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On Tour Events provide live streaming services for events across London, Surrey, and right across the UK. Our streaming services cover all types of events, including but not limited to weddings, funerals, conferences, corporate events, seminars, in-person gaming tournaments, and church services.


Everything we provide for our event streaming services is provided in-house. Our inventory includes best-in-class cameras, video encoders, camera lighting to stands and tripods, and we can work on any streaming platform of your choosing and we also offer remote off site 4G / 5G wireless internet solutions.


You can find out more about our streaming services by reading our Q&A section below where we will answer some of the most popular questions we get asked about hiring live streaming equipment and support services for events.


Live Streaming Servcies UK


What makes us so unique in this industry is our ability to supply all of the associated event production equipment necessary for a successful live stream such as staging, set design, specialist lighting, and sound equipment too. 


Unlike some live streaming companies, our services are a perfect fit for either a hybrid event with an in-person audience or an online-only experience. We have no problem with catering to either solution.


Finally, we differentiate our live streaming offering by offering you the option to use our purpose-built live streaming studio in Surrey. This allows you to pay an all-inclusive fee for your live stream and save money by taking advantage of our enormous economies of scale. If you are looking to hire a TV studio / live virtual hybrid venue you'll be very happy with our live streaming studio.



What is live streaming?


In short, live streaming is the act of live broadcasting video content over the internet. Today, you can live stream directly from any camera, including those on your phone. You may have already participated in several live streams yourself if you have ever watched a Facebook Live or live-streamed YouTube video.


In the case of events, live streaming can grant viewers access to event proceedings from the comfort of their own sofa, or while they are on the move. It allows you to transport viewers from their current environment to your event with just a few clicks.

There are many reasons why you, as event planners, might want to livestream your event in the current climate. It could be the case that you can’t bring people together to meet due to public health concerns.


Or it could be the case that you want to share a special day such as a wedding celebration with people who can’t be there. For instance, you may have relatives living abroad who would rather watch from home than fork out thousands on airline tickets to come to your event.


Similar reasons often apply to funerals. Many individuals may have moved away from the deceased over the years but would still like to pay their respects to someone they were once close to. A live stream of proceedings allows them to do this without investing hundreds of pounds for the privilege


Why is live streaming great for corporate businesses?


Live streaming is perfect for business meetings and presentations where audiences and website customers would benefit from viewing and listening in. By using video player(s) and live streaming platforms such as Vimeo, Dacast, or Panopto you can better engage audiences with streams that talk about new product features, upcoming content, and tools that help get the most our of the products and services.


Live streaming in this manner helps you attain important business goals such as increasing your number of website users or improving brand engagement by involving customers from all over the world in your business process. In other words, live streaming is a way for your business to lift the lid on your operations and provide exclusive content that simply wasn't available before the advent of live streaming.


How can live streaming help my event?


There are many ways that live streaming can help your event.

For instance, in the case of industry conferences, you can dramatically increase your audience’s size. Not everyone has the budget to arrange flights and accommodation for all of the events happening in their industry.

However, there will be plenty of would-be audiences happy to pay the price of a virtual ticket to gain access to the same keynote speakers and conference sessions without incurring the traditionally-associated expenses.


Suddenly you can expand your event that usually attracts 1,000 delegates to 10 times the size. You could have 1,000 in-person audience members combined with a further 9,000 logged-in online to view the live stream of industry big-hitters giving their views on the hottest topics.


The same is true of less commercial events such as wedding celebrations. There are always those tricky decisions to be made about who will and won’t make the cut when it comes to those who will be part of the ceremony, and those who will receive reception-only invites.


Live streaming helps to soften the blow by allowing those who want to watch the magical “I do” moments online while getting ready for the party later on.

As you can imagine, there are a whole host of reasons why you might want to live stream your event. Hopefully, these examples have given you a few ideas for live streaming your events with us.


Do you provide technical setup and support?


Yes, we do. Here at On Tour Events, we are what we would describe as an end-to-end solution for live streaming. Once we have met with you or spoken over the phone to discuss what you need for your event, we can handle the rest from there.

