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When guests walk into your next event, everything needs to be just perfect. From the tables to the dance floor, all items are required to be set and ready for the big show. However, one of the most important features, and one that is often not used to the best capacity, is having the correct lighting. Having the right lighting at an event can easily make or break the desired atmosphere or message of an event. It is not only essential to have room at the right brightness or colour, but it is equally important that the correct lighting fixtures are installed and being used to help produce the best effect.


Architectural Mood lighting is more than just an excellent way to inject a splash of bright colour into your event. It has the power to set the scene creating the absolute jaw-dropping WOW effect when walking into a room. It has the ability of being discrete whilst having the feature of large output of colourful light subtlety bringing in all decorative details within any event space. We at On Tour Events have a wide variety of options tailored to create the desired atmosphere of any occasion with a wide choice of LED fixtures to suit and compliment any venue or event with any theme and colour. Below is a short list of our lighting solutions and how best they can be used to transform your next event.




Over the years LED uplighters have become increasingly popular within the events industry and when looking at them it’s easy to see why. They are designed to be small and discrete, typically a small cube shape with four or five LED’s on top. All of our fixtures are completely wireless allowing them to be positioned anywhere in any location. This means our lights can complement any corner or feature within your venue with a full battery charge of over 10 hours of usage. They are also RGBAW – technically meaning they have a full colour pallet and can colour mix to match any colour shade or theme at the event. Wireless DMX capability also allows full control of our fixtures.


Without the use of any cables, our lighting engineers can change colours, brightness and lighting patterns to create the desired effect for your occasion. At On Tour Events, we usually use 20 to 40 fixtures per event room, depending on its size, to provide an even coverage throughout resulting a wonderful warm ambient glow. Due to their usefulness, we find ourselves being able to light up all the decorative features of a room or concentrating areas of the room where we the audience’s attention may want to be focused, such as a stage or entrance where they really are an astonishing and useful lighting fixture with a multitude of uses. If you are wanting to position your lights outdoors, this is not a problem as all our lights are IP rated and are fully waterproof. This is great when wanting to light the exterior of a building or tall trees in a garden party. This feature can really help make your outdoor event really stand out. As the sun sets lighting is required to see where everything is and there’s no better way of doing this than with our LED Uplighters.


Positioned on the perimeter of the event space, pathways, food and drink stations and individual zones can all be easily lit up. Outdoor lighting creates a wonderfully immersive space for your event and really does make your occasion feel that little bit special. Our LED Uplights have been used in a number of event settings from wedding ceremonies, to product launches to even fashion shows. They are not just only extremely bright, but have very low power consumption and emit very low heat meaning they are safe around guests They are one of the most versatile and effective fixtures available are included in nearly every event we do. Regularly being used to wash walls with colour and have been able to transform many dull hotel spaces to elegant and glamorous settings. This is one lighting fixture you do not want to miss on your next show.



LED Moving heads provide a unique solution in creating the desired mood of your event. Moving heads are commonly used alongside our LED Uplighters, enhancing the atmospheric effect of the event. LED Moving heads have the unique ability to add movement to coloured light or pattern. The light the fixtures emitting can be accurately controlled with pinpoint accuracy around the room. Our engineers are then able to shine these lights in particular areas of the venue space and event reach areas where an uplighter may not be able to cover.


Moving the light around the room adds a further effect increasing the lighting impact of your event or show. Beams Washes and Profiles are all different moving head options able to produce completely different and unique effects. To create the perfect mood for your guests with our LED Moving Heads we suggest our clients get in contact with one of our team members who can design a virtual 3D Lighting show render as a proposed example for your event. This then clearly demonstrates the differences within the lighting fixtures and can help decide what features to use to create the desired look.



Profile lighting is also used alongside our other forms of lighting options explained earlier to further enhance the atmosphere of an event. We often refer them to eye candy in an event, adding the touch of glamour and opulence to a function. At On Tour Events, our go-to fixture for profile lighting is the ETC Source Four. Together with a breakup gobo, the unique dazzling effect of a detailed texture can be created upon walls, floors and ceilings. They are often used alongside our LED uplighters to further add contrast and detail to the lighting effect being created. These fixtures also have the ability of using colour filters, with a wide range of gobos. Using this fixture together with other lights can creatively add contrasts in areas of the event and further add to the ambience of the room.


Units can be zoomed in or out, able to wash large walls or can be focused on an individual pinpoint, which useful when wanting a small particular area lit up. Profile lighting such as this is easy to be installed to any venue and can be used at any function. Often installed at weddings, gala dinners and award ceremonies, these lights produce unique and grand features of bland or boring walls. If you are interested in such a fixture our team would be happy to demonstrate examples of previous events displaying such effects or please view our previous work on or social pages.


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