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ETC Source 4 Hire London

Like many other lighting companies in London, we stock a vast number of the industry standard ETC Source 4 lighting fixture.  These lighting units are very versatile, primarily used as key lighting on a stage, whether this be for a conference, wedding or award show, or even on an outdoor stage these lights come into their own.

ETC Source Four Hire

SKU: ETCLighting01
  • Why would you want to hire the ETC Source 4? Maybe you are planning to livestream your next conference or perhaps you are looking for a company to supply break up gobos inside and outside your wedding venue. Well, the Source 4 will help to fulfill both requirements. it is fantastic all-round lighting fixture and can be fitted with gobos, diffusers and optional lenses.


    They are also extremely popular for use on TV and film sets as well as being a popular choice for theatrical lighting. Please bear in mind when you hire this lighting fixture you will need to hire a dimmer pack if you want to adjust the light output.

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