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On Tour Events Gives Advice & Tips When Planning A Conference, Wedding Or Private Event In The UK.

On Tour Events, Your Local Audio Visual Hire Company
event equipment hire setup for a conference

This is On Tour Events’ top tips to help you plan your conference, wedding or private party.

Firstly it is really important to put together a budget for your event. Without a clear idea of what your budget is makes planning your event exceedingly difficult. Most of the decisions that you are going to make such as, where the event is going to take place, what type of lighting you would like or whether you incorporate LED screen into the overall design, all of these factors are determined by what the overall budget is. A lot of our clients run multiple events with varying degrees of budgets for each event. If you're on a smaller budget we always advise looking at our pre-made wedding and production packages which have been put together over many years of working within the events industry. We tend to be very good at knowing what people want and being able to put the right package together at the right price. Deciding where the event will take place is important. There are so many different types of venues to accommodate all sorts of events from corporate functions to weddings. There are many factors that come into play when booking a venue for a wedding, all couples to be have their own vision of where/ how they would like to tie the knot. This is a completely individual choice and no 2 couples ideas are the same. For most other events it comes down to logistics and picking the right location as well as the venue being able to cater for their corporate needs in terms of room capacity for the production and seating. This can sometimes be overlooked, and conferences holding 500 delegates try to squeeze into smaller venues holding up to 350-400 people which is normally unavoidable. Luckily there are save spacing ideas within the production world which helps with this dilemma. Another thing to consider when picking a venue, alongside your own ideas as to what you think works for your event is access. From a production point of view access is an important element. If the access is poor such as steps on entry with no lift or no parking/ loading bay this makes it much harder for our crew to get in/ out. If this is the case additional crew may be required which will increase the overall cost, something we would like to avoid. 20 flights of stairs are not ideal, and the cost of crew adds up quickly! Making sure you pick the right audio visual supplier is crucial. With all events you will need to hire some form of lighting, stage and audio visual equipment which requires the technical staff on site to deliver, setup and make it all work. This is where On Tour Events comes in as we are able to offer a pre-designed service allowing you to see what your event will look like in 3D before anything happens. Maybe you are dreaming of a luxury, large white tiered stage? In that case let us design it for you beforehand incorporating all of the necessary event lighting, PA system and other venue essentials like the tables and chairs, allowing you to grasp an idea of stage space and size within the given venue. This is especially helpful when we are building a stage for a wedding as generally space is at a real premium. We are one of London's most recognised technical audio visual suppliers and if you're reading our blog welcome to On Tour Events! Unless there is a particular reason you have to run your event during a certain month, we advise to always speak to venues about cheaper, quieter times of the year to hire. This will most likely be reflected within other quotes from different companies including ourselves as peak season crew is at a premium, and you generally find a 5 to 10% increase as opposed to quieter parts of the year. Perhaps if you usually use the same style of venue to hold your annual conference, it will be music to your ears to know that most venues around London offer incredible event spaces with a blank canvas allowing production companies like us to work without any restrictions, which is only a positive! We can also advise what power supplies are needed for the planned production as we often work outside supplying covered stages for private events or work inside marquees built on open land. There are many additional questions we would need to ask such as, what the access to the site is like? And give our best advice on certain things such as suggest a strategic plan if bad weather is forecast. At most events whether it be a conference or private function, generally there is always either a presenter on stage or in most cases some form of live music artist or DJ performing. This is why it's crucial to pick the right audio visual company as when you are booking the artist before you sign any contract, you will normally have to agree to supply the technical equipment the artist requires to allow them to perform. This is normally presented to you in the form of a rider typically a 3 or 4 page document, depending on the size of the artist, outlining what the minimum stage size is, all the required sound and lighting equipment for the event and in many cases additional files for LED screen, which they incorporate into their production. On Tour Events can help with this as we stock all the required stage, screen and audio visual equipment needed for any style or size event. We will always give you advice on how you could save money as with a lot of artists there is always a degree of flexibility in terms of what can be supplied so it's best to check as these days being cost efficient is a crucial part to any event. We have off-the-shelf technical event packages to suit most events so just adding on the technical rider requirements makes this a very efficient way of budgeting. Another suggestion is allowing adequate time in advance of the event if you will be using bespoke or custom designs. It is advisable in this scenario to start planning your event 3 months prior to the date as content creation companies are in high demand due to the number of conferences taking place across London and the UK. There are not many industries that don't hold annual conferences or award shows for product launches and most of these styles of events require custom content. We offer the equipment rental services such a stage hire, event lighting, LED screen and of course we build custom stages, but we are not a content creation company. These custom designs are a project of their own, hence our advice on planning! This brings us closely onto the last point, live camera equipment or broadcasting equipment. This is something which we do not stock as it's a very specialised field, these companies often offer content creation as well. We can help point you in the right direction of several companies if you need to hire broadcasting equipment for your event. I hope these tips will help towards the planning of your next conference, private party or wedding and of course if you're looking for an audio visual supplier we would love to talk to you about your next event.

If your planning an event & your looking to hire stage, lighting, sound or LED screen & your wanting to work new a new, creative event production company then we would love to hear from you. Below is the your find all our contact details with all the links to our social media pages:

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