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On Tour Events provide professional indoor & outdoor event lighting services nationwide for any event. We work in all sectors of the events industry & supply our services to weddings, corporate events & our technical lighting designers work alongside private individuals & corporate event planners to design & build incredible lighting shows.


We take our job seriously & to ensure this we offer full 3D technical video renders of your lighting production before you commit to any job, this is great for clients such as brides where it's much easier to choose the lighting for the venue if you can see a mock up & video of the lighting beforehand.


Our job is to make every wedding & event unique, creative and memorable for you & your guests. As we own all of our lighting equipment inventory we are able to control the quality & condition of the lighting fixture as well as making sure our hire pricing keep inline with other rental companies in London & Surrey.​


You can find out more about our wedding & event lighting services below clicking one of lighting links below or by reading our Q&A section where will be answer some of the most popular questions we get asked when it comes to hiring lighting for an event or wedding

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On Tour Events is all about creating an atmosphere that will match your theme or aesthetic. Lighting is a very effective way of creating atmosphere at any corporate event, festival, bar mitzvah or wedding. We strive to push the boundaries of creativity when providing any of our technical event services but lighting is typically the one area where combining vast experience & high quality lighting equipment produces creative, dynamic lighting production. 


First is to remember that we offer a nationwide lighting hire service so don't worry if your event isn't taking place near one of our locations. Wherever your event is taking place we provide the same quality & reliability backup by our trusted, & proven track record in the events industry.


On Tour Events has undertaken some amazing productions over the years & our lighting hire services are recognised throughout the industry. Check out our wedding lighting specialists section for a detailed look at our hire services.

0233 Wedding Lighting & Dance Floor.jpeg

Finding subtlety in lighting design is key to any event, but particularly for a wedding.

Lighting has the ability to influence the mood of a space, using colours, varying brightness, and textured pattern effects. Wedding lighting has advanced enormously over the years, growing from simply wanting guests to be able to see what’s unfolding on the stage in front of them to creating an atmosphere in which your guests can totally immerse themselves.

The perfect wedding lighting will enhance your vision for the event, not overpower it entirely. But finding that balance can be challenging when you haven’t been involved with event and lighting production before.

On a day where the visuals are so important, you want to trust that the lighting will provide the perfect canvas upon which you can paint memories of the most magical day of your life. So let’s get into the whys, the whats, and the hows of wedding lighting leading London & Surrey's leading wedding lighting hire company in London, On Tour Events.


Generally speaking, your chosen lighting fixtures will have two purposes: a) functionality and b) aesthetics.
Functional lighting (e.g., spotlights on a stage) is crucial but pretty self-explanatory. You want your loved ones to be able to see what’s happening on stage, for example. Alternatively, if you're outdoors, you want your guests to be able to walk around without tripping over power cables and give your photographer the opportunity to take photos that aren’t dim and grainy. On Tour Events has a solution for all wedding spaces.


Lighting for aesthetics is the more fun aspect, where you often see your venue entirely transformed. You can highlight key features of the venue with strategically-placed uplighters, and you can secretly banish areas you’d rather be hidden to the shadows.

Your imagination is the limit here – whatever you want is possible with our help! Wrapping trees with whimsical fairy lights? You’ve got it. Snowflake patterns dancing around your ballroom for your winter wedding? No problem! Mood lighting backdrops to make the whole room shimmer a deep purple? We can do that too. We use our wide range of wedding lighting equipment and experience to give you precisely what you had in mind. All lighting equipment has its place, and skipping over a tiny detail can mess with the visual appeal of your event. Remember, a custom wedding stage is not complete without stage lighting, a dance floor isn’t half as groovy without disco lights, and live streaming isn’t feasible without specialist film lighting fixtures


When planning out your wedding lighting, try to keep those two purposes in mind. When thinking about functionality, ask yourself about lighting walkways, for example. Does your venue have adequate lighting in the dining area? Think about areas that would be annoying to navigate in darkness and how you can use your lighting choices to improve the usability of a given space.

On the aesthetics front, do you really need a floodlight for your inside venue with its own lighting set up? Does your entrance look bland without the added enchantment that festoon lighting would bring? Are you hiring a DJ or live wedding band that has insisted you hire lighting, staging & supply other technical aspects of the production needed as part of their rider?


​Once you’ve got these goals clearly defined, ensure that your venue doesn’t have any restrictions that your plan will need to work around. What power options does it have? What do their in-house rules allow or forbid? Can you affix truss structures to the ceiling, for instance? If not, is there somewhere suitable to anchor overhead lighting? If your wedding venue is in London or Surrey there is a good very good chance we already know it & can answer a lot of these questions for you.


