On Tour Events is a reputable, well recognised audio visual company specialising in sound reinforcement and sound system design whether this be for a large-scale outdoor event or small conference / award show. We stock a comprehensive range of digital mixing consoles, wireless microphone systems & we also offer induction loop systems.


We use proven & tested sound engineers we have worked with over many years, so like us they have been tried, tested and proven over time which gives us confidence we can then relay to our clients without hesitation. The audibility is vital for any event as distorted sound systems producing feedback through poor quality microphones or bad system designs do not allow you to accurately get your message across at your event.



To ensure no sound issues occur, we provide a high level of service using professional sound equipment mixed with 25+ years of experience under our belts. So not only are we knowledgeable with controlling / maintaining quality sound we are also quick to resolve any potential problems. A bad sound system does not result in a high-end production.


Therefore, if you are looking for sound equipment for your next event regardless of what that event may be, it would be great to talk with you & see what we can do to assist. Please note do not offer a dry hire collection service so any event where we supply sound equipment there is always an engineer on site to deliver, install, operate & derig the sound equipment.




We have a live band for our wedding / event & need a sound company to sort everything out, can you deal with this?

Absolutely is the short answer! We stock a comprehensive range of sound/ audio equipment all in house which means we do not need to go elsewhere to hire in from third party companies. This allows us to offer extremely competitive prices and a reliable service as we are not depending on external factors. Without going into anything technical, essentially the level of equipment we stock is very reputable, versatile, and used across the world meaning we can cater for all levels of live music. Whether it is a small local band, a more experienced band with higher expectations of production or a class act with specific requests. This includes the infrastructure a band requires such as monitors, mics, stands, mixing consoles and of course the speakers themselves. Not only can we provide the audio aspect we can accomplish the production with lighting, staging and LED video screen if this is required. As mentioned above when we provide our audio services there will be a sound engineer on site throughout to ensure the production runs smoothly and to liaise with the band to take the weight of your shoulders, so you can enjoy your reception without a glitch.

Do you have a stock list of sound equipment you can send us?

We prefer to discuss our client’s requirements with them individually as each event is so different with different requiments. This way each event is personalised with our team to ensure the best most suited sound production for that particular event. Of course, we are happy to discuss and send over information about the brands that we stock.

How much does it cost for a sound system with a technician for my event?

This is a very popular question, with ambiguous answers! It depends on what type of event you are putting on, the audience size, is it inside or outside and varying other factors as well. The best way to get an accurate cost is to give us a call or send us an email with your requirements so we can discuss what would best suit your event, and you would receive a proposed quote pretty quickly after the initial contact with us. For now we can lay out some examples to go by… If it is a smaller type of event, inside to set up for a conference or corporate event we would normally provide our more compact d&b Audiotechnik E3 speakers with a mixing console, couple of radio mics and a technician. This set up would cost roughly around £350, depending on location. Perhaps it is a larger indoor event where the PA needs to be distributed to offer the best sound coherence within the room, 5 radio mics ( whether they are handheld, lapel or headset mics ) mixing console with a sound technician you would be looking at between £500-£700 depending on location. Changing it up slightly let’s say you were putting on an outdoor festival event for 1000 people and you require a suitable sound system for a 5 piece live band. To include the right speaker set up, mixing desk, 5 x monitors, mic pack for the band with stands, DIs and a sound technician a rough cost would be £2500-£3800 depending on location. As mentioned above this is open to so many alternatives so please feel free to get in touch with us directly and we would be happy to go through your requirements to offer you the most suitable quote.

How long does it take to set up the speakers & microphones?

