We offer a huge range of staging services from small simple carpeted conference stages, to large grand bespoke tiered staging & bespoke catwalk stages. Need to hire a clear stage for your filmshot ? Not a problem, we have clear staging in stock, ready for hire.


Did you know On Tour Events offers a outdoor covered festival stage hire service, where we offer a range of fully covered outdoor stages for event & festival? Well we stock festival stages from 6 meters to 12 meters wide. If your planning a private parties or live music events we can design, supply & build you any stage you require for your event.


We have a range of off the shelf stage hire packages suitable for a large number of events, these pre-made packages allow for creativity while being a cost-efficient solution where budgets won't allow for a fully bespoke design.

Our indoor stages are often used for conferences, corporate functions, fashion show catwalks & private parties across London & the UK. Carpeted stage is available in any RAL colour and of course we can supplement our staging services with our vast audio visual equipment infantry.


Below you will also find a link to our custom clear, perspex / glass staging solutions, On Tour Events is one of the very few staging companies in London, UK to stock clear staging panels but they are in high demand so please speak to us first about what dates your looking to hire.  




As well as designing custom stage sets for parties & catwalk fashion shows we also offer custom furniture design. Our carpentry team produce creative, unique elements or furniture including, Awards tables, bespoke staging platforms or panel tables.


We also offer foamex branding for gobos, logos & branding solutions and all of this design work can be done in-house backed up by our 3D rendering service where we bring your event to life in 3D making sure your happy before you sign off the production.


Also remember we have off-the-shelf stages available meaning if you were looking to hire a large white tiered stage for your wedding can we have a number of stage & set packages already designed perfectly for this style of application. On Tour Events & London & Surrey's leading stage hire company



If you were looking to hire a small corporate conference stage in London at 4 meter wide by 3 metres deep at 1 ft high covered in either black or white carpet we would suggest a budget of somewhere between £500 to £700 depending on access to the venue and if you require any additional steps or handrail for the stage.  


On Tour Events offers you a choice of either black hand pleated stage drape or solid fascia boards for the front of the stage platform.


If you require something a little more bespoke we can custom design, build & fit light up facia boards, & stock a range of coloured leatherette stage facia boards. 


A popular option for weddings is to hire a large white tiered stage platform for the wedding band.


Tiered stages become a centre of peace for the evening entertainment and our tiered wedding stages really sets off the band & makes a statement.


Based on the supplying the stage in London or Surrey we would suggest a budget of around £1,000 - £2,000 depending on the final design & materials used.


On Tour Events in London's leading stage hire company with over 20 years experience in design & building wedding & event stages, we make sure you get the stage your want & on budget.

You can opt for the stage to be carpeted in plain or coloured event carpet or covered in plastic vinyl again in any colour. We also have some clear staging option available, please ask about this or visit the clear stage section


Our last staging example is for those that are trying to to get a good idea of what it costs to hire an outdoor covered festival stage.


As I'm sure you can understand there are a lot of factors that play a part in quote for an outdoor covered stage this such as the duration of the event and of course where the location of the festival is taking place.


Let's assume that you are looking to hire a medium sized 8 meter wide by 6 meter deep arc roof covered festival stage somewhere in London or Surrey for a weekend event, we would suggest a budget of £4,000 to £5,000 for a complete stage with handrail, steps. 

If you are planning an outdoor event then it might be worth getting On Tour Events to quote for the complete production, including stage, sound, lighting & LED video screen (if required) 


How much does it cost to hire a stage for our event?

So how much does it cost to hire a stage? Well that very much depends on what sort of stage you want to hire, how big the stage will be & how high the stage will be from the floor. All these things affect how much it would cost and then you have lots of other editions. For instance to carpet the stage there is an additional charge but below we give you an outline of what it will cost to hire a small indoor stage for a conference, a catwalk style stage used obviously primarily for catwalks fashion shows & product launches. The term catwalk stage is a generic term used by event planners and organisations as it suits a vast range of events. Then we will outline very briefly how much a festival stage costs. A lot of organisations and event planners find it hard to get a cost for a small 4m by 3m carpeted stage, roughly somewhere between 1 ft to 2 ft high and for the purpose of this exercise let's also assume that you would like a set of steps included as well either side of the stage. Now let's say the event is in central London and of course you want to have it delivered set up and taken away. So, if you were to hire a small indoor stage platform for your event, we have charged somewhere between £350 to £450 for this style and size of stage. Now of course we can also help you with any audio visual aspects which you may need but we have covered that in other sections of our website (please see links ) As mentioned above catwalk style stages are a very popular source for events. The common size catwalk stage is generally 10m long and 3m wide (ceiling height permitting) generally around 1m high, with additional staging and steps behind and the set to allow guests or models to walk on and off the stage without initially being seen. The average hire charge for a 10m deep 3m wide stage carpeted is somewhere between £1,500 to £1,800. Now of course if you are wanting to add additional staging or incorporate a custom set the cost would increase but for the purpose of this exercise this should give you a good understanding as to what it costs to hire a catwalk stage from us. We have a question below which answers this question specifically and that question is how much does a festival stage cost to hire? We will give you 3 price indications below, but we are also going to link you to another area of our website where this is covered in detail. If you were to hire a small 6m wide 4m deep festival stage this would cost you around £1,500. The next size up is a 7m wide by 6m deep festival stage and the hire cost for this is somewhere around £2,000 to £2500. The reason these costs vary so much is because it is dependent on lots of different factors which again is covered in a whole festival stage section on the website. So next up is the 10m wide by 8m deep festival stage which to hire the stage for 2 days in summer is somewhere around £6000 to £8,000. Lastly is the largest festival stage we offer which is a huge 12m wide 10m deep structure and has a weekly rental of £20,000 but please note all this is subject to many factors as this is a huge stage. So, if you have a very tight build time, additional crew and plant equipment would be required therefore this would increase the hire charge. We will finish off by saying if you just need to hire a small tiered stage for your live wedding band then no problem, we cover all aspects and areas of staging for events. So, we suggest sending us an email or give us a call and we'll be more than happy to help.