We can set up all equipment on your site anywhere in the UK. We primarily serve the London and Surrey region, but we have warehouses spread out right across the country, meaning we can be competitive on price no matter your location.


In terms of technical support, we can set up all of the cameras, prepare everything on the live streaming software side, and take care of event production services such as set design, stage hire, lighting, and sound equipment to name a few. So if you are worried about functionality, we can handle that side of everything too.


Don’t forget; we also offer an in-house live streaming venue that you can use as a hybrid event space or a sole-use, virtual live streaming studio, the choice is yours. The point is whether you need us to come to you, or you want to come to us, we take care of all technical setup for you and offer ongoing support services should you need them.


Will you run the live stream for us during the event?


Yes! We can take care of everything for you as part of an all-inclusive live-streaming package. To be clear, that includes supplying all of the live-streaming equipment (including setup), handling all of the associated event production (such as set design), and then running the live stream in the background on the day of your event ensuring you enjoy the best possible functionality . All for one straightforward price!


We are platform-agnostic, which means no matter your preferred streaming platform, we can provide industry-leading support services for it. Whether you want to opt for social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live, or Periscope, or you wish to pursue purpose-built websites such as Twitch, YouNow, Dacast, or a premium paid-for streaming provider that guarantees uptime and distribution, we can work with them all! That includes video content management platforms such as Panopto.


The advantage of working with us is that you can kill two birds with one stone if you’re looking for a hybrid webcasting solution. Not only can we run everything related to the stream, but we can also handle all of your physical event production specs too. Of course, we’ll also be on hand at the end of the event to pack everything away just as quickly and quietly as we did during set up and operation. How’s that for an end-to-end solution?!


Do you use broadcast-quality video cameras?


We sure do! While we have numerous camera options, unless you specify otherwise, we use our favoured cameras, which are widely regarded as the best in the business. If you want specifics, our inventory is made up of Blackmagic and Canon XF405 cameras. Speak to anyone in the industry, and they’ll tell you that these are not only “broadcast-quality” cameras, they are the best of the best!

These cameras cost thousands of pounds alone, and they will broadcast your event in delicious High-Definition (HD). How's that for unrivalled functionality? Unfortunately for you, that means viewers will be able to see every wrinkle and patch of stubble in great detail, so make sure you scrub up nicely before going on camera!


As we’ve just mentioned, we are flexible. Perhaps there’s a reason that you want to use a specific type of camera, such as something more mobile like a DSLR. Or maybe you want us to use a camera you’re supplying. Either way, we always aim to be as flexible as possible.


However, what we would say is that it’s going to be very rare that you have a camera on hand that matches our cameras’ spec. Secondly, we can’t guarantee anything if we aren't in control of the whole live-streaming equipment stack. It’s much better to let us take control and ensure that everything goes as planned!


How much does it cost to live stream a wedding?


The classic answer is “it depends.” You could live stream a wedding in Surrey or London for as little as £750. But, of course, that would be for live-streaming-only services. In over 90% of cases, we also take care of all event production equipment hire.


So in the case of a wedding production, we might provide white, tiered staging, a full sound system including PA speakers and microphones for the live band, lighting fixtures with associated truss structures from which to rig them, and then an LED starlit dance floor to top it all off. As you can imagine, hiring all of that, along with personnel to run live streaming, sound-mixing, and artistic lighting direction is going to cost considerably more.


A full wedding production service that includes all of the above (including live streaming) and more may run in the region of £7,000 to £10,000. So it’s up to you how much it will cost at the end of the day.


However, what we would say is that in almost every conceivable scenario, it’s cheaper to hire everything from us as you can take advantage of our vast inventory and economies of scale. Better still, the whole operation will be a lot smoother with just one events contractor on-site, rather than trying to accommodate several at once


We need to livestream our conference, how much does this cost?


Your live streaming costs will depend heavily on whether you decide to allow us to handle ALL event production or just the live streaming aspect. If you merely need a live streaming service, we can livestream an industry conference for under £1,000.

However, you can save a considerable amount if you are running an online-only event by choosing to use our live streaming studio as your venue. It can be used as either a Zoom studio or even a hybrid studio, should you want to host some physical audience members.


