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We have been working in the corporate conference sector for over 20 years providing technical audio visual (AV) production services to over 1000 events. Our AV hire services including custom set designstage hire, and LED screen hire on top of supplying our standard AV services required for a conference.


All equipment is entirely from stock so you can be assured you are in safe hands when you’re working with us. Perhaps you just need to hire a simple small carpeted stage, sound system, and wireless clip-on microphone for your internal business presentations. Or maybe you're planning large-scale events (such as annual conferences or exhibitions) where you're looking for a production company to supply a full AV production package.


Either way, it's not a problem. We can tailor a package to suit your event’s budget while providing a professional conference event production service.


Our creative AV team will make sure your event looks and feels extraordinary with a high-impact, eye-catching conference stages combined with the best possible audio and visual hardware.




It's important to hire a company with the expertise and creativity to ensure your conference event production is technically and visually perfect, so you can deliver to a top-notch experience. Whether you're planning small or large conference presentations hiring the right audio visual company to produce a professional well-designed cost efficient production is key. 


We have years of experience in the conference event production sector designing and creating bespoke solutions types of different types of events. Below you will find the top 10 questions we get asked on a regular basis or the we feel it useful when you're planning a conference meeting / looking to hire equipment whether this be staging, sound gear, lighting equipment, or LED video screen. 


On Tour Events sets extremely high standards we understand that our customers expect nothing less apart from exceptional well produced eye-catching create events and this is what we do on a daily basis and this is why we feel that we are the leading technical event services company in the UK​


Conference Audio Visual Hire Services in London 

When you need to turn to an AV hire company for your London event, then we are your best bet. As mentioned, we have been operating in this sector for over two decades, supplying equipment and support personnel to conferences of all shapes, sizes, and purposes. No other outfit boasts of level of experience.


Whether you are hosting a corporate event to celebrate the success of your sales team, or you are making a crunch pitch to a board of potential investors, you need to know that your AV equipment isn’t going to let you down when you need it the most. 

Here at On Tour Events, we’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as one of London’s best technical AV production companies. Our phenomenal track record has seen us land partnerships with some of the most prestigious conference venues in the South East. So the chances are we will already know your chosen venue inside out before you even call us, and we’ll know exactly what you need within minutes of our first discussion. 


Putting on a Successful Conference Event Means Choosing the Right Audio Visual Hire Company 

When it comes to conferences and other similar corporate events, you are only as good as the companies you choose to partner with. Not only does On Tour Events supply you with the best AV equipment that money can buy, but we also have one the best team in the business. 


Our team provides AV installation services for all event sizes, from a simple AV system to the most complex AV setups, with decades of experience across all products and manufacturer brands. There isn’t a scenario you can throw at them that they can’t handle. 

It's vital that you hire a company with the expertise and creativity to ensure your conference production is technically and visually perfect. Whether you're planning a small or large conference, it doesn’t matter. We can't stress this enough – hiring the right audio visual company to produce a professional, well-designed cost-efficient production is key. 


We have years of experience in creating bespoke conference solutions. However, we are just as happy to provide you with one of our excellent-value, “off the shelf” conference AV hire packages. They offer you outstanding equipment for a fraction of its usual hire price by bundling them together. 


Lastly, On Tour Events set extremely high standards. We understand that our customers expect nothing less apart from exceptionally well-produced, eye-catching creative events. This is what we do on a daily basis, and it’s why we feel that we are the leading technical event production company in the UK.


In short, we can supply anything you need for your conference event. Yes, ANYTHING! However, it may help to run through a few quick examples to give you a better idea of what we can provide for you. 


For smaller conferences, a typical setup we provide is a projector and screen combo, paired with wireless lapel mics, and a couple of PA speakers, a small carpeted conference stage, and a lectern. We always supply the cabling you need and set everything up for you, so all you have to do is connect up your laptop or multimedia device to begin your presentation or content. Sometimes we supply a large television screen instead, for those of you who are on a tighter budget. 


For larger conferences, we often provide a much larger conference stage or set, which is sometimes custom-designed to the client's specifications and furnished using our inventory of stage furniture and props. On the AV side, we supply state-of-the-art LED screens (or plasma screens), stage lighting, a full PA system complete with stage monitors, subwoofers, and amps, before finishing it off with wireless microphones and a digital mixing console to balance everything. 


Finally, most big conferences now require live streaming services, which we are more than happy to provide. We have supplied the streaming equipment for and oversee the production of dozens of hybrid and virtual conference events, beaming footage from in-person guests and speakers to thousands of people tuning in from all over the globe. 

