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Hire LED video wall screen from a trusted supplier, although our main office & warehouse is located in London, we offer a nationwide LED screen hire service offering both indoor and outdoor LED screen technology regardless of where the event is. 


On Tour Events can supply LED screen in any size, in different configurations, allowing us to provide screens for conferences, exhibitions, festivals & private events such as weddings, milestone events at a competitive price point. If your looking to hire a high resolution LED screen for your event your be pleased to know On Tour Events is one of the UK's leading leading audio visual screen hire and technical event production companies with over 25 years working in the events industry please contact us on the details below.


A proven & trusted reputation for delivering exceptional events, On Tour Events is the audio visual company of choice in London. Below your find more info about our LED video screen hire service, all of our video screens are set up by professional & qualified screen technicians making sure your event & screen look pixel perfect.




Our screens are configured in a way that we / you can easily plug in a laptop, DVD player, or play media directly from any other LED screen hire products showing content in high definition with maximum clarity on a screen which has been manufactured to a high tolerance. This allows deliverance of exceptional picture quality even in high ambient light conditions such as exhibition environments where the ambient light can be a big problem when displaying content of your brand on your stand. 


We all want to hire an LED screen which is clear, defined, bright, rich in colour and this is the service that we offer here at On Tour Events & its backed up by a long proven track record of supplying LED screen to the corporate events industry.


Remember we are also able to supply the truss for your structure, any staging custom set and obviously any additional sound or audio visual equipment that you may need to supplement the LED screen package. Versatility is our middle name! If you want to learn more about of our range of event services and the way we operate, head over to our homepage





How much does it cost to hire a LED screen (video wall) for my conference?


The first thing to mention is the cost varies depending on numerous factors such as, what size you want the LED screen, if you want the screen to be built into a stage set or if you're having it flown, ground supported or did you want a pair of split screens?

We will give you three examples:

A ground supported screen which is the preferred option for most conferences - we will link you to an example of this. A ground supported truss system with a video wall flown inside – this is an extremely popular option. Then the last cost example is perfect for large conferences, award shows, product launches or fashion shows. It is a pair of 5m by 3m digital LED walls either side of a stage / set.


LED Video Wall Hire - Example 1


We will base this on a single 4 meter x 3 meter 3.9mm LED screen, ground supported no higher than half a metre from the floor, this price example is based on flat, level access into the venue.

(Just to note, if the room you are using for the display is up steps, then additional crew will be required therefore the cost of the quote will increase)


For the purpose of this example let’s assume access is ground floor level with no steps/ stairs. We will also base the venue in Central London as that is where a lot of conferences and product launches take place.


The cost of the video wall with an on-site technician without any content or pre-production we would suggest to budget £1800-£2000. Supplied within this cost would be a video processor allowing you to plug in a range of inputs from HDMI, laptops, computers to cameras, plus we also have a texting software package available which is great for branding opportunities.


LED Screen Rentals - Example 2


We will use again the same size LED video wall (as well as the London location) as above which will be a 3.9mm 4 meter wide x 3 metre high LED screen flown off F34 truss. This option is popular for events where the aesthetics are not as important to let us say a product launch where the client is after a seamless LED screen built into a stage set.


To build a ground supported truss system and then fly the LED video wall inside is one of the most cost-efficient ways to hire LED screen technology for an event. This is an immensely popular option for clients who require outdoor LED screens for broadcasting of sporting events or live camera feeds from a festival stage. We also often supply outdoor LED screen to local councils who want to promote awareness for events or for public information. To hire a screen set up like this we recommend a budget of between £1500-£1800 plus additional crew which may be required.


LED Video Wall Rental - Example 3


Lastly this is what we call our awards show package. This is one of the most requested LED screen packages we offer and consists of a pair of 5 meter wide by 3 meter high LED screens which would be installed either side of a stage / set.


You would be looking at around £3500-£4500, this example quote does not include the cost for the staging or the set design, this is only for the LED screen itself with the required technicians to install the screen and operate the production throughout the event. Of course we can build any size screen and any size of stage but this is just to give potential customers a good idea of what it costs to hire a screen for an event by using examples of previous jobs we have supplied similar configurations for.


Can your LED screens be used outdoors?