On Tour Events has been working in the wedding industry for over 20 years, we are used by many of the UK's leading wedding & event planners & we have reputation of delivering exceptional lighting production. 
Lastly, make sure to keep your budget in mind. Wedding lighting doesn’t cost the earth if it’s planned efficiently!

Here at On Tour Events, you can always chat with our team about your lighting options and any challenges presented by your venue. We can even perform a site visit if necessary to advise you on how to secure the biggest “bang for your buck” as well as talking you through what will, and more importantly, won't work in your chosen venue.


Different lighting fixtures have different uses, which is essential to keep in mind when planning your wedding’s lighting. For any set-up, keep in mind where the focus of your guests’ attention is going to be.


For instance, you’ll most likely be hiring a stage for a live band or a DJ. Given that’s the case, you probably want some spotlights, LED PAR cans, and LED moving head fixtures for your stage as a starting point. Not only can you ensure that everyone can see what’s happening on stage with these fixtures, but you can also set the mood and tone of your wedding production.

But what about lighting fixtures that are more decorative in nature? For example, does your venue have gorgeous and stately columns? If so, consider some uplighting to highlight these stunning features.


For both indoor and outdoor weddings, you might want to look into hiring pin spots to emphasise centrepieces on dining tables. In contrast, purely outdoor venues provide unique opportunities for lighting fixtures such as festoon or fairy lights.

Once again, On Tour Events are here to talk you through your options if you need a little help diving some inspiration for your wedding lighting displays.

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Awards shows are undoubtedly some of the most elaborate event productions out there. From the grand red carpet entrances to the elegant dresses and the custom-built stages, there’s nothing quite like an awards evening. You can make any awards show a night to remember by making well-thought-out light decisions. Lighting is often overlooked or left until the last minute. But wise choices can completely alter the ambience of a room, augment the decorative features of a venue, or provide the design focus themselves.


So let On Tour Events take you through what you need to be thinking about when it comes to award show lighting for your event


Award shows are almost unique in the fact that some of them are judged entirely on their entrance. Perhaps a carry-over from the glitz and glam ceremonies of Hollywood, you still need to convey the magnitude of your event by creating a breath-taking grand entrance.

While you may want to fall in line with industry best practices and roll out set pieces such as the famous red carpet or staircases leading up to the venue, you can one-up similar events by making smart choices with your lighting.


For the entrance, gobos are a great choice. Gobos are stencils that can be placed over most lighting fixtures such as spotlights and LED uplighters to reflect a pattern or company logo, for example. However, where they would be particularly useful in the entrance setting is on a moving head light fixture. It gives you a chance to have your event logo moving elegantly across the entrance area, adding a real sense of class to your awards evening as your guests make their way down the red carpet.


Some classic moving head spotlights moving across the starry sky could also help to add a touch of grandeur to the event. You could even gobo these up too and project them across a nearby building (with permission of course) to really wow your guests upon arrival.


​Whether you’re using a swanky hotel’s function room, or you’ve chosen a purpose-built events venue, you can use lighting to tweak the room to your preferred look and feel. When most awards venues are well-equipped for the set up for these types of events, they are often very neutral in nature to better cater to the wide variety of events hosted there.

​Thankfully, lighting equipment can transform the mood of the room and LED uplighters might be where you want to make a start


LED uplighters present an excellent option for award show organisers looking to transform the feel of a venue without breaking the bank. These floor-based lights can colour wash a room to meet the branding of your event and fill dead spaces.

Since these can be wireless devices, they are incredibly versatile when it comes to positioning. You can get inventive with colour gradients starting with stage-friendly shades for the front of the room before progressing along a spectrum to a deeper colour at the back of the room to emphasise the stage lighting.


Mood lighting is another popular option at the room-level. Mood lights can be programmed to transition throughout the evening or from segment to segment, helping to the set the tone set out by your presenters and award schedule.

​Similarly, they are also excellent at signalling to your attendees. For instance, they can be faded up to white to mark the start of an 
interval break helping guests find their way to the nearest exits easier.


For an award show, your stage lighting will be one of the aspects you spend the most time on. Not only are there perhaps more options when it comes to award show lighting equipment, but their performance will have a direct influence on the focal point for the entire evening.


For any production involving a stage and presenters, a range of spotlights is a must. They follow the presenters as they move across the stage and give crucial bright light which aids camera crews in the filming process. This is critical if you intend to feed pictures to an on-stage LED screen.