We would like a custom stage for our event, can you build & design this?

We certainly can! The first thing that we would need to understand is do you already have a design that you would like us to work with, or are you looking for us to design a stage and conference set for your event? Once we know the answer to this question this will lead us in very different directions. If you already have a design in mind and you have drawings of this design, please feel free to email us the stage / catwalk design & you will usually have a quote within 72 hours. Please note this is highly dependent on how complex the set and stage design are. If we do not have to work to a pre-made design, we have off shelf stage and production packages suitable for any private or corporate events. What these pre-made auction packages have already is the flexibility built in allowing you to brand and change certain aspects without having to overspend. These packages are designed to be cost efficient while maintaining being flexible and creative. If you're interested in our stage design service, please feel free to email / phone use for a fast quote.

We need to hire a fully covered outdoor stage for our festival, can you help & if so how much does this cost?

So how much does it cost to hire a festival stage? This will depend on the size of stage you would like to hire. It also depends on where the festival is taking place and of course is dependent on if you're using us to supply the sound, light and screen production required for the event. When you are hiring everything from one company usually this becomes a more cost-effective solution. We have given some price indications in question 1 above and for the purpose of this exercise we will give you some stage hire prices based on three of our most popular stages that we offer. All the prices you see below are based on a two-day event in summer with a site location no further than 50 miles from the centre of London. Also, these prices are based on us supplying a complete sound, stage and lighting production. It goes without saying that if you were to just hire the stage then your cost would be dramatically reduced, but most festivals require some form of audio visual production, hence why we are including this in our quote examples. 6m by 4m festival stage is popular for Christmas light switch on events, these are normally up to around 1000 people in the audience. That's not to say that you can't hire the stage if you only have 50 people in your garden! We have built this stage in back gardens and inside venues at exhibitions as it's completely mobile and can be built pretty much anywhere. What makes this stage cost-effective is the short build time and minimal crew required on site to construct the stage. As a rule of thumb, we offer one of our d&b Audiotechnik Y7P point source PA systems then add in some generic LED daytime lighting to give you a more effective lighting display. The main task being a cost-effective service when budgets are tight. The lighting and the sound equipment come with all the relevant control software, mixing desks and infrastructure for any DJ or live act. If you would like a full breakdown of all this equipment please contact us. This package is just under £2,000, giving you a very professional looking stage with incredible sound but also the reassurance that we have all of the structural certificates to allow for sign off as well as long-standing knowledge of how to build a stage. Another popular size stage that we offer is our equivalent of a mobile 8 meter by 6 meter festival stage. What we mean when we say equivalent is, generally hire companies measure the stage using the external measurements of the structure, whereas we measure our stages internally by the usable stage area. This is to not confuse or trick customers in any way. If you see an 8m by 6m mobile stage advertised somewhere and on the day you come to find that the internal stage area is actually only 7m, I would say you have been miss sold a service. For this reason, our 8 by 6 m stage is truly a 7m by 5m stage. This stage is one of the most popular size stages we offer, as they are small enough and compact enough they don't look out of place with an audience size of 500 to 1000, yet these can be used, and have been used on events where there are in excess of 2000 up to 5000 people on site. You have the added option with this stage of adding PA wings to hang advertising material or you can hire LED screen from us allowing you to play branded video content from the stage directly to the screens. The sound package that we include for this is again using our d&b Audiotechnik stock but this time with a d&B Audiotechnik Y8 line array. Lighting gets an upgrade as this stage will comfortably hold up to 40 fixtures in the roof due to the impressive 1,500kg payload, achievable with this bespoke design tailored for our needs and for our company (Thanks to liber primus for this new design) This package comes complete with all the stands, cable and infrastructure needed for your festival or event. We recommend our clients to budget around £2500 to £3,000 and up to £4,000- £5,000 for the final specified design which include things like how many square metres of video you hire and if you opt for any free design or 3D rendering work. Last but by no means least is our 10m by 8m outdoor covered stage. This package includes a complete lighting package, video wall system, separate stage monitoring and a large flown d&b Audiotechnik Y8 system with separate cardioid sub array. This package is popular with festival organisers who have an audience of 2500- 8000 people. The structure has the possibilities to extend even further with catwalk extensions, loading ramps, additional PA wings and we also offer front of house structures as well. You should expect to pay £10,000 for this style of stage package. All of our packages can be completely tailored to your needs and they can be branded in many ways giving you complete creativity and flexibility for any event.

