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What Audio Visual Hire Services Does On Tour Events Offer?

What Audio Visual Hire Services Does On Tour Events Offer?
What Audio Visual Hire Services Does On Tour Events Offer?

An event is made up of hundreds of different components that come together to create the functionality and the atmosphere you’re aiming for. A large proportion of these components fall under the blanket term “audio visual.”

These days that term covers a broad spectrum of equipment, and it goes far beyond the traditional projector and screen combination. What’s more, it’s these pieces and equipment and related services that will make or break your guests’ experience. So it’s imperative that you get them right.

Why is Getting Your Audio Visual Equipment Right so Crucial?

Audio visual (AV) includes all the equipment that emits sound and visual content, hence their importance. A chic and stylish looking conference is useless without being able to hear your star guest speaker’s advice, and a music concert isn’t complete without stunning sets and dazzling event lighting shows, regardless of how high the sound quality is.

It’s no coincidence that AV comprises these two things – they work together in tandem to transform an event into an experience.

So, whether you are planning a wedding, an awards ceremony, a business conference, a music concert, or even a product launch, you need an AV hire and support services partner who can handle the technical side of things while you focus on bringing your vision to life.

But what equipment are we talking about specifically here? Let’s run you through some of the leading contenders.

Projector and Screen Hire for Events

The simplicity of the classic projector-and-screen combination has kept it around for decades, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been notable advances in their technology. These days, projectors are much less prone to overheating than they used to be, and interchangeable lenses give you the ability to adjust a projector’s throw distance. These advances give you greater flexibility when setting up in your venue.

Projectors are easy to transport, easy to set up, and easy to connect to your laptop or desktop computer. Did we mention they are easy to work with? But on a more serious note, we aren’t surprised they’ve remained staples in the event production industry despite the significant advances in competing technologies.

Projector hire is often the best option when you want a visual display bigger than our TV screens can offer but don’t want to fork out the money for a complete LED video panel setup.

When deciding on your projector, we recommend a minimum of 5,000 lumens ( a measure of brightness) but will always encourage you to go for more if your budget allows! Combining a high brightness output with the 1080p resolution all of our projectors offer, you get a clear and vibrant display that wows guests from the get-go.

On Tour Events offer only the best in projection technology. The Panasonic 7,000-Lumen Projector gives exceptional brightness and crystal-clear imaging. It has adjustable zoom lenses, making it the perfect choice for any venue – even if it is large and well-lit!

After helping you choose the right projector for your event, we will help you choose the right screen size for your venue. We stock dimensions for all kinds of events, and we can even integrate them into your event staging or set.

TV Screen Hire for Conferences, Business Meetings, Product Launches

When you plan to display slideshows, video content, background visuals or infographics, you first need to decide what type of screen to use. Large TV screens and LED screens may seem interchangeable, but each has its own set of advantages that will suit various types of events more than others.

While LED screens have come a long way in terms of picture quality, nothing beats the incredible detail that our large TV screens provide. On top of this unmatched image quality, the cost of hiring our TV screens is one of the lowest in the industry due to the large number of screens we stock. This means your guests can enjoy Ultra HD visuals without needing to break your budget!

We stock options that can meet all of your requirements, whether you need to install a specific app on a SmartTV, Chromecast to the TV from another device, mirror your smartphone on the TV, or simply hook the TV up to your laptop or tablet using an HDMI cable. Whatever your needs, we can accommodate them.

With our vast range of screen sizes (50" 55'', 65'', 75'', 85'', 95'' & 110") you can be certain we have the TV screen to meet your needs, whether it’s for a small business presentation to shareholders or something much more personal such as your wedding day.

LED Screen Hire for London Events

If you’re looking for something that really grabs the attention of your audience, LED screens are the way to go. We stock LED screens from two metres up to 12 metres wide, with any possible configuration you could imagine! The size of screen you choose depends on the aspect ratio of your proposed content (we can design and supply LED screens to accommodate any aspect ratio), the size of your venue and audience, and your budget (we’ll help you find the most cost-effective option!).

Our LED screens can be used indoors and outdoors due to their IP 65 rating, which certifies that the panels are water-resistant and can withstand the oh so unpredictable British weather! They also have the unique ability to display content without being affected by ambient lighting.

