience.


    They also emit a range of white colour temperatures from cool white to a warm natural yellow. This beam of light is tightly focused at four degrees and is a powerful 5w LED meaning light can be projected from far away – sometimes from the other side of the room.


    How to perfectly pin spot a table. This is a question often discussed with event planners. To perfectly cover a large centrepiece such as a bouquet of flowers we strongly suggest using 4 pin spots per table, one from each corner of the room focused on each side of the display. By fully covering the centrepiece with light from all angles it would ensure that the feature does not display any shadows and will look amazing from all directions of the room, it will also make your event space look incredible in photos. Some companies only use one or two pin spots on their centrepieces. What the result of this is that one side of the bouquet would be perfectly lit whilst the other would be in a dim shadow. The light is then angled in a manner of positions to maximise its effect. However, this only results in light shining in guests eyes and becomes rather irritating after a while. So, to prevent this from occurring at your next event we strongly recommend using the correct number of pin spots for your events space by getting advice from one of our highly experienced lighting engineers.


    Pin Spots are also completely controllable over DMX, meaning they can be switched on when needed during the show and switched off when no longer required. The brightness of each light can also be adjusted and is can easily be controlled by our lighting technicians using our Chamsys lighting desk and our wireless DMX system. This level of control means the client can have the peace of mind that the light for the event will be as required


    Pin Spot Lighting hire is also the perfect fixture to be used for mirror balls. Simply pointing the lights at a mirror ball you are able to create an incredible effect shining beams of light across the room. By adding smoke or haze to the atmosphere you are able to create a unique effect as beams of light cover the whole room – this is a popular effect often seen in 80’s discos.


    Hiring Pin Spot lighting is just one of the many fixers we are able to incorporate for your next event. We are able to supply a complete turnkey lighting solution including moving heads, up lighters and lasers. Being one of London’s leading production companies you know you are in safe hands with the ability to offer other production items such as sound hire staging hire and LED screen we have everything you need to make your next event a complete success.



    As London's leading audiovisual company we can also supply any staging LED screen or sound required for your event. So if you looking to hire a IEM package fopr your event please contact us