Away from the presenters, you need to create engaging light show segments for critical aspects of the evening, such as announcing a new award category or running through the nominees. This will likely be carefully coordinated with your sound team for a coherent finish.​ Par cans are an excellent fit for this purpose, with plenty of functionality across the board, such as fade in/fade out and strobing. They also come in a massive range of colours, making attractive lighting segments a cinch.


When organising the lighting for the stage specifically, you’ll need to rig the lights to a truss. This is usually a steel or aluminium structure from which the lights are attached and suspended. The size and space of your specific venue will have a significant influence over what’s possible in terms of your truss structure (and therefore, your stage lighting), so make this a priority when assessing your venue.​ Also, make sure to check what the allowances are regarding affixing lighting and associated fixtures to walls and ceilings to avoid any struggles later down the road.​


​Getting your lighting choices right can make all of the difference for your awards evening. It can be the difference between making all the industry headlines or being quickly consigned to the history books.


​No matter the size of your budget or venue, it’s always best to start with your entrance ideas and then work your way back towards the stage. You can then enlist the help of an award show lighting hire company such as On Tour Events to come up with suggestions for lighting arrangements that deliver maximum impact within your budget and venue constraints.


As London-based lighting hire experts, we carefully advise our clients before taking care of all aspects of award show lighting. We can help with positioning, light show design, and truss requirements as well as offering on-site setup and operation by our expert technicians. Regardless of the size and scale of your awards show, don’t hesitate to speak to us. We pride ourselves on taking award show ideas from mere concepts to nights that those involved will never forget. 

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There's nothing better than the celebration of a milestone or a significant birthday. Whether you're hosting a ruby anniversary or a joint birthday party, large scale private events of this nature always benefit from excellent lighting. From jazzing up the dance floor to setting the mood for the entire venue, the choices you make with your lighting will ultimately impact on the overall success of your festivities.

​With that in mind, it's worth running over what you need to consider before you make your event lighting choices.


When it comes to lighting for a private celebration or a party, your lighting will depend a lot on the specific venue you've chosen, as well as other equipment you may have hired. For instance, if you're going to hire an outdoor marquee, then functional lighting is going to be an absolute necessity as soon as the daylight fades.

​Whether your venue is indoors or outdoors, you may also want to hire a stage to provide a focal point for your evening's entertainment, in which case a great deal of your thinking around lighting is going to focus on stage lighting fixtures.


Then there are the additional considerations of the performances themselves, not to mention the dancefloor.


​Many party DJs will insist on the presence of certain lighting fixtures (such as disco lights and lasers) before you book them. Similarly, if you've engaged the services of a live band, then you're going to need to hire complementary live performance lighting. 

So what do those styles of lighting entail? Which types of fixtures are likely to feature heavily within your private celebration or birthday party events selections?

Spotlights are the mainstay of most live performances. If you've hired a stage, then you're going to need spotlights to provide clear visibility of performers and entertainers to your event guests irrespective of whether you've hired a live band, DJ, comedian, or even a magician. 


Where there's a stage, there are PAR cans as we say in the events industry. These incredibly versatile lights can wash a stage in every shade of the rainbow, and they now benefit from LED technology, so they are nowhere near as power-hungry!


These types of lighting fixture go by many names. You may know them better as fairy lights, or string lights. Either way, these are long lines of lightbulbs (of differing designs) that you adorn all over your venue to provide beautiful but functional lighting. These are an excellent choice if you have an outdoor event in a marquee or tipi, and are a very popular choice for wedding lighting. 


​What would a dancefloor be without disco lights? These lights are literally in charge of "getting the party started" and emit all kinds of flashing patterns and colours. Some even have intelligent settings that allow them to perform in time to the beat of a musical number, which is always a hit with DJs!


Following a similar theme, lasers are always a popular addition to any party. The sheer variety of patterns and colours make them one of the best value for money lighting fixtures you can hire. If you do hire a laser, smoke machines make an excellent companion as they help the laser beams to really "pop"!


Perfect for completely altering the vibe of either an indoor or outdoor venue, these floor-based lights can wash walls and ceilings in a wide range of colours. The best part? You can hire wireless versions which are perfect for outdoor events with limited power supply, and indoor events where running wires between lights could be a trip hazard. 


Of course, lighting fixtures aside, you're going to need to think about precisely where your choices will go. Not all venues will allow you to attach lighting fixtures to walls and ceilings, whereas others will have specific locations dedicated to housing lights.

You may also need to hire a couple of truss structures to affix the lights to, which we can provide for you here at On Tour Events. This is almost undoubtedly the case if you're hosting an outdoor celebration.


