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On Tour Events Provides Conference Stage, Screen & Event Lighting For London based Travel Company

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Staging for a conference

On Tour Events Provides Conference Stage, Screen & Event Lighting For London based Travel Company.

We were approached by a corporate client who were after a events company to assist them with their annual conference. The prestigious travel conference had employees from different countries attending a lavish 5-star hotel in London.

The clients brief was, we require custom staging, LED video screen, adequate sound, spot lighting for the keynote speakers, mics and something impressive for when the conference ended..... = easy

The key part here was ‘something special when the conference ends.’ This is very ambiguous so left a lot of food for thought with our guys to try and think of something outside the box!

We love a challenge so we set to work on finding out some more relevant information about their exact requirements and putting together a proposal which we felt would suit their brief and budget. 300 attendees would be at this conference, so not the largest affair but 300 with production, stage & set space was key for this event. There would be up to 4 speakers at one time, so we had to design a suitable stage to fit within the hotel room they had hired. The hotel already had a stage in place, but this was not up to their high standards as it was dull wood at just under 1m high, too high for what they required. They were after something glossier and bespoke to reflect their company brand, so we suggested a large white tiered stage, perspex cubes which we could design and make to the size they require at the height they would prefer for branding & then set LED screen into these sections. We made a custom 8 meter wide x 3 meter deep stage, across four tiered layers / steps at the front, and they opted for just under 3ft high. The front and sides of the staging were draped with white pleated draping.

On the stage at the rear we built a 5 meter x 3 meter LED video screen and hid the rigging elements with more white pleated draping. Displayed on the screen was the company’s travel logo along with short edited video clips and lots of text- like a modern-day slideshow! They displayed videos of each team throughout the UK and overseas. Above the stage we had rigged a purpose-built truss structure which was used to hang lighting from. Now, as the clients were very particular about the aesthetics, we used our custom black truss to match to the surroundings and blend it. We hung from the truss LED spotlights, LED colour wash lighting effects. To keep within the slick, sophisticated look the clients wanted we decided the best approach was a distributed white PA system around the venue & stage, this ensured full coherence throughout the conference for all 300 attendees. We used our reliable d&b Audiotechnik E8 system, monitored throughout the event by our engineers. Each speaker was micd up before their speech with a wirelesss lapel mic, which just clipped onto their shirts. We had some speakers who preferred the headset mics, both options worked well. As a back up we had some wireless handheld mics ready to go should they be required. One of our stagehands assisted with this. Towards the end of the conference our team were prepping for the finale, which as stated at the beginning had to be something special. We put our heads together and came up with a audio visual, event lighting, laser show. The overall impact was very effective, and just when they thought it had ended we released confetti cannons from the roof with their company colours and individual words on the confetti such as ‘ there is no I in team’- more motivational wording than anything else. From start to finish our team worked closely with the clients to ensure we delivered the most effective, accurate service based on their requirements, which I am pleased to say we achieved.

From their feedback they were extremely pleased overall and were happy to recommend us to other companies they work alongside. Another successful event completed in the corporate world!

If your planning an event & your looking to hire stage, lighting, sound or LED screen & your wanting to work new a new, creative event production company then we would love to hear from you. Below is the your find all our contact details with all the links to our social media pages:

On Tour Events: Technical Event Production Services 
+PHONE: 020 8058 0093
+MONDAY - FRIDAY 08:00 - 20:00 
+POST: 27, Old Gloucester Street, WC1N 3AX

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