We will answer this question quickly, yes we stock both indoor and outdoor LED video walls. If you're looking to hire an LED screen to show a live football match, tennis match or the Formula 1, then you will need to hire a screen which can cope with the UK's unpredictable weather pattern. Most screen hire companies in the UK only stock indoor video walls and the companies that do stock outdoor video walls generally only stock a high pitch panel which is typically north of 8mm or 10mm pixel density.


These days clients want to watch their content in high resolution so we make sure you get the same experience as if you're watching from home. This is due to the screens not only being fully ip65 rated, which basically means that our panels are water resistant protecting the LED video wall against bad weather, but our screens also have a pixel density of 3.9mm giving you extremely high quality and a high-definition viewing experience. (We discuss pixel density a little bit more in depth in question 4 below)


When you hire LED screen you generally need a sound system as well and of course we can help with this alongside any rigging that may be needed or required for the video wall. Some of our clients are asking us to supply outdoor screen for either the side of a festival stage but also we have customers who are putting on an outdoor cinema and they are just after a company to supply an outdoor LED video wall with a flown PA sound system.


All of these aspects we can cover in house! If you would like a quote for an outdoor screen with speaker system for your festival, outdoor cinema, or sporting events please get in contact with us.


What LED screen sizes do you offer?


We supply LED screens from 2 meters up to 12 metres wide and in most configurations you could think of in between. What screen size you hire really comes down to what is needed to do the job followed closely by the budget for the event. Generally speaking our clients want the largest screen possible for the smallest amount of money, but sometimes you may find it more cost efficient to have a number of smaller screens rather than one large LED video wall. All these options that can be discussed at a later point.


Some of the most popular screen sizes are 5 meters by 3 meters, 7 meters by 4 meters & 9 meters by 5 meters & this is due to the fact these screen sizes stay within the 16:9 aspect ratio ''safe zone'' when configured right. Don't worry if you're screen content has been made in a different aspect ratio, we can design & supply LED screen in any aspect ratio.

Let’s say the customer has hired a 5 meter by 3 meter LED screen for their product launch but their content hasn't been made in a 16:9 aspect ratio, we have a few options which may help you.


One of them is stretching the image which takes the image and distorts it to fill the screen, the pros of this is it fills the screen and displays all of the original content but it will cause some image distortion, having said that you may be surprised at how much you can stretch an image before it becomes distorted.


Second option is what's called the ''letter box'' which scales the image proportionally into the new aspect ratio. The positive of this is it maintains the negative aspect ratio and keeps all of the original image as it was created, the drawback of this is you will have black areas either side of your footage left or right of the screen if the content hasn't been made in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Lastly is what’s called ''crop to fill'' which will fill the screen proportionately while cropping part of the image. Now the positives of this is it fills the LED screen and maintains the image proportions, but it will crop part of the image off the edges.


So, as you can see there are lots of ways around everything but 95% of your problems will be avoided by discussing the right screen and right content format beforehand so that we are on the same page.


We have an exhibition stand & need to hire LED screen but what screen pitch do we need?


What size screen & pixel pitch or pixel density when it comes to LED screen is a common question. It is one of the most important aspects to understand when you are going to hire an LED screen. There is a huge difference between a 12mm screen, a 6mm screen, a 3.9mm and a 1.2mm pitch screen. We will try to explain / define pixel pitch and why it matters, as the size of your screen really comes down to budget & space available on your stand. Maybe you're after strips of LED video wall, one large screen flown or ground supported - all options are available.


So, let us try and cover what this term means. The screen's pixel pitch is a way of measuring the pixel density which is calculated as a distance in millimetres between the middle of two pixels on an LED screen panel. For example, if you hired an LED screen with a pixel pitch of 6mm you will generally find this product is called ''P6'' giving you an LED screen panel with a 6mm pitch. So why is this important? It's important when you're deciding on what screen to hire as generally a screen with a 6mm to 10mm pixel pitch is fine for billboards / outside digital signage but you will need to hire a 3mm to 4mm screen for anything indoors, movie nights or outdoor cinemas, basically when playing a higher quality content or where your audience are closer to the screen.


If you're looking to hire a screen for a conference then you'll need a much smaller pixel pitch. Generally our customers are hiring our 3.9mm LED screen where you can stand roughly 2m back and see a clear high defined seamless image. This said if you're looking to hire outdoor screen where your audience is much further back let’s say 20 meters or so, then you could hire a video screen with a larger pitch. Brightness is something you also need to consider for outdoor events such as festivals, but it's not as much of a concern for exhibitions (both stage and exhibition stands).