As you might imagine, they are two very different ends of the conference spectrum, but in a way, that’s the point – that we can supply to anyone and everyone who requires top-notch equipment for their event. 


All in all, we have everything you could need for a conference, and that extends well beyond mere AV equipment. However, the below list is a summary of some of the key conference AV hire services we offer which may help: 

  • Projectors and screens

  • Large and Plasma TV screens

  • LED screens

  • PA Systems

  • Live streaming equipment

  • Digital mixing desks

  • Microphones (wired and wireless)

  • Stage lighting

  • Lighting control desks

  • Rigging and truss structures

  • Data transfer and power cabling

  • Special FX equipment

  • Conference stage hire

  • Conference set furniture

  • VR equipment

  • And much, MUCH more!


Where Does On Tour Events Offer Conference Audio Visual Hire Services?​


We are a nationwide contractor with locations in London, Surrey, Manchester, and more recently, the East Midlands. We are well-positioned to serve all of the major conference venues. From Heathrow's hotels to larger national venues such as the ExCeL or the NEC, our AV hire services are competitive no matter where your event is located. 


We are particularly strong in London, where we are the preferred AV hire supplier for dozens of prominent London conference venues. We find ourselves supplying AV equipment to venues and events of all sizes in London on a daily basis. From smaller hotel function suite-style events to major industry conferences with household name keynote guest speakers, we do it all. 


Choose On Tour Events for Your Conference Audio Visual Hire Needs 

Here at On Tour Events, we provide premium AV hire services at unbeatable prices. We serve conferences of all sizes and remain competitive across all price points and budgets. We continue to differentiate ourselves through our commitment to superior quality products, unrivalled customer service, and turnkey solutions. 


Putting together a conference is a massive undertaking in its own right. Just for starters, there’s accommodation, catering, and travel arrangements that all need to be taken care of. With On Tour Events, you can relax in the knowledge that all of your technical and AV requirements are being handled by consummate professionals in the background, leaving you to focus on other vital aspects of your event. 


For just one straightforward price, you get a turnkey AV installation solution that will be installed, tested, and de-rigged after your event without any hassle. AV hire just doesn't get any better than this. 


So if you need to hire AV equipment for your conference event, get in touch with us today, and we'll happily have a chat to decipher which is the best AV installation for your needs.



Do you offer projector & screen hire packages for conferences?


Let's start with this first question which is the most commonly asked when somebody is enquiring about our audio visual services for their conference. It normally starts with how much is it to hire a projector and screen for my conference? or can you supply a screen and projector for our event? Ok let's stop there!


First, let's cover a few things here first. Traditional projectors and projector screens are an old technology which still has its place in the events industry of course, and for some productions using projectors and large fold-out projector screens is the right solution for the right event.


This is the key thing to remember, what is the right solution for your event? If you were to place a projector in a well-lit room and then try and play back high quality detailed defined content, you may find that you're slightly disappointed. (Unless we are aware of the ambient lighting in the room to start with and the appropriate projector specified for the event) 8 - 10 years ago there wouldn't be many companies that were able to provide reliable high definition LED screens (or a plasma screen) at a cost-effective price point, however, now in the year 2021 this technology has moved on somewhat! You may find for a similar cost we are able to provide ultra-fine pitch, high-definition, crystal clear LED screen for your conference event instead of high lumen projection.

Also, to clarify when we use the term LED screen, we are talking about a modular LED panel typically 500mm squared which enables you to build any size screen you require for your event.


We also stock LED smart screens which are a different product, and these are essentially smart screens but with commercial grade screens. We stock 55inch, 65inch, 75inch, 85inch smart screens, small traditional projector screens from 6-ft upwards and we stock over 100 square metres of LED screen which we are confident is enough for most conferencing events.


To sum up this answer, yes, we stock a range of screens suitable for any size or type of event you are planning, so please feel free to get in contact today and let’s make something happen.


Can you supply a large ground supported LED screen for our conference?


Now to answer this question I must start firstly by explaining that most clients don't specifically ask for a ground supported LED screen when planning a conference. But there is a very big difference between a ground supported LED screen and a flown LED screen, or an LED screen package which has been designed and built into a custom conference set. So here we will do our best to explain why you might want to hire a ground supported screen system over a flown system.


