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What Are The Top 10 Event Companies in London? On Tour Events Lists The Top 10 Event Companies Here

Top 10 Event Companies in London
Top 10 Event Companies in London

So it's probably no surprise to you that we're not going to list 9 of the other competing audio visual companies which work in the same sector as On Tour Events.... However, we are going to list the Top 10 Event Companies in London that produce events to an extremely high standard and use audio visual companies like ourselves to supply the associated sound, rigging, LED screen, lighting or any staging required for their events. This list of top 10 event companies is in no particular order, based on our personal preference having worked with all of the companies listed below. We believe these creative agencies, event companies and event planners have that unique creative edge, making sure that their functions and productions stand out. Mr&Mrs Events has more than 20-years in the event planning and wedding industry, producing extraordinary events with flawless designs. We have worked with this events company on supplying audio visual equipment, staging and set designs on stage. Dussle Productions specialise in designing and producing weddings with luxurious stage designs. They made a name for themselves in London as a luxury event planner working at iconic venues across the capital. We have assisted them with supplying event lighting, custom tiered stages and audio visual equipment when needed. Next on the list is Bespoke Ideas , a world-class corporate event agency who specialise in producing corporate conferences and award shows. Not only are they top of the class in that sector, they also offer services for weddings and product launches which is what we have worked with them on. Based just outside of London, Bespoke Productions is a local company who would be the right choice for creative, individual events. Production Plus based in Surrey, are often seen producing events across London. We worked with them back in 2018 producing a winter themed wonderland where a story was told across London's Hyde Park. The glamorous events company employ over 30 staff working with the biggest of clients such as the BBC, Disney, Microsoft and Warner Brothers, to name a few. With such prestigious clients under their belt we believe this is a one of a kind corporate event planning company and we are very pleased we were given the opportunity to work with them to produce some unique, creative event ideas. InnovateCo is a hybrid event planning corporate establishment. What makes this company slightly different from the rest is they produce and run some of their own events and we have had the pleasure of working with them on numerous occasions over the years. Normally this would consist of building custom stages as they have a small amount of audio visual equipment themselves but generally anything larger than 1000 guests we are supplying the lighting, stage and associated production equipment for the events. Sophie is incredible to work with, efficient and very well organised, leaving no room for error! Dishes & Drinks, another outstanding & individual company. This is reflected in the name itself which we think stands out from other event production organisations! They started off as a London based catering team, supplying catering equipment, food and refreshments that slowly moved into event planning and party design. Now with over 14 years experience in luxury events, Dishes & Drinks deliver a flawless, charming service across the capital and we are pleased to be one of their chosen audio visual suppliers for their London and Surrey events. Hostfull is a corporate agency that works with experienced creative branding companies & event planners to produce primarily gala dinners, award shows and technical conferences. They made a name for themselves by working with the likes of Nike, Virgin Atlantic and Google. On Tour Events are good friends with them and we have some exciting projects in the pipeline. Keep an eye out for this company as we are sure they are set to grow over the next few years. Epic Productions are famous for producing glamorous wedding receptions to conferences for up to 1000 people. They are also perfect for larger businesses or organisations, offering a bespoke, ground-breaking design for the prestigious events across the UK. Their productions always stand out and we believe they are one of the top leading event companies to date. We have worked with this company a few times and on each occasion are a pleasure to deal with. They are a very well organised bunch with each stage set and lighting design being innovative and unique. Blueberry Events specialise in creating immersive experiences for weddings and events completely tailored to your individual desires. Each event is constructed around attention to detail allowing their clients to bring their imagination to life. The high-level services include weddings, corporate events and gala dinners outside of London in Hertfordshire. Blueberry Events have a reputation on delivering excellence to the highest of standards with breath-taking results. On Tour Events have worked with Sam for the past 7 years supplying audio visual equipment services and suchlike. Symfony Events specialise in off-the-shelf wedding and corporate event packages. They also have external services for food and drink but the day to day business is generally rallied towards birthday parties, weddings and charity meetings. What is interesting is this company took the idea of off-the-shelf production an amalgamated that into their own business model allowing their clients to pick complete stage packages, wedding packages or conference packages directly from their website or catalogues. They do offer a bespoke planning service as well, but we believe that their pre-made packages are so fulfilling this is where they have concentrated their time and effort, rightfully so. If you are to choose this company for your next event reminder that everything and anything is possible as long as the budget allows. We hope that the comprised list of our top 10 event companies in London has been of use. Of course there are thousands of other companies across the UK that offer event planning services to event equipment hire. As mentioned previously the above list of names are suggested in no precise order, they are just companies that we feel offer tremendous value for money but most importantly ones that we feel are trusted. For more information about these event companies please click the above links.

If your planning an event & your looking to hire stage, lighting, sound or LED screen & your wanting to work new a new, creative event production company then we would love to hear from you. Below is the your find all our contact details with all the links to our social media pages:

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