On Tour Events provide indoor & outdoor event lighting services nationwide for any event. Our technical lighting designers work alongside private individuals & corporate event planners to design & build incredible lighting shows. We take our job seriously & to ensure this we offer full 3D technical renders of your lighting production before you commit to any job.


Our job is to make every event is unique, creative and memorable for you & your guests. As we own all of our equipment inventory we are able to control the quality & condition of the lighting fixture as well as making sure our hire pricing keep inline with other rental companies.

You can find out more about our event lighting hire service below by reading our Q&A section below where will be answer some of the most popular questions we get asked when it comes to hiring lighting for an event. 



On Tour Events is all about creating an atmosphere that will match your theme or aesthetic. Lighting is a very effective way of creating atmosphere at any corporate event, festival, bar mitzvah or wedding. We strive to push the boundaries of creativity when providing any of our technical event production services but lighting hire is typically the one area where combining vast experience & high quality lighting equipment produces creative, dynamic lighting production.


First is to remember that we offer a nationwide lighting hire service so don't worry if your event isn't taking place near one of our locations. Wherever your event is taking place we provide the same quality & reliability backup by our trusted, & proven track record in the events industry.


On Tour Events has undertaken some amazing productions over the years & our lighting hire services are recognised throughout the industry.


What event lighting services do you offer ?

When it comes to lighting, we don't specialise in one field we often supply event lighting packages for weddings, award ceremonies or something simple like key light on a conference stage for your speakers. What we do have is over 40 years’ experience in the events industry designing fashion shows, conferences & product launches while being creative and bespoke in our thinking and design. So, to answer the question we can provide lighting for any size or any type of event there are no restrictions from our side. For more information about the type of lighting equipment we stock and our design services, please continue to read the On Tour Events Q&A section.

Can we come & see what lighting equipment you stock?

If you have a particular reason you need to see a piece of equipment maybe this is to clarify certain visual aspects and want to gage a better idea of the size of the fixture, then this is no problem but we do not have the facility to build custom lighting rigs in our warehouses to demonstrate what the lighting might look like at your event. If you're wanting to get a better idea of what the lighting would look like at your event, then we offer a full 3D render which will allow us to send you fully animated visuals & screenshots. This service is very popular for our corporate clients who want to better understand what the lighting will look like and how a certain space will feel before committing. If you haven't used our services before we highly recommend looking at our Instagram and YouTube pages where we regularly showcase different events, we have supplied our technical event production services.

I'am a wedding planner & interested in your event lighting services but are you happy to work under our brand?

This question has been covered on our main home page but to reiterate whether we are supplying lighting equipment, sound equipment or staging it doesn't matter. Our clients always have the option of asking us to wear any particular branded uniform which may be required on site, or request us to wear black only if you would prefer all suppliers to be anonymous, and some event planners prefer us to label and work under their brand for the duration of the event. On Tour Events main objective & task is to get into the venue, set up, getting on with the job and making sure that you and your clients are happy with the results of the production.

How much do it cost to hire lighting for a gala dinner?

One of the most popular questions we get asked when somebody is looking to hire lighting equipment for their gala dinner event. The question should not be, how much does it cost to hire lighting for my event? The question you should ask yourself is, what budget can I afford for the Gala dinner? The options of what you can hire is almost endless, we stock a lot of different lights. Some of which are used to pinspot tables, some of the lighting fixtures are designed for special area effects only, while on the other scale we have a catalogue of wireless lighting fixtures as well. When somebody asks us how much does it cost to hire lighting for our event we normally will send you some examples of previous events where we have supplied lighting so this could be for your gala dinner, your conference, exhibition or wedding it doesn't really matter. What matters is we have a starting point to move forward from and we will be able to give you very quick definitive costings to light your event. Of course, if you choose to opt for a 3D render of your proposed lighting package this takes a few days otherwise you normally have a quote within 24 to 48 hours.

We are planning an exhibition & need to hire some lighting for our stand, what do you need from us for a quote?