Let's try and keep this simple, hopefully this will help when you're deciding on hiring LED screen. A very common screen size is 5 m wide by 3 m high (this is also so going to give you a 16 by 9 aspect ratio in terms of the screen itself) now you may think 3 m high is big! Well yes this is a very large screen but if you have a stage that is only a few feet high, you might want to think about anybody standing in front of the screen will obviously be in the way of the product or content you are trying to show, if the screen is not raised up from the floor.


There's a very simple solution to this, we build a ground supported staging system which is integrated into the LED screen rigging. This means we can start building the screen from any height up to two and a half meters, at which point after this the screen would typically be flown from rigging points in the ceiling or a purpose truss structure supplied by ourselves. Now some of this may sound technical but please let me reassure you all you need to do is call or email us and just explain what you are trying to achieve and any particular requirements you may have, and we will always be very clear as to the pros or cons that we see and of course then advise accordingly.


What conferencing equipment / audio visual equipment do you stock?


This question is really easy to answer as On Tour Events has a huge audio visual equipment hire inventory all owned, stocked in house and maintained by ourselves. There is one exception to this and you will find this across the board, the only difference is we will tell you here first that we do not own or have any intentions of owning live camera equipment as this is a very specialist and somewhat niche market, but does not stop us from sub hiring any additional live camera equipment in with the appropriate trained qualified operator. Apart from this it doesn't matter if you're after a custom stage designers, event lighting, sound hire & live AV technicians, power and distribution or rigging - this we can help with.


As you can see from some of the services included above, we believe that we are one of the leading technical event production companies in London, Surrey and Manchester. So, whether you are looking to hire a distributed speaker system for your conference or all you need to hire is a small carpeted stage with some wireless mood lighting either way we can help.


We also have off the shelf turnkey conference packages starting from small stage speaker and technician packages, to much larger and grander conference packages including LED screen, custom stages & fully controlled lighting the list is endless! But you have nothing to lose by getting in contact to at least get a cost from us, as you might just be surprised of how competitive we can be in this market.


How much do it cost to hire a conference package from On Tour Events?


Great question and it was going to be one of the first questions that we addressed, as it's one of the most common things we are asked in the events industry! How much does it cost to hire audio visual equipment for a conference?


Well we don't really have the time space to go over every possible scenario, but to give you a quick overview of what it costs to hire in equipment for a conference, completely depends on the size of the conference, what you're looking to achieve and of course any particular technical requirements you may have. We have some clients who require a pair of 75-inch screens on a small 4m by 3M stage with a discreet distributed sound system and a technician for the day. Generally, these packages cost around £1200 to £1500 depending on location in the UK.


A medium sized conference would maybe integrate a much larger 5 meter x 3 meter LED screen with usually a 6m by 4m carpeted stage and depending on the venue and the layout of your room a flown sound hire arrangement, although in many cases a floor-mounted well distributed PA system generally covers most events. Typically, a client will pay somewhere between £2,500 - £3,500, again depending on the final specifications, how many crew are needed etc.


To be honest there isn't really any point discussing how much a large conference could cost because once you get past any middle ground you can spend tens of thousands or hundreds of pounds and everything in between, but hopefully this gives you a good insight as to what a small to medium conference costs.


Do supply audio visual & lighting technicians while our event is running?


We don't operate a dry hire do it yourself service. All of the equipment and events that we send out come with an audio visual technician. There is only one exception to this and that is if we supply a stage only package, but this is rare. We have a small group of lighting and sound technicians that we trust not only to produce an impressive lighting and sound display, but also to protect our investment in having the right people on site from the start.


If you are a third-party production outfit wanting to sub hire equipment from us, then of course this would be looked at as a rule of thumb with all events. We always provide either a technician if required or at least a technical member of staff to make sure that everybody is aware are of what has been hired and how it should be used correctly.


We only need to hire some wireless clip on microphones & a speaker sound system can you still help?


Of course, we fully understand that a lot of conference events especially around London are for small intimate groups. Whereby you could have only 50 to 100 people maximum and all you want to do is hire a wireless clip on mic and speaker system for your conference.


Let's assume that you would like it to look appropriate for the event but want it to sound good as well. Do you offer staging & set design services or is it just audio visual equipment hire?


Yes, we can supply you a complete audio visual conference package with a custom set / stage package directly from stock. Now of course there are varying degrees of what is required for a conference, while some of our clients opt for one of our turkey audio visual packages. We also have clients who are after something a little bit more bespoke for their conference, either way On Tour Events can assist.