Then there are additional LED-powered fixtures that you could hire that aren't necessarily lights. For instance, we have a wide range of LED-lit furniture, including mobile bars, chairs, and tables available for hire. We also offer indoor & outdoor LED screen hire services, should you want to play some footage of the celebrant(s). Whatever you may need, we've got you covered.

213 OTE Stage Lighting For A Festival.jpeg


While some organisers of festivals and live music concerts often preoccupy themselves with their audio equipment choices, it's imperative to remember that the lighting is every bit as vital. Hearing artists and performers is one thing, but if the audience can't properly see them, they aren't going to be happy with their experience.


The same could be said of your lighting shows. Any DJ will tell you that the lighting choices you make could literally make or break a live performance. If your choreographed lighting show lacks an atmospheric buzz or feels very one-dimensional, then you could end up with a very flat performance.  So let's take a look at what you need to be considering before you make choices regarding your live music or festival stage lighting fixtures.


Perhaps different to some other events, there are two broad categories for live performances: functional lighting, and performance lighting. What do we mean by that? Well, functional lights are those that are necessary for the performance to be appropriately lit. For instance, spotlights are an absolute necessity; otherwise, you won't be able to see your performer(s) properly. However, they don't necessarily add anything to the performance.


By contrast, performance lighting refers to fixtures that are going to enhance the performance to make it a more immersive experience for your audience. For instance, lasers combined with hazer machines can really up the ante on a live performance and pull in audience members. With that in mind, let's look at what you'll be using for both functions (some overlap both categories).


No live music performance takes place without spotlights. It doesn't matter if you're illuminating a grand symphony orchestra or a heavy metal band, without powerful spotlights, your audience will struggle to view the key players on the stage. Follow spots are exceptionally vital for live bands with lead singers who move back and forth across the stage. Even live performers such as DJs will need spotlights when they go on the mic in between songs.


PAR cans have been used to light up indoor and outdoor stages for decades. However, the traditional cans have been replaced with LED versions due to their reduced power consumption and ability to stay cool throughout a performance.  Capable of emitting almost any colour on the spectrum, these versatile lights can wash stages in all shades of the rainbow and form a crucial pillar of most pre-planned light shows.


Speaking on integral members of light shows, virtually every mid to largescale stage production will have these kinds of lights. They offer such a broad range of attributes, from being able to swivel and illuminate objects on command, to performing to a programmed routine, these fixtures have it all.  You can also chop and change colours, attach overlays such as gobos, and use different lighting patterns to spice up a performance-based light display.


What would a large-cap festival stage be without lasers? A staple of any live DJ performance, lasers have a difficult-to-beat array of functionality. Each rigged laser is capable of beaming hundreds of patterns, and when combined with hazers and foggers, they really "pop."


Another cornerstone of festival lighting is stage blinders. Used to light up the crowd in those moments just before the "drop" or to signal the end of a performance, these lights are incredibly bright and versatile crowd-pleasers.


Another lighting fixture that is synonymous with sizeable live music performances and festival setups is strobe lighting. Programmable to the beat of the music, or flash on demand, these incredibly bright lights can give the appearance of time standing still between "pops"! Again, these fixtures are immensely popular in the electronic dance music festival scene as well as indoor arena performances.


Of course, the list above is not exhaustive, but they are likely to form your leading cast members when creating a live music event to remember. You may also want to invest in several additional pieces of equipment such as Lekos, foggers/hazers, and uplighters depending on the specific nature of your event. Next, you need to consider the visual aids that will work in tandem with your lights to produce an engaging stage production.


For instance, LED screens are almost a prerequisite these days. While they're not technically a lighting fixture, they can play leading roles in a complementary light production for live music performances. Finally, don't forget your truss structures and rigging for all of these lights. Some of these lights will need to be high above the stage to function as desired, so you should keep that in the back of your mind when hashing out the vision for your live music production.

216 OTE Lighting For Conference.jpeg

Lighting is a critical element of any conference production. Whether you're hosting a small symposium, or you're putting together the most prominent meeting of minds in the industry, a conference without the correct lighting choices is going to leave a poor impression. However, with the right lighting choices, you can instil that all-important air of professionalism and impress your attendees. But what do you need to be thinking about before pulling together your event lighting plan?


First and foremost, your initial thoughts should be guided by your venue. Some lighting fixtures will be immediately ruled out due to the nature of your conference venue. For instance, if you are hosting a small networking conference, large, bulky lighting fixtures are going to look badly out of place. Small but powerful LED-powered lights, on the other hand, would work nicely and wouldn't feel intrusive at all.


