Yamaha CL5 Hire London

If you want looking to hire a Yamaha CL5 digital mixing console in London then you probably already know what one of these is... but if you don't it is one of the most rider friendly digital mixing consoles on the hire market at the moment allowing you up to 72 mono inputs with an additional 8 stereo inputs this live mixing console is nothing but exceptional and is one of the many reasons why you will find out why On Tour Events stocks this product

Yamaha CL5 Mixing Desk Hire

SKU: YamahaMixingHire01
  • Yamaha CL5 is a live sound digital mixing console and when Yamaha made this desk they didn't hold back... it is nothing short of perfection! not only has it become one of the most rider friendly digital mixing consoles in the live sound circuit (most live sound engineers can use these desks) the CL5 has proven to be rock solid as you would expect from a company such as Yamaha.


    From editable channel names too newly designed faders and an incredible analogue sounding set of equalisers compressors plus some of the finest studio-quality effects every heard on a digital mixing console put the CL5 at the forefront of most live sound requirements.


    To give you a very quick brief overview as the technical specification on the Yamaha CL5 as is very extensive you essentially have 72 mono inputs with an additional 8 stereo inputs, you have up-to  24 mixes otherwise known as monitor sends / aux channels & you have one stereo bus plus 8 analogue audio inputs and an additional 8 analogue outputs.


    On Tour Events is a london based professional sound, lighting, stage & video / audio visual hire company and we pride ourselves with stocking professional reliable equipment. We're pleased to say that the Yamaha CL5 will be staying in a hire stock for many years to come. If you need to hire any additional sound equipment, festival staging, lighting or LED screens we can also assist in these areas as well