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A large proportion of our work is organising the event production for weddings and private events such as keystone birthdays, anniversaries to unique party concepts and of course luxury weddings, where couples are trying to create a memory which can never be forgotten.


This is what we do with a modern, creative approach and bespoke touch, while maintaining to be cost-effective. We work alongside you, your venue & your event planner. We act as your technical event production supplier for all things stage, sound, screen, draping & event lighting related.


As you may have seen on our homepage our event technical services are vast, we offer a huge range of event lighting fixtures, off-the-shelf customised stage packages which suits a variety of events from tiered wedding stages to corporate set packages. Alongside that we have our infantry of premium soundLED screen & production equipment.




There are not many things that we don't stock and can't supply in house. It is with this vast inventory we believe is what allows us to be cost-effective while maintaining offering an exceptional service. A lot of our customers are coming to us because their requirements require a technical production company to design, build and install the audio visual equipment.

Alongside our inventory of audio visual equipment, we also offer a 3D visualisation rendering service allowing us to design your event in 3D, showing you what possible things will look like. 


For budget conscious events we recommend choosing one of our off the shelf wedding production packages. Generally, these include all of your sound, lighting, staging, dance floors and any power infrastructure that would be required.

These packages have been put together over many years of producing events and knowing generally what people want. They never fail to create the atmosphere you are trying to create for your guests and we always pay attention to the smallest details, showing you our passion, care, and commitment we put into our collection of hire packages for weddings.


We believe that these are the most cost-effective solutions at this time and still allow you to be extremely creative and bespoke in your look and the feel. Plus they relieve you of the stress associated with dealing with multiple wedding suppliers for your celebration if you do have the help of planning services.


If you are lacking inspiration or ideas, then these packages can do the bulk of the heavy lifting for you, while you focus on other important aspects of your wedding such as how your guests will get from the church to the country house reception or the catering menu. Either way, our hire packages will get you much closer to perfection!

Check out some of the questions below and have a flick over our social media pages. We look forward to hearing from you.




How much does a full wedding production cost?


So, you want to know how much it costs to supply you with a full production package for your wedding? For the purpose of this exercise let's assume that you're wanting to hire a stage, all the sound equipment, lighting and obviously the technical crew to install and operate the equipment for the duration of the event. Ok firstly we would need to discuss what sort of production you are after, whether this is something quite simple and minimal or whether you're after something completely bespoke which hasn't been done before.


For the purpose of this exercise we are going to give you an overview of what it would cost to hire a small, medium and large wedding package from ourselves, assuming all the weddings are taking place in Central London.

The following prices are to give you a guideline only and the end cost will be pending on location, production requirements, any technical riders that need to be adhered to and of course how creative an elaborate you're looking to go.


So how much does a wedding stage, with lighting and sound system cost for around 100 to 150 guests? If your entertainment / artists have no specific technical rider requirements, we charge around £1,000- £1,500 to supply a small carpeted stage, install and operate the sound & lighting equipment for the event. We have some fantastic off-the-shelf production packages perfect for this style and budget of event.


As the budget increases, generally you will find that the stage size, lighting fixture count, and the overall sound equipment increases. However, in some cases you may require only a small distributed sound system for your wedding, but you are looking for a much grander stage and you may opt to have a white multi-level tiered stage, with discrete, subtle, mood lighting around your venue. In which case we would have ascertained this after having our first talk and of course your quote would reflect this.


Likewise, you may have booked a live band who have very particular technical audio equipment requirements. You will usually find with many wedding bands they are looking for the audio visual company to supply everything on site, allowing the band to just turn up and play rather than having to bring their own sound equipment.


A good rule of thumb is to remember is the more expensive the band, the less likely they will turn up with their own equipment. Unless they are offering a sound & lighting package as well, in which case you will usually find they are working with a third-party supplier.


A lot of couples love the look of a white tiered stage, and of course these stages look beautiful in all wedding venues. We are pleased to say that we can design, build and supply you a white tiered wedding stage with an impressive lighting package & a professional d&b Audiotechnik PA system starting from £2,500 £4,000. Included within one of these packages we supply stage monitoring for a live band, which is generally something you would pay for in addition to the PA system, but with our packages we cover all aspects within the package.