This varies as there are determining factors which will result in how long it takes for set up. It depends on what set up you have opted for; what level of production are we supplying, is there easy access into the venue or are there obstacles in terms of limited parking / steps / narrow passageways on entry? The list goes on…. Do not worry we ask the right questions in advance of any booking so we can allocate enough time for getting everything into the venue and setup with time to spare. In most cases we set up the day before the event which leaves plenty of flexibility with time. If the venue has a strict policy with time, say it has to be set up on the day of the event because they have another function the day before, no problem we will have the information beforehand from the initial enquiry with reference to access and have factored that into the agreed time for set up. Having worked in and around London for many years our guys are very experienced with awkward access and have a can-do attitude to speed up the process.
To give some very rough examples for your piece of mind, let us assume we are supplying a small speaker set up, with desk, mics and a small stage to a venue with straightforward access. From when the guys turn up outside the venue to being finished with the setup it should take about 2-3 hours.
Let us use this same example again but change it to awkward access on entry, perhaps limited parking or even no parking outside the door. This will increase the time and add on at least an hour. Please note the above examples are based on rough estimations, as noted above we will go over the set up beforehand with you and organise the most suitable time for delivery in order to iron out any potential issues, so we can be up and running without breaking a sweat!

We need wireless clip-on microphones for our conference speakers / presenters & a basic audio setup, can we hire just this from On Tour Events?

Not a problem at all. We stock a range of alternative radio microphones to suit different types of events. Some people prefer having a clip-on mic while others like the headset mics. We are happy to offer our services for more intimate functions without having to provide the whole lighting, screen and staging production. More often than not clients come to us with a small request such as this without knowing that we offer bespoke packages to include all elements they may require such as spot lighting, staging, screens, lecterns, backdrops etc. Some clients are delighted they have found a supplier who can provide all the equipment they need from one place whilst others are just after some sound with mics for their event. Either way we are happy to supply what is required for that client whether it be a standard PA setup with mic or a full production.

Can we pick up the sound equipment from your warehouse in London?

We do not offer a dry hire service, so collection from us is not possible. Most clients who come to us require a level of production with knowledgeable crew / technicians who can set up for them and remain on site throughout the event as support. We offer a turnkey solution for our clients, where we can supply the production elements in house, so they are dealing with one supplier only that turns up to the desired venue / location and ensures the set up is completed before the event begins.

We need to hire a large festival PA system, is this something you offer?

We can most certainly assist with this. A lot of the work we carry out is for outdoor festivals where we supply the stage, sound equipment, lighting, and LED video screens. However, if it is just the sound system for the festival you require then that is no issue. We would find out from you what audience capacity you would be expecting, whether you are having live music / DJs or both then suggest the most suitable PA system for your needs once we have looked over the technical riders. The sound systems we stock in house are extremely reputable, versatile, and used across the world for all types of tours from amateur bands to large popular acts. So, we have absolutely no doubt that you would be completely satisfied with the level of sound quality they would produce.

What brand of sound equipment do you stock & use?

We won't go into too much detail with this answer as we have already covered this previously across the page, we don’t want to be too repetitive! In order for On Tour Events to be able to supply our services for all types of events of all sizes, we opted for premium brands which are well renowned within the sound industry. We stock d&b Audiotechnik and L’Acoustics, both brands of speakers offer versatility and positive reputability. This allows us to scale up or down the PA depending on the event, confident that it will adhere to most bands requirements, work well as a distributed PA system for a corporate function or suit a large outdoor festival.

I’m looking to hire a wireless battery powered speaker system can you help?

The wireless battery powered speaker option has become quite a popular choice for product launches or smaller scale outdoor events where power is either non-existent or limited in some way The answer to this question is yes, we do stock wireless battery speakers in addition to our passive PA systems. To give an example of where this is used would be Burlington Academy in London, we have set up a distributed wireless PA system for a shop launch. There was no option for speakers that required power or cabling due to the layout of the arcade and where the client's launch was positioned, it would not have worked! So, we suggested a wireless option instead which worked incredibly well. It looked neat, slick and met all the health and safety regulations from the arcade. So if you are struggling with getting power to the place where your event will be held, we can always look at this option.

What areas of the UK do you work in?

On Tour Events is proud to work across the UK, predominantly working in and around London, Surrey and Manchester. These 3 locations we have either warehouses or offices to help with work loads & transport Our services are provided throughout the UK and have expand to Europe as well. We have worked in several European countries on different events such as Portugal, France, Belgium and Germany. Let us know where your event is being held, and we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.


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