Yes, these represent the most expensive option for displaying your visuals. However, nothing comes close when you are aiming to make an impact. Plus, they might not be as expensive as you might think if you’re working with a corporate-size budget.

On a related note, don’t forget that, as a full-service AV hire supplier, we can supply the truss structure and/or staging equipment you may need to suspend your screen or support it from the ground up.

Our turnkey service includes talking through your needs before the event, helping you decide what screen size will work best at your venue while sticking to your budget, setting up the equipment before the event, on-the-spot training if you require any, as well as disassembly and collection when your event is over! We really do make your life a lot easier!

Professional Sound Equipment Hire

Sound equipment aims to amplify speakers’ voices, provide background music, or play the audio that accompanies video content. This means the sound quality is something guests will be very much aware of. Most guests will notice if the sound isn’t loud enough, feels one-dimensional, or is “scratchy” during high-volume segments. The difference that high-quality sound equipment provides may be subtle, but it is invaluable.

We ensure high sound quality by providing industry-leading equipment for every step of your sound journey, ensuring your event boasts clear, crisp, and immersive audio. Many venues nowadays have built-in AV equipment, including speakers and microphones, but that doesn’t benefit you as much as you may think.

Venues seldom upgrade their equipment, so their technology quickly becomes outdated. Not only do we carry out routine maintenance and servicing on all our sound equipment, but we replace them completely every few years to guarantee that you won’t run into any problems.

Our main pieces of sound equipment include:

Stage Hire and Set Design Services for Events

While not technically an AV service, your staging and set will house most, if not all, of your AV equipment. That’s why we provide such extensive stage hire and set design services to ensure we are classed as genuine turnkey AV hire service providers.

Custom set design is one of our favourite parts of event production because it gives our team the creative space to take your concepts from your imagination to reality. From subtle branding for a corporate event set to an other-worldly futuristic set for a London fashion show, we have the resources and skills to transform a venue into whatever you desire.

Other events call for a stage rather than a set, and we provide those too. Whether you need something small for an intimate wedding or you’re going for an attention-grabbing festival stage – we can custom design a stage or provide you with our many off-the-shelf options.

Our creative team and stage crews are committed to providing you with your ideal staging solution. Head on over to our Facebook or Instagram pages to look through some examples of the staging magic we’ve worked in the past.

Live Streaming Services Across the UK

Live streaming has taken the events industry by storm in recent years, making events accessible to as wide an audience as possible. We have been frontrunners as the event industry has shifted to more virtual and hybrid events, setting the standard for live streaming services in the UK.

Our extensive inventory means we can supply all of the associated event production equipment required for live streaming, including compatible sound equipment, LED screens, specialist film lighting, staging, and set design, all of which we will set up for you.

Better still, to make it even easier for you to host a successful online event, we even have our own purpose-built live streaming studio in Surrey. For one all-inclusive fee, everything you could possibly need for your live stream will be taken care of. All you need to do is show up!

Planning one event is stressful enough. Since a hybrid event is essentially two events running in tandem simultaneously, it’s worth hiring a live streaming partner to run the technical side of things for you.

Choose On Tour Events for All of Your Audio Visual Needs

It used to be the case that events requiring AV installations were limited to venues that could accommodate such equipment. But today, with the development of AV technology and wireless connectivity, we can set up AV equipment in any venue you have in mind.

Of course, some venues might be more complicated to work in than others. But in principle, there is nothing we can’t handle.

For professional event planners, it can be challenging (and expensive) trying to keep up to date with the advancing technology of AV equipment. That is why On Tour Events does the hard work for you by continually investing in the highest quality AV equipment, which is meticulously maintained, routinely upgraded, and, best of all, available for hire!

If you are looking for the best possible equipment and experienced personnel, On Tour Events just can’t be beaten! We are a full-service AV provider with years of experience in the events production industry. Our expertise and inventory come together to bring you efficient and personalised service, no matter the nature or scale of your event.

As one of the country’s biggest AV installation providers, we know precisely how to deliver jaw-dropping installations combined with industry-leading customer service standards.

So don’t hesitate to get in contact with our expert AV team to find out more about how we can serve you. We look forward to your call!

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