Thus, it's worth visiting your venue, marking out key locations (such as where the stage/set will be positioned) and then locating critical items such as power sources which will help to solidify where lighting fixtures can be set up.  Remember, some venues may prohibit you from affixing additional lighting to walls or ceilings, so make sure you check what the stipulations are before hiring inappropriate lighting equipment.


You may be able to get around venue restrictions by erecting truss structures. Some of the larger purpose-built conference venues may have these in place already, making your job a lot easier. Suppose you're struggling with drawing everything together. In that case, an experienced member of the On Tour Events team can come and perform a site visit if necessary to advise you of the best options for lighting your conference event.


There are so many lighting fixtures on the market these days that it's impossible to list of the equipment you will have to choose from (we stock them all by the way!). However, it's worth running over the likely leading contenders based on the hundreds of conference events we have supplied our services to in the past.  Your lighting choices will primarily be split between those focused on the stage or set, and those used to illuminate the rest of the venue. Let's start with the options for your stage.


Most, if not all, conferences have at least one stage or set to facilitate presenters, keynote speakers, interviews, or panel discussions. Without bright spotlights, audience members will struggle to see those on stage properly. That's why they are almost always first on the list for conference lighting requests.


Another firm favourite for conference events is the LED PAR can. These versatile lights have benefitted from the introduction of LED technology, as they used to be power-hungry and became incredibly hot after prolonged use. Today they can wash a conference stage or set with any colour of the rainbow and provide a range of additional lighting effects to boot while remaining cool as a cucumber.


You'll likely want to pick up at least a few of these to add an element of "pizzazz" to your conference. These programmable lights are capable of a range of effects, colours, and patterns. If you're planning on having a light show of any description (perhaps as esteemed presenters or guests make their stage entrance), then you'll be relying on these showstoppers. You can also pair them up with gobos (see below) to add a real touch of class to your event.


Not technically a lighting fixture, but crucial all the same, LED screens add to the lighting and visual experience on stage. Most conference organisers hire LED screens because they are so versatile. One moment they can be relaying video footage to the audience, and just a few seconds later, they can be playing a leading part in a dazzling lighting show.

With the leading contenders for the stage/set taken care of, let's turn our attention to lighting choices that will be used for the rest of the venue.


These ground-based, wireless lights are great for completely altering the mood and feel of a room or venue. For instance, you could use them to adorn a breakout meeting room with the colours of your brand to add a touch of class. These inconspicuous lights are also great lighting choices for communal areas and walkways in between stages.


Gobos are an acronym for Goes Between Optics. They are small stencilled discs that can be attached to most lighting fixtures (see moving head lights above) to create a pattern that can be presented across a stage, on walls, across the ceiling, or on the floor. In the case of conferences, they offer you the opportunity to plaster your brand's logo all over the venue in a captivating manner.


Lighting is not just about the choices you make regarding specific equipment. You also have to look at the broader picture. For instance, as is the current trend, will you be filming and live-streaming your conference to thousands of virtual attendees? If so you need to think about the colours of your stage lights and spotlights to ensure that they provide a flawless viewing experience to those who can't be there in person.


The time of day your conference takes place will also be an important factor. Some lights are much more impactful in dark conditions, and you could be wasting your money if there's plenty of natural light streaming in through the windows.

Then you need to consider the stage and set itself. You might want to enlist our help to create a bespoke stage or set that has LED lighting built into it, for example. Either way, we can help you and guide you through the process backed by the experience of delivering hundreds of successful conferences over the space of the last two decades.



The right lighting choices can make all of the difference for a conference. It can be the difference between receiving an underwhelming reception or generating a buzz within your industry that has people lining up to return the following year.  No matter the size of your budget, it's always best to start with a plan. Talk to your venue first to learn everything you can about the space before consulting the help of an expert conference event lighting hire company such as On Tour Events. We are actually the preferred lighting suppliers for many conference centres across London and the South East, so we may already have intimate knowledge of your venue.


We will carefully advise you before taking care of all aspects of conference event lighting, including event design, rigging assembly, and on-site setup and operation by expert technicians. Regardless of the size and scale of your next conference, don't hesitate to speak to us. Even if you're just looking for advice, we're always on hand to help you bring your conference from a mere concept to reality.

217 OTE Lighting For PMC Speakers.jpeg

Exhibitions form the heartbeat of many industries. Whether you’re organising one yourself, or you’ve booked a stand to sell products and services to attendees, lighting is a critical component of success. From putting on dazzling light displays to accompany new product unveilings, to tiny clip-on spotlights to properly illuminate your stand’s marketing materials, without adequate lighting, you’re going to struggle.


