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London Based Food Company Requires Staging & Custom Set With Integrated LED Screen For A Rebrand.

Event Production Services For Food Company in London
Event Production Services For Food Company in London

London based food company Earth’s Plate required staging with a custom set for the relaunch of their brand. Earth's Plate is a small boutique food company offering a home delivery service which is immensely popular, apparently! We were lucky enough to test the food for ourselves and needless to say it was pretty amazing. We shall link to their site below. Chris Higgins from Earth's Plate wanted to create a one-off entrance to his shop front in London. This project was quite simple as the client already knew what size, height and width the stage would be as this had to be pre-approved by Westminster Council 4 weeks prior to this event. With this in mind, Chris was keen to use a company that could provide all the equipment in house including building the custom stage set & screen for the shop front, hence why he approached us. One of the hurdles from the offset with this event was that the LED screen and stage all had to be installed within a small window of just 6 hours to abide within the permit given by Westminster council. We were also subject to the same constraints on the de-rig but our concern was not the de-rig. To ensure this was made possible we prebuilt the stage set and screen at the warehouse beforehand. All of the custom content was mapped & tested making sure it allowed a seamless installation on the morning of load in. A very small 3m wide x 1.5m deep stage only 150mm off the floor was supplied adhering to the sizes provided to us by Chris. Built around the front entrance of the shop was a custom ground supported 4m wide 2m high outdoor LED screen, the entrance to the shop being untouched. This outdoor screen gave the company endless advertising and branding opportunities for the 7 days the screen was installed for. Additionally to this we also installed a small discreet sound system using a pair of d&b E3's for daytime use. The stage was the first thing to be built with the custom fascia which were branded with the company’s social media icons & colours. This was relatively quick to install due to its size, but the next part was slightly more time consuming! The custom scaffolding framework was installed behind the stage around the shop front which then allowed for the LED screen to go in front. With such a small stage we wanted to make use of all the surface area, so we used the bespoke printers ‘’Print2’’ to print us a huge 3000mm wide x 1500mm high vinyl print laid on top of rose gold perspex. Adding this to the overall stage set really did catch your eye from all angles. Chris & his team also wanted to give the building some colour in the evening so we decided it was best to install fixed uplighters onto the front of the building allowing these to be switched on in the evening and without the worry of any passing pedestrians. So 6x SGM LED floods were installed across the front of the building, lighting up the 38m high x 6m wide frontage which were programmed on a self-timer allowing everything to be automated. For the screen we opted to use our IDP3.9mm outdoor LED screen which would allow potential customers to stand as close as 3 meters with the ability to still clearly read or watch the branding and content on display. With the brightness of 5000 NITTS LED panels makes the content clearly visible even in direct sunlight. This was a very important point that our client made from the start, as he had been advised that without an extremely bright screen the image and footage will be washed out in daytime and that was not an option. Also finding a company that stock an outdoor screen with such a small pixel pitch can also be difficult within London but this is why we invested in the IDP system, extremely reliable, very bright, fully waterproof and offers a super high picture quality. The LED screen was programmed & managed by our Novastar system package. Lastly Print2 arrived with the custom floor print as a final touch to the stage and the overall production. This left the set looking incredible, audio sounding sweet yet discreet and the screen drawing your attention to the shop. Job well done! This had a few challenges as mentioned above but nevertheless we knew it was possible and of course on the day we did exactly what we said we would do and the production was installed up and running in just over 5 hours! This was only made possible since we had a large team of 15 on this event and every nut, bolt, screw and cable was prepped making it more like a lego set rather than individual parts. That is exactly what this production needed, it needed to be bespoke from the off and to be approached in a slightly different way, this is why we feel that our clients can always rely on asking us to pull off extraordinary things. For more information about our technical event services and how we can help you with your next product launch, award show, pop-up festival or wedding we are a creative events company that supply all of the audio visual, event lighting, staging & LED screen equipment for any event.

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