The largest of our pre-made ''off the shelf wedding packages'' have been used at the most luxurious weddings we have ever attended, and we have supplied equipment to thousands of weddings over the years! Armed with this knowledge & experience this £10,000 to £12,000 wedding package is around 35% cheaper than market value. This is only possible due to clever design maximizing vehicle space whilst minimising the on-site technical crew needed to build the production.


The Investment in our infrastructure has in some cases allowed us to be half the size and half the weight of the leading competitors. In a time where budgets count, we believe our proven track record & cost-effective solutions are two of the main attributes of what sets us apart from everyone else.


If you'd like more details about our wedding production services, please call or email us. If you are just having a look around seeing what different hire companies do, then please check out some of our social media pages. You will find information about projects we are currently working on as well as showcasing previous weddings & events where we have supplied our technical production services to.


How much does a runway catwalk stage cost to hire for an event?


The cost of a fashion runway / catwalk stage all depends on how wide you want the stage, how deep you want the stage, and if you require the catwalk stage to have a t section. Some fashion show companies call these runway stages, but generally most of our customers when they are trying to hire this style of stage refer to it as a catwalk stage.


To answer this question, we are going to give you a cost for an 11 meter long, 3 metre wide main catwalk fashion walk runway strip, with an additional 9m wide 2m catwalk t-section. The catwalk stage set at a height of 1m and this cost will also include two sets of steps at the rear of the stage with all the required handrail for sign-off. We suggest a budget of £2,000 to £2,500, depending on location and access in and out of the venue.


We can build catwalk stages at any height, at any length with any additional stage platforms required for fashion models / branding locations. We can also design in house all the stage set for your event, all the relevant LED screen for branding and video content, stage lighting & relevant sound equipment. We have over 20-years’ experience building runway catwalk stages which look great, creative and most importantly are safe to use.


Where can we see your previous event & wedding productions?


If you'd like to check out our photo gallery where we are showcasing some of the most creative stage designs, fashion shows, weddings & bespoke branding events, then please follow the links below.





We always suggest to new customers that choosing 10 photos or images that they like and sending these to us gives us a really good idea of what sort of stage you want, or how you want the lighting to look at the event and so on. This is one of the best ways to make sure that we are putting the right package together for you and your event.


If you're looking to hire a festival stage and you need the technical 3D renders of the stages for council licensing / pre-sign offs, then please email us and we'll be happy to supply these.


We would like to hire a dance floor for our event & have a custom personalised vinyl monogram laid over it. Can you supply & install the floor & monogram?


We can supply some of the largest dance floors available in the UK, due to holding stock of over 200 square metres of dance floor. We are not able to just offer custom vinyl monograms, but we are able to offer a wedding design service for your dance floors to include t sections or catwalk style dance floors.


A popular package from our range is a large 30ft x 30ft white, starlit dance floor with bespoke personalised vinyl monogram across the floor, which adds a lovely touch and to your wedding celebrations. A package like this this can cost anywhere from £1,000 to £2,000, depending on the final size of the monogram, how detailed this is (plus colours) and of course location of the event and access to the venue.


To answer the question quickly, yes we can supply the dance floor of any size & we can also customise your dance floor with the personal vinyl monogram. While these are popular for wedding productions while also supply them to birthday parties, milestone celebration(s), home garden parties, and any other event that may be put together by a party planner.


Our event / wedding is next year, when do we need to book by & do you take a deposit?


We can't tell you when to book we can only advise. If you're happy with your quote, we would always suggest paying the 25% reservation fee to secure your date and the required equipment for the production to take place. Some of our clients have 18 months apart from each event, whilst some of our corporate clients book regularly, so as you can see what works for some will never work for others.


We do take on last minute weddings as we stock all the required staging, sound, LED screen and lighting equipment in house. This allows us to quickly prep and deliver a production certainly within 24-hours, in some cases it has only taken a few hours to turn a quote around into a show.


Due to our current workload all our quotes are valid for 14 days, unless stated otherwise, we cannot guarantee our services or the availability of our team after this point for weddings or any other type of event.


We are looking to hire a white multi level tiered stage, can you help?