Exhibition lighting packages come in all forms from small to extremely large. On the larger scale also supplying the staging and LED screen but for now let's concentrate on the event lighting aspect. Generally, when you are planning an exhibition stand one of the key important factors is that your product or service / your business or your brand, is well lit or illuminated. Making it easy for potential clients to not only see what you are trying to sell, but also the lighting is discreet enough whilst also being high impact at the same time. We have a proven reputation & record in the exhibition world for designing, building and providing cost-effective lighting solutions for all different size of exhibition stands. If you already have an idea of what sort of lighting you would like to hire then fantastic, we will always encourage you to send this over along with any other examples of lighting you like the look of. Generally, when you are hiring an exhibition stand you will be given a 2D or 3D plot along with what power is available, again this is handy for us to look at and will determine a lot of things straight away. Please bear in mind that it's quite common for exhibition stands to require the use of large three phase power supplies. If you're not sure how big your exhibition stand is going to be then that's fine, we can just send you examples of previous events where we have supplied our lighting services.

What sets you apart from other techincal event lighting hire companies?

Let's be honest there are a lot of lighting hire companies across London and the UK so why hire from On Tour Events over another company? Ask yourself this, what lighting hire websites have you gone onto and been able to read detailed questions and answers about specific hire equipment? The most likely answer is you haven't found one of the websites similar to us, and that is because we are different, and that is why our are client retention is high customer satisfaction! Just like everything we do we are very planned and detailed, while remaining professional & helpful throughout the process. From an equipment side of things, we stock a large selection of lighting fixtures, we offer competitive hire rates and as with everything we stock all equipment is maintained to a very high standard, yet again ensuring reliability in our production services. Of course, all businesses like to establish and gain new clients, but we really do enjoy finding out what you want to achieve and then do our best to build and design a lighting show within your vision and budget.

We are looking to hire some wireless lighting for our event, do you stock wireless lights?

Most hire companies stock wireless LED uplighters, sometimes this might be described as wireless mood lighting, either way it's the same product. Of course, we stock many wireless uplighters, but we also stock some very bespoke wireless products enabling us to create some very interesting special effects outdoors. As well as the above we stock the fully wireless moving fixtures allowing us to create some very clever lighting shows for events such as catwalks, where generally cable and data play a big Issue, due to the performers on stage. Whereas with a wireless light all these issues don't apply. Some applications on wireless lights are not ideal, but we will always advise on what we feel works best for you the event and budget.

Can your lighting equipment be used outside? Is it all weatherproof ?

This is a very good question as some people take the assumption that all lights can be used outside regardless of the weather. It isn't just the rain that needs to be considered, the type of ground can also play a factor if you are building truss structures outside and you intend on hanging lighting from them. At this point there are some guidelines that come into play which can be discussed if this is relevant, otherwise it is good practice to always let us know if at any point the lighting could be exposed to rain or adverse temperatures. All our wireless lighting is fully IP rated which means waterproof, the same goes for our 3.9 LED screen. This can be used outdoors in the rain without any issues but some of the theatrical lights that we stock are an indoor product only. Unless of course the appropriate protection is built into the design or set, but you will normally find at this point it's cheaper and easier to use a like-for-like fixture which is designed to be used outdoors.

Do you have pre-made event lighting packages available i can see?

Yes, this is something our clients love about us! We have off the shelf event lighting packages available for every type of event such as award shows, weddings, exhibitions & conferences. For all events we have three different tiers of packages ranging from small cost-effective professional designs, to very large and grand full turnkey production packages (of course we still offer a fully bespoke lighting design service) For some events it makes sense from a cost and planning point of view to use an off-the-shelf package which can be slightly tweaked and changed to your requirements but generally the core costs don’t really change. This allows us to turn around proposals very quickly and gives you the ability to see what it will cost to hire lighting from us, or if you're an event planner or a third-party hire company you are able to get back to your client much faster so we are all saving time and money, something we like to do.

Where are you based & what areas do you cover? It says your in London, Surrey & Manchester

This was covered in question 10 on the homepage but of course we don't expect you to read everything :) so let us explain. On Tour Events have 3 Office locations and two warehouse locations. Our main office & warehouse is in London, our second office is in Surrey on the border of Hampshire and we have a third office with warehouse in Manchester, all these locations are by appointment only. To any potential clients asking where we are based trying to establish if we cover a particular area, the short answer is we cover the whole of the UK and Europe. Obviously if you are having an event in London or the Surrey area transport costs are a lot lower compared to if you were planning an event in Wales, but just tell us where the event is and we will be there.


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