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''Lighting Hire Near Me'' | ''Event Equipment Hire Near Me'' But What Hire Company Should You Trust?

Google Event Equipment Hire
Google Event Equipment Hire

Google... We all use it & most of us would have experienced that late in the day jumping on the internet profusely trying to find a service or product via Google that you need for organising of your party / event. I would imagine most people search for ‘’lighting hire near me’’ or ‘’equipment hire near me’’ which brings up some results but does it tell you much about the company you may potentially use? Your pleased to know On Tour Events is a trusted, very established equipment hire company offering a vast range of technical event services. We hope we have grabbed your attention, so now we would very much like to talk to you about our technical event production services across London, Manchester and Surrey. Let us start with discussing sound. We can go way into detail about the different sound systems we stock but to put it more simply we can offer sound for small, medium and large events, the only thing our clients need to know is we stock 2 of the most premium brands of PA currently available. Which sets a good precedence for supplying high quality, high fidelity sound at your event, something we very much intend on doing. Sound can be easily overlooked amongst all the ‘’pretty’’ things one needs for an event, but it is an important aspect to the overall outcome of an event. There is something very satisfying about listening to a well set up sound system and this comes down to the design aspect as well as ensuring the correct sound system is allocated to each individual job. Far too often we walk into venues and kit has been way over spec’d for example… a £100,000 mixing console supplied for a conference which really is suited for extremely large world tours, with 4 mics attached to it. Completely unnecessary for that type of event and the company would have paid over the odds for having had It supplied. Our point here is that if you are searching for a company near you for an item without any knowledge about its capabilities you may order something which is either over spec’d as described above or the opposite and be completely under spec’d or inferior to what you actually need. On Tour Events want to speak with you from the start, understand the event and what you want to achieve with a rough idea as to the budget and then we can advise appropriately making sure this doesn’t happen. Next, we will discuss lighting and LED screens. Most lighting companies stock a range of wireless uplights, moving heads, lighting consoles and LED video wall. We are not suggesting that we are the largest lighting company in London but we are an extremely well stocked company and what makes us unique is that we offer packages of lighting systems which isn’t easy when it comes to different lighting fixtures capabilities. One of the things our clients like about us is we offer a 3D rendering service giving you more of a visual quote showing what the proposed production would look like within the space you are using. This is an extremely popular option for most people especially couples planning larger weddings! Having the right wedding lighting makes a huge difference to the whole evening & that can create an incredible atmosphere which adds to what is already an amazing day. Alongside the popular LED fixtures and moving heads we also stock a comprehensive range of completely wireless lighting fixtures making those areas which are hard to distribute power and data around, easily covered with wireless options. Moving on from sound and lighting we also supply both indoor and outdoor LED screen. Offering both options allows us to create high definition indoor displays or large outdoor LED video walls for sporting events, public announcements and of course one of our favourite drive in cinemas. Let's be honest who can resist an old-school drive-up cinema where you can watch your favourite film whilst listening to it through a huge PA system. Our LED screens come supplied with the correct certificates along with the rigging diagrams and are also approved for use within the UK and Europe, this is an important point as there are lots of LED screens which do not meet the current CE regulations. On a more positive note, our LED screens have an extremely high refresh rate (4000hz>) and are capable of in excess of 3000 NITTS. (Our outdoor 3.9mm LED wall is capable of 5000 NITTS). All LED screens are supplied with the necessary hardware required for your event & we offer Alienware laptops giving you a rock solid software / hardware interface as well. Please note all panels have NovaStar A5s receiving cards installed. A good proportion of our work is carried out in the corporate events sector, so it does come as a surprise to some when they hear that we also build outdoor festival stages! We also have a comprehensive range of stages available in premade packages which include sound, lighting and in most cases LED screen. All packages are fully customisable so if you would like to add to a pre made package or take something out that wouldn’t be an issue we are totally flexible to your requirements and budget. Our 3 most popular stages are, 6m x 4m arced roof stage typically booked for festivals up to around 1000 people. 7m x 5m arced roof stage with huge production capability and then our larger 10m x 8m arc roof stage typically hired for festivals with an audience of around 3000-5000 people. Most clients are hiring the stages with the appropriate sound, lighting and LED screen if required as it makes a lot more sense to get it all from one company and appears to be the most cost-efficient method. Don’t worry our 3D rendering service is also applicable to stages as well, allowing you to see what your ideas will look like before the build. Last but by no means least we want to mention that we also offer a huge range of bespoke tiered stages and catwalk platforms. Over the years we have supplied and built so many stages we decided to pre package a range of them perfectly tailored to weddings, conference, award dinners and alike. We have bespoke catwalk stages with unique t sections available and to reiterate we offer all of these packages with or without audio visual production. Here's an idea if you are planning a fashion show or you currently hire a catwalk stage but you were thinking about changing supplier for whatever reason, then perhaps send us an email or pick up the phone and give us a call. We are confident that within our brochure of different stages we offer that you'll find something that not only fits your vision and ideas but is also cost-effective. We have some fashion show award packages which we offer large tired stages with bespoke runways and integrated LED screen, lighting and audio included which we are confident there is something which will catch your eye. Ok so let’s wrap this up for you! If you have got this far then congratulations for reading this blog post. Hopefully you were sat there with your laptop searching for event equipment hire companies near me, if so we look forward to speaking with you soon & if not we will wait....

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