Here at On Tour Events, we can provide lighting solutions for either side of the exhibition equation. We work with both exhibition organisers and those taking up a stand at an industry event to make the correct lighting choices.

But what do you need to be thinking about from either perspective when it comes to your event lighting plan?


Exhibitions are usually held in large venues so as to give plenty of room for exhibitors to take up stands and promote and sell their wares. The issue, therefore, for those of you planning an exhibition event is illuminating the venue in such a way that everyone can see clearly, navigate easily, and spot the stands of vendors they wish to speak to with ease.

In order to achieve that outcome, you’re probably looking at hiring suspended lighting, either from suitable ceiling points or from truss structures (we have hundreds of metres of truss that can we can provide for you). Some venues have such facilities and lighting in place already, whereas others provide you with a blank canvas to put your own stamp on an event.


Another consideration, therefore, is also the time of day your event takes place. Suppose your exhibition is scheduled to run through daylight hours. In that case, you may be able to get away with fewer lighting fixtures focused on the illumination front, focusing instead on lighting for the stands, sets, and stages for your industry guest speakers and presenters.

As an exhibitor, getting the lighting right is crucial to attracting visitors to approach your stand. Dark and dingy setups are destined for failure, so you’ll want to spend time mulling over lighting choices that are actively going to pull visitors into your stand as opposed to those around you. With both angles covered with regards to your considerations, let’s take a look at the lighting equipment that is likely to feature within your exhibition.


Spotlights are versatile fixtures that can be utilised for a broad spectrum of purposes in the exhibition environment. For instance, if you’re creating a stage or set for relevant industry talks, product launches, live demonstrations or even live entertainment, you’re going to be relying on spotlights.

However, exhibitors are just as likely to want to use spotlights to highlight key areas of their stand. For instance, clip-on LED spotlights are incredibly popular run along the back wall of a frame at a trade show. They come in a range of formats too, with extendable arms, clamps, and various head attachments.


Again, strip lighting is another lighting choice that is just as effective from the perspective of an exhibition host or a company with a stand booked. Making use of LED technology, these lights are a great choice if you’re looking to keep the power costs down, or if the venue doesn’t have suitable alternatives as standard.  By contrast, LED strip lighting is also an excellent way to wash the whole wall of an exhibition stand and is well-suited to drawing attention to marketing graphics or your company logo.


Sharing many of the benefits of strip lights, uplighters are floor-based lights that emit wash walls from the ground up. They can be particularly useful if you choose to wash your exhibition stand in a colour that provides a vivid contrast to the standard-fare white walls associated with traditional exhibition stands.  An additional benefit of these lights is that we stock dozens of wireless battery-powered versions, meaning you don’t have to put up with the potential trip hazard that accompanies their wired counterparts.


Need a large surface area to be as bright as possible? Say no more! Floodlights literally “flood” space with the brightest of light, in direct contrast to the narrow beam pointed by a spotlight. Another light capable of performing the role of lighting a venue or an exhibition stand, powerful floodlights can brighten even the darkest of rooms are useful outdoors if you’ve decided to extend the usable space of your venue with a marquee, for example.


There are so many potential choices when it comes to properly lighting your exhibition space or stand that it’s impossible to list them all, but there are some leading contenders that don’t quite make those mentioned above.

For instance, gobos are a popular choice and these types of industry events. They are small stencils that are affixed to a variety of different lighting fixtures that in this context are brilliant for beaming your logo and branding around a venue, or indeed across a stand if you’ve booked one of the larger, more expensive positions.


LED video walls & LED Screen are another option you’re likely to consider, especially as an organiser. They make excellent backdrops to an exhibition set or main stage, and they are brilliant and relaying camera footage for those sat further away from the stage.

Finally, depending on whether or not you have a central stage or set separate from the main exhibition stands, you may want to hire lighting equipment such as LED PAR cans, moving head lights, Lekos, or even lasers, to provide an accompanying light show to remember for your stage audience.



Let's assume you were trying to light a small stage for a conference and all you require is for the stage area to be lit so the conference can be filmed or live-streamed.


For this application you don't require a large budget as some simple but professional stage ''key light'' is normally all that is required, along with delivery setup & a lighting technician for the event. Based on this we would suggested a lighting budget of around £400 to £700.


Depending on the size of stage and where the lighting is to be positioned & rigged from does affect the overall hire price and of course if you were to hire or require any additional lighting fixtures such as mood lighting / uplighters for around the venue this of course will add to the overall cost but the purpose of this is to give you a good idea of what it costs to hire lighting for a simple conference stage in London from On Tour Events.