So as you can see the size & pitch of the screen is really important for determining the clarity of the content being displayed based on the audience viewing distance (and viewing angle) at your event. We can help you hire the right screen at the right size & within budget.


Will your LED screen play HD content & films / how clear will it look?


Ok so we would suggest referring to question 4, which is above, where we discuss LED screen sizes, screen pixel pitch and what the difference in pixel pitch makes to an LED screen.


To answer this question in a less technical manner, yes we can supply LED screen with the ability to play form of content. So if you have high quality, high definition 4K content which needs to be played back as part of your trade show stand, or you are having a wedding and you're looking to share footage with your guests and you want to make sure that it's crystal clear, then no problem.

We work on the basis that all clients want clear, defined seamless content shown on any LED screen they hire.


How clear the picture will look is determined by the pixel pitch and size of the screen that you hire, which is covered in some detail in question 4 above. But if your question is ''will the screenplay HD content?'' then yes of course our NovaStar video processors have the capability of up to 4 HDMI inputs. One of the main things to remember is the higher the pixel pitch the lower the quality of the screen so the lower the pixel pitch the higher pixel density, giving you a higher quality image.


If you are still unsure about what LED screen to hire, then please contact us and we will be happy to explain it all over the phone & quote accordingly.


Do you supply technical staff if we were to hire a LED screen from you?


We do not dry hire LED screen unless you are another audio visual company looking to sub hire from us. When you receive your screen quote from us you will see it's broken down into a few elements covering the type of screen that you're hiring, the size of the screen, all technical staff required to operate the screen throughout the event and of course crew to rig & dismantle the screen along with transportation costs.


Our audio visual technicians always turn up smartly dressed and presentable ready to be helpful & do a very good job. If we do use freelancers we will only use freelancers that we have worked with before knowing they are trustworthy. More often than not companies sub hire freelance audio visual technicians only for them to turn up poorly presented & with the wrong attitude. This does not happen with On Tour Events, our reputation is key to our success.


We have a live camera feed & want this to be shown on the LED screen, is this possible?


Yes it is possible to have camera feeds or multiple inputs to the screen and for this all to be mixed into a seamless presentation / production. We will need to know how many camera feeds you have and some very specific details about the cameras being used.

It is usually best that we speak with the media company that you're using to make sure everything is compatible between hardware and software to the LED screen. The last thing you want is for your video wall hire solutions to let you down. Our expert technicians are market leaders when it comes to delivering vision and image solution(s) at occasions awards ceremonies, exhibitions, and sporting events.


Don't worry if you have a catwalk stage or a festival stage and you're looking to show live camera footage of what's happening at the event on the screens, this is certainly achievable and something that we provide for event organisers quite often.


How long does it take to setup the LED screen?


Yes one of the top questions we are asked is how long does it take to set up and build the LED screen? Well this all depends on a few things such as access to the venue, how big the LED screen is that you've hired and the design of the LED screen. Some screens are split into multiple sections while other screens are flown and some screen systems are part flown and part ground supported.

To give you some information regarding how long it takes to set up, take your standard size 5 meter wide by 3 meter high LED screen for an indoor conference, we suggest around 3 to 4 hours including installation and configuration of the LED screen. Please bear in mind this does depend on many factors some of which relate to specific industries.


When it comes to outdoor screens we are normally building the supporting truss structure as well which can easily add an additional 2 to 3 hours but we offer the option of delivery and set up the day before making sure everything is ready to go on the morning of the event, minimising stress.


Where can we see an example of your LED screen in use?


We have lots of content across all of our social media pages and you can find links below: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram.

If you would like additional footage or pictures of past productions where we have supplied LED screen, please call or email us to discuss your requirements. We can dig out some of the most appropriate footage to send over to you giving you an idea of how we work and the sort of LED screen we stock.


Where are you based & what areas do you cover? It says your in London, Surrey & Manchester


We are a UK-based technical events and London audio visual hire company with three locations in the UK. Our office & warehouse is located in London and then we have an additional two locations, one which is just an office in Surrey and then a small office and warehouse based in Manchester.


These locations allow us to work in a cost-efficient manner right across the UK and our services are also offered to our European customers as well for events & tours.

So whether your conference, product launch, or exhibition is in Wales, Scotland, Manchester, London, Peterborough or Hull, it doesn't matter we cover the whole of the UK.


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