Every stage small or large should make your event or brand stand out amongst your audience. An expert set design acts as a perfect backdrop, tying together your theme colours as well as branding and logos to your event. Our modern, and bespoke strategies and stage designs have allowed us to supply our services to a variety of function bands, fashion catwalks and gala dinners all across the UK.


On Tour Events have over 20 years experience building expert bespoke conference sets and stage designs to meet our clients exact specifications. Every day we are providing solutions, working with live event organisers looking for us to supply our services, from tired wedding stages to corporate set packages. Our ability to offer a complete turnkey solution for every event has allowed us to shine in this sector. Our technical services tie hand-in-hand with our event stages allowing us to provide a huge range of lighting fixtures, premium integrated LED Screens and professional production equipment to complete your show.


Our design and manufacturing teams have developed stages for a wide range of events of all different scale and sizes. We use a variety of materials and the latest manufacturing machinery to ensure every stage we produce is of the highest quality and perfectly finished. On a daily basis, our team are hard at work producing graphics for conferences, road shows, product launches, catwalks, backdrops, themed events and exhibitions so you can be rest assured you are in safe hands working with us for your next event.




From the beginning, our project manager will work beside you to understand your vision. All details and requirements are discussed and an event brief is put together. Our design team then produce 3D renders of your stage with all your specifications included. These renders give an excellent visual example of what the future stage would look like. Once approved our set builders are off to create your project. Each stage is then transported and installed to your event on time and ready for your show.


For clients that are on a tight budget, we are able to suggest our off-the-shelf designs that are pre-made and ready for branding. These designs can be covered to match any colour and scalable to any stage dimension. All our designs can also be fully integrated with our audio-visual equipment such as LED screens, moving head lighting and audio gear giving you a complete budget-friendly and cost-effective professional event stage.


How much does a conference set cost?

This question is key when planning your next conference event. There are several factors which determine the cost of a conference stage. Deciding on the type of stage and the size you require for your event can have a reflection on the overall cost of the stage. Our team at On Tour Events have developed a set of off the shelf packages to answer the demands of a simple, quick and a cost-effective stage solution for our clients needs. These packages are able to reflect the scale and size of most events, and are able to cater to an audience of any size from 50 to 1000 guests. All our packages are turnkey, which includes; your audio-visual equipment and branding options, allowing the customisation of the stage and backdrop colours. This, in turn, insures all the event requirements are met and the stage provided is complete meeting for your event. A premium alternative would be a bespoke, tailor-made stage built to the clients specific demands. This option requires design, manufacturing and construction, as well as time to develop the completed product. Our team are able to use their skills to meet the creative demands of our client’s design, producing a custom stage set of any shape, size or colour. Each design is meticulously planned alongside our in-house designing team with detailed CAD drawings and 3D renders depicting the proposed project. We are also able to include an extensive range of materials, and finishes to make your stage completely unique and just the way you want.

Are you able to store my conference set for future use?

We are often asked if we can store and look after set structures. Yes, is the answer we are able to store, maintain and make required adjustments to conference sets. All sets are stored in our secure warehouse and are overseen by our technical crew. Set storage is a popular option for conferences that do national tours, or several similar conferences over a period of time. It is also often a cheaper alternative than building a custom set for each event. If you are looking at storage, then you have invested or about to invest in your own bespoke stage set. We understand that throwing an old set away can be seen as a waste of money or resources hence why we take the opportunity to work alongside our customers and reuse a stage set as much as possible for all their events.

How long does a conference set take to build?

Our off the shelf conference stage structures are ready to go as soon as you book. This is the perfect solution if your event is close by and time isn’t on our side. Using our in stock fabrics and carpets, our production team are able to quickly transform the stage set to match your event brand colours. In the space of a week we can turn around one of these designs ready fully branded to install for your next event. Creating a bespoke stage does take much longer due to all the design and manufacturing process required to construct a stage set from scratch. Usually these stage sets take two to three months, dependant of the complexity of the design, from initial consultation to the finished product. Installing the stage set in your venue is also a factor that needs to be calculated when planning your event. Usually, the installation of a stage set takes a few hours, this does however increase with the complexity of the stage design. Small simple stages usually take two to three hours to construct, whilst large custom stage sets with big video walls can take eight to twelve hours and are usually require to be built the day before the event.

Can you supply the audio-visual equipment with the stage set?

On Tour Events is primarily an audio-visual supplier in the events industry. The short answer is yes, we see ourselves as experts in integrating the required audio-visual elements to your event. It is most important for your guests to be able to clearly see and hear the full event. Our trained engineers are experienced in ensuring the best results giving you the peace of mind that your message is being conveyed. In terms of the equipment we are able to supply, we stock an array of TV’s and LED screens to visually display your presentation or visuals. Lighting is additionally important for such events. Your stage wants to be lit up so your audiences able to focus and clearly see the presenters on stage whilst coloured lighting can help with theming and creating the atmosphere for the event. We also stock all the required microphones, speakers and sound desks to ensure your audience is able to hear every bit of information, clearly. Our audio solutions are capable of being installed for the smallest to the largest events with our on-site and qualified engineers providing you a complete stress-free conference experience.

Can you supply tables & chairs for the event?

The simple answer to this question is yes. However, to do want to make it clear that this is not something that we own in house. We are able to assist our clients by outsourcing to our trusted contacts who are able to assist in all the required furniture demands. Some clients prefer us to supply and outsource such equipment as it means they still only communicate with one company instead of a multitude of suppliers. We would also like to point out that we do have required minimum orders when involving external suppliers. To confirm all details please feel free to contact us to discuss the best solution

I am planning a conference tour, would you be able to supply a conference stage to our events around the UK?