If you were planning a small wedding of up to 80 to 120 people in a marquee around the London or Surrey then your be pleased to know On Tour Events can help


In this example we would provide not only the lighting for the dance floor area inside the marquee but also supply wireless indoor and outdoor mood LED uplighters to light the inside of the marquee but also the outside of the wedding grounds


We would suggest a budget of around £1,000 to £2,000 depending on factors such as rigging points & the final lighting spec.


If you require any additional production services such as custom bars, wedding staging, large TV screens or sound systems for your wedding let us know we will certainly be able to help 


In this example we are going to take your typical 500 -700 capacity christmas gala dinner or award show.


Typically On Tour Events would be providing a full technical event production service but for the purpose of this price example let's say we are just supplying the event lighting.


Most gala dinner & award shows have flown lighting installed for the event with large LED screens on stage and of course the lighting designed from the ground up with our in-house lighting technician.


We will suggest a lighting budget of somewhere between £3,000 to £7,000 but again this depends on the final spec of the lighting and also the access and rigging for the venue plays a big part. 


Need a professional lighting hire company? On Tour Events delivers exceptional results.



What event lighting services do you offer ?


When it comes to lighting, we don't specialise in one field we often supply event lighting packages for weddings, award ceremonies or something simple like key light on a conference stage for your speakers.

What we do have is over 40 years’ experience in the events industry designing fashion shows, conferences & product launches while being creative and bespoke in our thinking and design. So, to answer the question we can provide lighting for any size or any type of event there are no restrictions from our side.


Don't forget that we aren't merely limited to event lighting. We have a range of ARRI (one of the most reputable brands/name in the industry) lights available for use in film, TV, and other studio recording environment. So always speak to one of our staff members (our team are always available via email and our phone number is manned during weekdays) about the specific kit (including accessories) you are on the search for. We are always more than happy to offer advice and a personal touch. Chances are we will have what you need in stock for your project. From LED tubes to lighting fixtures that run on a battery, you name it, we have something for everyone.


Or, for more information about our range of lighting fixtures we stock and our design services, please continue to read the On Tour Events Q&A section and check out our blog for the latest news and updates.


Can we come & see what lighting fixtures you stock?


If you have a particular reason you need to see a piece of equipment maybe this is to clarify certain visual aspects and want to gage a better idea of the size of the fixture, then this is no problem but we do not have the facility to build custom lighting rigs in our warehouses to demonstrate what the lighting might look like at your event. If you're wanting to get a better idea of what the lighting would look like at your event, then we offer a full 3D render which will allow us to send you fully animated visuals & screenshots.


This service is very popular for our corporate clients who want to better understand what the lighting will look like and how a certain space will feel before committing. If you haven't used our services before we highly recommend conducting a search of our Instagram and YouTube pages where we regularly showcase different events, we have supplied our technical event services.


I am a wedding planner & interested in your event lighting services but are you happy to work under our brand?


This question has been covered on our main home page but to reiterate whether we are supplying lighting, sound equipment, or staging it doesn't matter. Our clients always have the option of asking us to wear any particular branded uniform which may be required on site, or request us to wear black only if you would prefer all suppliers to be anonymous, and some event planners prefer us to label and work under their brand for the duration of the event. On Tour Events main objective & task is to get into the venue, set up, getting on with the job and making sure that you and your clients are happy with the results of the production.


How much do it cost to hire lighting for a gala dinner?


One of the most popular questions we get asked when somebody is looking to hire lighting equipment for their gala dinner event. The question should not be, how much does it cost to hire lighting for my event? The question you should ask yourself is, what budget can I afford for the Gala dinner? The options of what you can hire is almost endless, we stock a lot of different lights. Some of which are used to pinspot tables, some of the lighting fixtures are designed for special effects only, while on the other scale we have a catalogue of wireless lighting fixtures as well.


When somebody asks us how much does it cost to hire lighting for our event we normally will send you some examples of previous events where we have supplied lighting so this could be for your gala dinner, your conference, exhibition or wedding it doesn't really matter. What matters is we have a starting point to move forward from and we will be able to give you very quick definitive costings to light your event. Of course, if you choose to opt for a 3D render of your proposed lighting package this takes a few days otherwise you normally have a quote within 24 to 48 hours.


We are planning an exhibition & need to hire some lighting for our stand, what do you need from us for a quote?


Exhibition lighting packages come in all forms from small to extremely large. On the larger scale also supplying the staging and LED screen but for now let's concentrate on the event lighting aspect.