Yes, we have a selection of modular tiered stages available in squared, rectangular and tiered circular stages. We've spent over 20-years designing and building tiered stages for weddings, bar mitzvahs, product launches, corporate events and gaming exhibitions to name a few.


We offer new, creative and unique branding opportunities with our stages as we can easily integrate lighting fixtures & LED screen into the stage design. This cost-efficient design saves our clients thousands of pounds.


If you'd like to know the cost of a standard tiered stage a good example would be an 8m wide multi-level stage delivered into London. This would cost around £1,200 to £1,500 depending on design. These stages can cost in excess of £5,000 subject to how many tiers you want, how high you want it and of course any additions such as lighting or LED screen which might be integrated.

We can supply your stage in any colour and to any European country (if you're considering destination weddings). If you're interested and would like a quote for a tiered stage platform then please email or call us with the relevant details.


Do you offer a wedding planner or wedding planning service?


We get asked this a lot and the answer is we stick to what we know best so no we are not wedding planners. On Tour Events is a technical event production hire company & we specialise in audio visual equipment for conferences to festivals with all events in between so as you can see, we are already quite busy!


That said, we can work alongside your wedding planning team and we also have a list of wedding planners that we highly recommend. If this is something you're looking for we are happy to work with anybody whose goal is to make sure the event runs on time, on budget without any issues.


For a luxury wedding or destination weddings, we can become much more involved in the wedding planning process, which includes performing site visits etc. However, we are still firm in our stance that we look after the technical side of wedding planning, you'll want to leave production items such as your floral arrangements, catering menu, table plans, and the dress to your dedicated wedding planner/event planners.


As we've said, we do have a background with being a part of large event planning teams for national-scale festivals as well as corporate party planners. Thus, if you a wedding planner looking for a London-based company with extensive experience in the corporate events industry and wedding industry, then don't hesitate to give us a call.


Even though we don't consider ourselves a wedding planner, we believe the care and effort we put into creating the nuptial celebrations of your dreams will mean that you feel right at home with us as your events partner. With us by your side, you'll never have to stress about whether your party or reception celebrations will live up to those of your dreams.


We have got quotes from a number of hire companies, will you match or beat their quote?


Of course nowadays there is always fresh competition, we are very aware of this. But there is also a balance to be had & the saying ''there is always someone cheaper'' is very true. We believe we offer great value for the reliable service supplied, alongside the vast audio visual inventory that we hold.


Around 72% of our clients who enquired for a quote preceded with an event booking with us. We believe this is due to our competitive pricing structure already in place. We're happy to look at other event proposals that you may have had, making sure that a like-for-like has been applied. We would much rather work with you then against you.


We need to hire stage & audio visual equipment for our awards show, what's the best way to get a quote?


The easiest and fastest way to get a quote from On Tour Events is to pick up the phone and give us a call! Emails are great and of course they serve a purpose, but there's nothing like talking to somebody on the phone. You can really get into some detail about how you want your event to look, feel and what you're trying to create.


Once we have understood the sort of production or equipment you're looking to hire there are two routes to go. You may find one of our off-the-shelf award show production packages suits your needs as these are both flexible in terms of scale and how creative you can be with each design as well as being excellent value for money. Or you may find your event requires a ground up design where we can offer you our 3D rendering service enabling you to see your concepts prior to sign off.


It is a good rule of thumb once we understand the scale of the award show you will usually have a quote somewhere between 24 to 72 hours later, depending on the final spec.

To call or send an email please find all details here.

If you prefer to send us some details, please use our contact form.

Where are you based & what areas do you cover? It says your in London, Surrey & Manchester 


On Tour Events has three locations in the UK. In the north of England, we have an office and a warehouse based in Manchester. We have our main warehouse & office based in London, England and then we have a 3rd separate, small auxiliary office in Surrey, England.


We do not offer a dry hire, DIY or pick-up service from any of our UK locations. Of course, if you would like to meet the team at our offices to plan your celebrations (along with your party planner) we encourage all clients to visit, but any of the services we supply are always manned with a technical member of staff.


Regardless of our locations we work across the UK and Europe. So, whether you need to hire a wedding stage in London, catwalk stage in Manchester or maybe a small carpeted stage in Hertfordshire for your conference, we are able to design, deliver and install.



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