Over the years we have assisted several national businesses with their regional conferences across the UK. This has largely been achievable due to our three unit locations based in Surrey, London and Manchester allowing us to serve our clients right across the UK. The process of booking what we call a “conference tour” with us can be seen complicated due to the number of variables, however we try and make it as simple as possible for our clients. We start by working out all the event dates and venue locations. Our logistics team map out where and when we are needed strategizing the best plan for the tour. If several events are planned over a short period of time the decision could be made for our team to be on the road for a consecutive number of days. If there are several events stretched thought weeks or months then we travel to each venue only when required. Our logistics team are also tasked with allocating the required audio-visual equipment, transport vehicles and engineers for the events ahead. We aim to provide the same engineers working thought your show, building a relationship, trust and knowledge for the demands of the event. Many events such as; book launches, award ceremonies and educational programs benefit from working with On Tour Events as we are capable of providing all the vital elements in a simple turnkey package for your successful conference tour.

We are working on a tight budget and we only need a small simple stage set can you help?

When deciding on the right conference stage set for your event, it is important to work within the client’s available budget. We also understand that not every conference is the same size or has the same requirements. On Tour Events have developed a range of off the shelf packages are competitively priced and range from a small 4m by 2m stage with a simple backdrop – to an all singing and dancing stage suitable for thousands of guests. Clients are able to select the stage set that meets their requirements as well as their budgets. We recommended our off the shelf stage sets as they offer a budget friendly alternative to a bespoke manufactured structure. Our off the shelf stage sets are ready to go and pre-constructed but still fully customisable to incorporate your important branding and desired colours in terms of carpet and fabrics. Our structures are also able to be fully integrated with our Audio-visual technology giving you the opportunity in include LED screens and LED lighting to your design. All our off-the-shelf packages are also fully managed, transported and assembled at your event making it as stress free as possible

Are you able to provide the printing and branding for the stage set?

Corporate branding is vital for any successful conference. Whether it is the business, sponsors, or the name of the event, it is important that the brand stands out and is clearly visible on stage to all your audience. Branding can also come in many forms such as visuals on an led screen, physical moulded signs or objects and printing. When designing the stage set, our team will ask for all the branding designs you would want to be included. Some clients already have their desired branding items manufactured making it easy for us to incorporate on the stage set. Some clients may wish for us to manufacture bespoke branding designs for their show. When manufacturing branding options for our clients, requests are sketched up and designed on 3D CAD software allowing us to clearly demonstrate the exact proposed construction and will show exactly how the conference set will look once manufactured. At this point every detail is presented to the customer including; measurements, colours and materials for the stage set. All manufacturing and printing requests are then signed off, built and incorporated on the stage set for the event.

What is the planning process when booking a conference set?

On Tour Events aim to make booking a conference set as easy and stress free as possible. We understand that it is difficult being in charge of planning a conference and often clients are juggling various tasks with several suppliers. When planning a conference set, we firstly ask our clients to send us an e-mail with a detailed brief of the event. The brief would include all the relevant information such as the date, venue and the size of the stage set desired. At this point it is important we will communicate with the client to see if an off the shelf conference set is suitable, or a bespoke stage set is required. We then aim to schedule a site visit at the venue hosting the event. Visiting your venue is important as it allows us to scope the scale of the production required. It helps us to figure out loading and rigging options as well as discussing face to face the full aspirations of the event and all the details that entail. Meeting with clients also allow us to demonstrate our portfolio and using our experience we are able to discuss the creative opportunities for the event. Once agreed on the level of our technical services, a member of our team will send an accurate quote for our services. Included will be all the technical drawings and CAD designs so that the client can clearly imagine their conference once it has been constructed. We usually install all projects the day before the event giving us enough time to ensure every set is perfect for your show. On the morning of the conference, our production manager will inspect the conference set and sign it off. Our team will run through the full day schedule going through all the audio-visual elements as well as all presentations, slides and videos to make sure your event runs completely without any hitch. With everything set and in place, we are confident that our on-site engineers work beside you throughout your day ensuring you will have a completely stressed free and outstanding event.

Have you got any ideas on how to make my stage set stand of from other similar events?

We get asked this often when building stage sets. On Tour Events have many capabilities of easily making your stage event “stand out” We have a number of highly trained staff able to manufacture your stage into any shape, size or colour imaginable. Being creative with the stage backdrops allows the creation of stage depth and an increased level of interest. In order to produce these projects, we have heavily invested in the latest machinery to incorporate these intricate designs and be able to produce complex woodwork. The use of CNC machines also provides us with the highest level of accuracy. Designs are illustrated on a computer and the machines are able to cut out or engrave exactly that has been drawn. We have abilities to use an array of materials including wood to metal and arrangement of fabrics. The use of audio-visual technology can also help enhance the visual attention of your audience. LED screens can be seamlessly included in the set – able to display information such as presentations, video content or branding, but it can also be used to display visuals and graphics to further enhance the desired experience of the conference. LED technology has come hand in hand with conference sets and is further being integrated into our designs. LED tape and Moving lights are just a few methods include to make your stand pop in front of the crowd and help with creating the required ambience and atmosphere. LED technology can match any colour, be as bright or as dim as you desire and can create sparking effects such as flashing to enthuse excitement or a build-up during your event. These are not all the services we are able to offer. We aim to work beside our clients pushing the limits of production and creativity so if you have an idea, vision or concept we have the confidence that we have the set of skills to develop and implement them for your event.


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