Building a custom stage set for a conference is highly budget dependent. Where clients are looking to reduce the overall cost of the event or the marketing budget just doesn't allow for complete customisation of the production, we have some fantastic off the shelf conference packages complete with all of the sound, lighting, screen, stage and set that you would require for your conference. We have been building and designing conferences, award shows, and product launches for over 20-years & our knowledge in this field is vast, knowing what works and what doesn't.


While remaining completely open to new creative ideas and technical restrictions that may apply in certain venues. We can offer conference sets with built-in screens, projector screens, custom & coloured carpet allowing you to promote your brand, product or business in a high impact effective manner. If you would like to see some examples of our audio visual conference packages please see our Instagram page or send us an email for a full production brochure.


Again, all these things aren't a problem and we will also supply you a sound technician for the duration of your conference making sure that you don't get interference between the microphone feedback from the speakers. All our microphone and speaker hire packages can be supplied with or without LED screen, staging & draping. We offer small turnkey audio visual conference packages starting from under £600 ex VAT.


I've never organised a conference before can you tell me what equipment i need to hire?


If you are new to the events industry and have never planned a conference or your unaware of what audio visual equipment to hire, don't worry we can help you. We have varying degrees of clients some of which exclusively work and produce conferences only, whilst many of our client list approach us because they have never done this before. They may be looking for a company that will give them not just guidance on what equipment to hire, but they are also conscious about finding a hire company that isn’t going to rip them off just because their event may be taking place in a nice venue in the middle of London for example.


Once you know the location and date of your conference just let us know where and when it is, a rough outline of what you're trying to achieve, and we can try to advise the best suited package for you. We understand that some conferences only need a small carpeted stage with sound system and use of wireless clip-on lapel mics with a technician throughout the day. Whilst others may require the use of LED screen, projectors, custom set lighting and the list goes on! Understanding what the budget of the event is key to a lot of this. If you have never organised a conference before or you haven’t hired any technical audio visual equipment, then we would advise having a chat with a member of our team so we can give you some good honest advice about the direction that may suit your event and budget.


The conference venue is asking for PAT, PLI & RAMS certificates from our all suppliers, can you supply this?


When you book a venue for your conference you will generally find that the events manager is going to request from your suppliers their current PAT, PLI, and or RAMS certificates. This is isn't a problem for us. Now let's just break down what each one of these actually means, how we would go about putting together the right paperwork for your event and at what point this is required we supply it.


So, what is a PAT certificate? PAT is short for portable applicants testing, which is a term used to describe the examination of electrical applicants and equipment to ensure that it's safe to use at an event, and that it has been tested for any electrical defects which may be present. All venues will ask for your suppliers current PAT certificate, now you know what it means you can see why this would be asked for.


PLI is short for professional liability insurance. Now there are again varying degrees of this as some venues ask for PLI 2, 5, 10, or in some cases 20 million, depending on where you are working. There are also some other variations of insurance which needs to be supplied which isn't a problem, but for the purpose of this Q&A we will just stick to the main three that you will be asked for when bringing 3rd party suppliers to your conference venue.


What does RAM's stand for? RAM stands for risk assessments and method statements. If you are unsure about how to write one of these don't worry, we have the correct HSE documentation and risk assessment templates allowing us to help you run a successful event. Over the years we have written thousands of risk assessments for conferences, corporate events & festivals you name it we would have probably written about it. One thing to bear in mind is that it is a legal requirement for a risk assessment to be put in place protecting both yourselves & us by outlining any potential hazards. Therefore, there may be questions we would need to ask and in most cases a site visit to your venue may also be required, so we can help you understand any potential hazards and rectify this before your event takes place.


Don't worry though when you hire On Tour Events for your conference all the above is taken care of in house by us! It's still good practice to have an understanding of what these are regardless if you're full time event organisers / event planner(s) or if this is a one off event.


Where are you based & what areas do you cover? It says your in London, Surrey & Manchester


We have 3 locations across the UK with our main warehouse and office being based in London. A large proportion of our conferencing and event work takes place in the UK's capital. We offer technical event production services to everyone, and help clients everywhere across the UK and Europe. So, if you're looking to plan a conference in London, Scotland, Birmingham or in Wales it doesn't matter, our teams will be able to assist regardless of location.


Having three locations (and teams) in London, Surrey & Manchester allows us to operate slightly more efficiently than if we just had one location. We can easily work out what equipment leaves from what warehouse with the idea of reducing our carbon footprint and the overall conference costs for the event.


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