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On Tour Events Explains What It Costs To Hire A Fully Covered Outdoor Festival Stage For Your Event.

What Does IT Cost To Hire A Outdoor Festival Stage
What Does IT Cost To Hire A Outdoor Festival Stage

In this blog article we will discuss how much it costs to hire a covered outdoor stage for a small, medium & large size festival. The prices that you will find below are to give you a good indication of the hire cost but these are by no means absolutely exact as there are many factors which can affect the pricing of a stage, although some of these parameters will be fixed which we talk about below. First and foremost, let's agree to all of these examples that we will give below are based on the festival or event taking place within London. Date wise let's pick a busy season so we can account for additional crew costs (May, June July, August, September) and although the majority of the time we are providing alongside the stage, lighting, sound & screen for the event these will not be included in any of the following examples. This is just to give you a good idea of what it costs to hire just the stage itself without any additional lighting, sound, or LED screen. Just something to bear in mind before we start, we also offer fully customisable indoor stages for events such as fashion shows, conferences or award shows. Any event that needs a stage indoors or outdoors, carpeted or fully covered we have the technical capability & design to supply & build it. One of our most popular stages is our 6m wide x 4m deep mobile festival stage. Now this stage can be built roughly within 2-hours and if you were to hire any additional audio visual equipment this only requires an additional hour or so in most cases. This stage is based on our very popular arc roof system which gives you three truss sections in the roof of the stage allowing for lighting & branding opportunities. With a roof payload of 750 kilos this stage is ideal for local events or smaller sized festivals that are looking for a slick modern stage at a reasonable price point that packs a punch and this is exactly what we offer. We suggest a budget of between £2,000 to £2,500 for this size stage which is perfect for events where your audience size is anywhere from 200 to 1,500 people. This next stage is in high demand being our most popular stage by far, the 7 meter by 5 meter arc roof stage and although it is based on the same system as above, the difference with this stage is the payload is increased to 1500 kilos which allows for flown LED screens to be installed inside the stage. This stage also comes with the option of PA wings which can be used to fly the PA system, or it can be used to hang LED screens creating a much larger frontage to the stage. This stage can be built relatively quickly and we offer it at different heights, the possibilities with production are endless. We suggest a budget of around £3,000 to £3,500 to hire this stage, the above options are additional extras and will be charged accordingly. As mentioned previously this mobile stage system is in high demand due to the incredible shows produced using the production packages available and is perfectly suited for events holding 500 people up to 3,000 people. The last example is another popular choice the 10 meter wide x 8 meter deep arc roof stage system. The PA wings can hold up to 800 kilos per point and this is in addition to the two-and-a-half thousand payload in the roof of the stage. This makes this stage perfect for larger festivals which have an audience size of 3,000 to 10,000 people. We recommend a budget of between £5000-£6000 to hire a stage of this size, but the location, crew and transport need to be taken into consideration with all events. The options available to you when it comes to event lighting and sound are numerous, as the stage has the capability for awesome huge productions for clients looking to put on an absolutely show stopping event. Of course this would need to fit within your budgetary requirements, but the possibilities are immense. There are several factors which will alter the overall cost of the quote such as the difficulty level in where the stage is to be built including access issues to the site and obviously the location is a major contributor. Believe it or not weather is another factor to consider in the planning of festivals/ events. Having a plan b in place for bad weather is a must- allowing easy access for suppliers onto the site. Without easy access to the site your quote will increase as more crew would be required to get the kit where it needs to go. We will always inform you with PDF documents and information brochures detailing the requirements that we have as a stage supplier to your event. There are certain regulations we must abide by for the safety of our team such as when we are drilling into the ground and fixing down stages we need confirmation the ground underneath is free and clear of any gas or fibre, electricity or water pipes. This information is easily accessible via local councils which is something we can help obtain as we have good working relationships with the councils facilitated within the areas we are located, London, Surrey & Manchester. If you are looking for a stage supplier for your next event and you would like a reliable, trustworthy, professional company to turn up and do exactly what is promised, then we would love to talk with you.

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