If you are set on using the venue you’ve always used, then it might be worth considering us for all of your event production services to take advantage of our massive inventory and economies of scale. We can provide everything you could possibly need for your conference. Those services include but are not limited to set design, event lighting, stage hire services, sound equipment hire, and LED screen hire.


If you would like a full event production package for a conference, with all of the above included and more, you’re looking at an overall price of between £7,500 and £10,000, depending on your specific specs. To get an accurate cost, you’ll need to speak to a member of our friendly team and spell out your requirements in more detail. We’ll have a quote back to you within 24 hours.


Which platform is best for live streaming our event?


When answering this question, there is no right or wrong answer. It’s all a case of personal preference, and in many cases, specific to your type of event.


For instance, if you hope to live-stream your wedding, you may want to opt for one of the several social media platform streaming options. By choosing a streaming video platform such as Facebook, not only do you make it accessible for those not great with technology, but you increase the numbers that are likely to be watching since most people have a Facebook profile. What’s more, many of your Facebook friends will receive a notification when you start streaming.


By contrast, if you’re looking to stream your industry conference which has raised thousands of pounds in ticket sales, then it may be worth choosing a paid-for live streaming service to guarantee uptime and an enjoyable viewing experience for your delegates. In this instance, you may decide to select industry stalwarts such as Vimeo or IBM Cloud Video (formerly known as Ustream).

The point is, you should choose a platform that is right for your event. It doesn’t matter to us as we can work with all of them. No, really, all of them (including cloud video solutions)! Of course, we are on hand to advise you if you’re stuck when trying to choose the best live broadcasting solution for you.


Can you provide the stage/set, lighting, and LED screen for the background?


If you’ve read any of the other FAQS listed here then you’ll already be aware that yes, we can provide everything you could possibly need for your online-only or hybrid event. Even for online-only events, having a professional backdrop can make all of the difference, specifically if you’re hosting an event in a business or thought leadership context.


Thankfully, since we are one of the biggest event production companies in the UK, it’s very straightforward for us to provide you with ALL event production aspects on top of your live-streaming specs.

Not only can we provide event services such as stage hire, but we have an in-house design team that can take your vision and turn it into a reality before we start manufacturing custom set pieces. We can even offer a 3D render of your live-streaming set ahead of time, so you’re 100% happy with it before we make a start.


Regarding lighting, not only do we have specialist livestream lighting fixtures that emit a bright, white light, but we also have stage lighting options, mood lighting, and even lasers should you need them!

It’s a similar story on the sound side, with a wide range of microphones, including wired and wireless options. When it comes to LED screens, we have over 120 square metres of 3.9mm pixel pitch LED video panels which can be used in any manner you desire. They look great at events such as product launches and tech conferences and deliver video footage in crystal-clear HD. Need a smaller pitch LED screen…. We stock 48sqm of 2.3mm indoor LED video wall


Why should we use On Tour Events to stream an event?


What makes us unique as a professional live streaming services provider is that we offer a genuine end-to-end solution for our clients. It’s not just a case of us showing up and setting up cameras and software. We supply everything you could possibly need for the overall event.


From the lighting and stage/set design to the cutting-edge LED screens and wireless microphone options, we cover all bases. We can even provide you with a purpose-built virtual or hybrid event space. If you do choose to use our live streaming studio, once you’ve booked the event with us and detailed your requirements, all you have to do is show up!

While you’re busy selling online tickets to your conference or letting people know how they can watch your wedding day from afar, you can relax knowing that we are working hard in the background, taking care of all technical aspects for you. We’ll be there on the day providing on-the-ground support too.


Whether they are commercial or private, organising events is hard enough. That’s why it makes sense to hand over all technical event production to one company. There’s no point trying to accommodate several contractors working on the same aspects of your event, dealing with multiple points of contact, and trying to accommodate the needs of several different outfits simultaneously.

Instead, you should take the hassle-free option and choose On Tour Events as your full-service live-streaming and event production partner. Give us a call today to discuss what you have in mind for your event. We can’t wait to hear about your plans!


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