Where we can see examples of your stage designs?

If you would like to see photos of our festival stages, please visit our Facebook or Instagram page where you will find plenty of examples of festival stages we have supplied to events across the UK and Europe. Now in some of these photos we are the sole technical event production supplier for the events, while other photos we are just supplying the stage structure itself. It's very common that we supply a festival stage installed with our 3.9 mm outdoor LED screen, as the stage packages are a very cost-effective solution for event promoters. If you are after technical drawings and stage roof designs then please feel free to call us and discuss your event, at which point once we understand what stage is suitable for your event we will send you the relevant stage drawings and stage mock-ups for you to see. We do not supply these online and only include them as part of a full quote.

Can you build a clear stage over our swimming pool?

Yes, that's right some of our clients have asked if we can cover their swimming pool with clear stage! This is often requested at luxury wedding venues abroad; these clients have been based in Spain & Portugal where we have designed and installed over 200 square metres of clear stage inside of swimming pools. This service isn't something we can go into great depth here (no pun intended!) as this is a very bespoke service and involves special welding equipment and diving equipment to achieve a safe, reliable, well presented clear stage.

We only need a small carpeted stage for our conference, can you help?

Of course we can help out. To give you an example of what it would cost to hire a small conference stage, carpeted in any colour on the RAL colour chart, you will pay somewhere between £350 to £450. This would be for a small 4 meter by 3 meter stage under 1 meter with 1 set of steps and handrails. It goes without saying we can build any size stage you require, at pretty much any height you require, in any design. To recap, of course we often supply small cost-efficient stage packages for small corporate events, product launches and conferences throughout London and Surrey.

We are looking to hire tiered staging for our award ceremony, can you help?

Yes, we can supply custom, off-the-shelf tiered stage packages for award ceremonies, conferences product launches, gala dinners, grand weddings and private events! A well-designed tiered stage never goes out of fashion. There are so many creative possibilities that it's one of the most popular services we supply throughout the events industry. We have tiered staging packages ranging from £1,000 to £5,000. Beyond this you will be looking at a bespoke service which we offer in house backed up by a 3D rendering stage design service. So, if you're planning an awards ceremony and you're looking for a production company that can design, build and install a tiered stage for your event then we would love to talk with you.

Are you the stage supplier or do you use a third party stage hire company?

This is a question that we've been asked many times over the years and there's good reasoning for it. Some of the festival stage hire services you find online sub hire a lot of stages and some clients prefer using one supplier for the stage another for the sound, for the lighting, everything including the LED screen. When you have a hire company who is using lots of third-party suppliers, logistically this can sometimes pose a problem and maybe experience has taught them that using one company to supply everything in house has its benefits. It is generally more cost-efficient than dividing your budget over many companies. In answer to the question, yes, the stages we offer as part of our equipment infantry at On Tour Events. If you have any further questions relating to stage hire, please feel free to email or call us for a quote.

We need a large outdoor stage for our festival, what the biggest stage On Tour Events stocks?

The biggest outdoor covered festival stage that we offer from stock is a 12 meter by 10 meter apex roof festival stage. We also offer in addition 4m wide PA wings, loading ramps and then obviously there are additional services like pit barrier, sound, lighting and outdoor LED screen. This 12 meter wide, 10 meter deep, 7 meter high festival stage has a roof payload capable of holding up to 5000kg, which is a fair amount of production. The PA wings have a working payload of 1500 kilos allowing you to fly the largest of line arrays or point source boxes without any loading concerns. If you're interested in hiring this festival stage, then please get in contact.

Where are you based & what areas do you cover? It says your in London, Surrey & Manchester

We have 3 locations in the UK. We have an office and equipment warehouse in London, a second office based in Surrey just on the border of Hampshire, then we have a second warehouse and third office/ equipment warehouse based in Manchester. These locations do not restrict us whatsoever and we offer our services right across the UK and Europe. So regardless of where your event is taking place On Tour Events can help you.


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