Generally, when you are planning an exhibition stand one of the key important factors is that your product or service / your business or your brand, is well lit or illuminated. Making it easy for potential clients to not only see what you are trying to sell, but also the lighting is discreet enough whilst also being high impact at the same time. We have a proven reputation & record in the exhibition world for designing, building and providing cost-effective lighting solutions for all different size of exhibition stands.


If you already have an idea of what sort of lighting you would like to hire then fantastic, we will always encourage you to send this over along with any other examples of lighting you like the look of. Generally, when you are hiring an exhibition stand you will be given a 2D or 3D plot along with what power is available, again this is handy for us to look at and will determine a lot of things straight away. Please bear in mind that it's quite common for exhibition stands to require the use of large three phase power supplies.


If you're not sure how big your exhibition stand is going to be then that's fine, we can just send you examples of previous events where we have supplied our lighting services.


What sets you apart from other technical event lighting hire companies?


Let's be honest there are a lot of lighting hire companies across London and the UK so why hire from On Tour Events over another company? Ask yourself this, what equipment hire websites have you gone onto and been able to read detailed questions and answers about specific hire equipment? The most likely answer is you haven't found one of the websites similar to us, and that is because we are different, and that is why our are client retention is high customer satisfaction!


Just like everything we do we are very planned and detailed, while remaining professional & helpful throughout the process. From an equipment side of things, we stock a large selection of lighting fixtures, we offer competitive hire rates and as with everything we stock all equipment is maintained to a very high standard, yet again ensuring reliability in our services. Of course, all businesses like to establish and gain new clients, but we really do enjoy finding out what you want to achieve and then do our best to build and design a lighting show within your vision and budget.


We are looking to hire some wireless lighting and smoke machines for our event, do you stock wireless lights?


Most hire companies stock wireless LED uplighters, sometimes this might be described as wireless mood lighting, either way it's the same product. Of course, we stock many wireless uplighters (battery operated), but we also stock some very bespoke wireless products enabling us to create some very interesting special effects outdoors.


As well as the above we stock the fully wireless moving fixtures allowing us to create some very clever lighting shows (incorporating smoke machines) for events such as catwalks, where generally cable and data play a big issue, due to the performers on stage. Whereas with a wireless light all these issues don't apply. Some applications on wireless lights are not ideal, but we will always advise on what we feel works best for you the event and budget.


Can your lighting equipment be used outside? Is it all weatherproof ?


This is a very good question as some people take the assumption that all lights can be used outside regardless of the weather. It isn't just the rain that needs to be considered, the type of ground can also play a factor if you are building truss structures outside and you intend on hanging lighting from them. At this point there are some guidelines that come into play which can be discussed if this is relevant, otherwise it is good practice to always let us know if at any point the lighting could be exposed to rain or adverse temperatures.


All our wireless lighting is fully IP rated which means waterproof, the same goes for our 3.9mm LED screen. This can be used outdoors in the rain without any issues but some of the theatrical lights that we stock are an indoor product only. Unless of course the appropriate protection is built into the design or set, but you will normally find at this point it's cheaper and easier to use a like-for-like fixture which is designed to be used outdoors.


Do you have pre-made event lighting packages available I can see?


Yes, this is something our clients love about us! We have off the shelf event lighting packages available for every type of event such as award shows, weddings, exhibitions & conferences. For all events we have three different tiers of packages ranging from small cost-effective professional designs, to very large and grand full turnkey production packages (of course we still offer a fully bespoke lighting design service)


For some events it makes sense from a cost and planning point of view to use an off-the-shelf package which can be slightly tweaked and changed to your requirements but generally the core costs don’t really change. This allows us to turn around proposals very quickly and gives you the ability to see what it will cost to hire lighting from us, or if you're an event planner or a third-party hire company you are able to get back to your client much faster so we are all saving time and money, something we like to do.


Where are you based & what areas do you cover? It says your in London, Surrey & Manchester


This was covered in question 10 on the homepage but of course we don't expect you to read everything :) so let us explain. On Tour Events have 3 Office locations and two warehouse locations. Our main office & warehouse is in London, our second office is in Surrey on the border of Hampshire and we have a third office with warehouse in Manchester. All these locations are by appointment only.

To any potential clients asking where we are based trying to establish if we cover a particular region, the short answer is we cover the whole of the UK and Europe. Obviously if you are having an event in London or the Surrey area transport costs are a lot lower compared to if you were planning an event in Wales, but just tell us (or send us an email) where the event is and we will be there, we can be competitive anywhere in the UK.


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