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How Much Are String Lights for a Wedding?

How Much Are String Lights for a Wedding?
How Much Are String Lights for a Wedding?

When planning your wedding reception, your lighting choices are going to take centre stage. No other element of your wedding event production will have quite as much of an impact as your wedding lights, so you're going to want to ensure that you make the right choices while remaining within your planned price range.

When choosing which lights to use for your wedding reception, you'll find that string lights are almost certain to feature regardless of whether you are hosting an indoor or outdoor wedding celebration.

But what exactly are these wedding lighting fixtures? And how much will they cost to hire for your wedding?

What is String Lighting?

String lighting goes by many names. Often referred to as wedding fairy lights, festoon lights, or twinkle/sparkle lights. They are a series of LED lights joined by what looks like a string or a piece of rope (hence the name) and are a popular choice for wedding day celebrations.

If you have been online researching the different types of lighting fixtures you would like to hire for your wedding; then there is no way that you haven't come across these fixtures. Every Pinterest wedding board has at least one or two pictures of these fairy lights draped around a wedding venue, often across the aisle itself.

In fact, we would go as far as to say that they are the number one choice for wedding lights.

In the UK, they are particularly popular for outdoor wedding receptions taking place either underneath the night sky under the cover of a wedding marquee or tipi. However, they can be just as effective within indoor wedding lighting arrangements, depending on the characteristics of your chosen wedding venue.

Now you understand what these lights are, what price can you expect to pay when hiring them for one of the most special days of your life?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Wedding Fairy Lights (String Lights)?

How much you pay for your wedding string lights will depend on many factors, such as the length of the cable and the hire period. You can expect to pay between £45 to £55 per 100 metres of string lights for a three-day wedding hire period.

If you want to hire your string lights for a much longer period, such as a week, then you can expect to pay between £65 to £75 per 100 metres of string lighting.

Two ways to reduce your hire costs include shortening the length of time you intend to hire the wedding lights or reducing the cable length you request. If you have a tight budget or have chosen to hire a small wedding venue, you can hire 50 metres of string lighting for the day for under £20.

Several additional factors can increase the price. For instance, if you want to upgrade the colour of your festoon light cable to white to better match the theme of the overall wedding event space, then that will increase the price you pay.

Similarly, the distance between the lights themselves influences price. If you are happy with one-metre gaps between bulbs, you will pay a lot less than having the bulbs much closer together —some companies such as ourselves stock cable choices that have them as close as 50cm apart.

The truth is that both options look great, but it comes down to your personal preferences, the space you have left in your wedding lighting budget, and just how important it is to add a touch of drama to your celebration of love.

And don't be afraid to shop around in your search for string light fixtures. Just by making direct contact with lighting suppliers armed with a list of your wedding lighting details/needs, you can often receive a tailored quote that saves you a considerable amount over companies offering a standardised hiring process.

Why Should I Include String Lights as Part of My Wedding Lighting Lineup?

Simply put, they help you create a magical experience for your big day. These wedding lights have a certain je ne sais quoi about them, which means that we have rarely encountered a customer or a client that doesn't want to include them as part of their wedding ceremony or reception.

One of the reasons for their popularity is they help to create a fairytale feel and ambience. They emit softer light so that they don't dominate your guests or the bride, and they work across multiple locations and roles. It doesn't matter whether you run them from point to point or drape them around specific features such as the welcome sign or the purpose-built chill-out zone you've created adjacent to the dance floor.

It doesn't matter how you bring them into the fold. The end results are always the same – a stunning venue. It's no coincidence that these will be the first items you come across on your search for wedding light fixtures.

Are There Different Types of String Lights? Which Are Best for Weddings?

Yes, there are different variations of string lights. Each sort may bring about slightly different end results, but you can join forces with a lighting hire company (such as On Tour Events) to discuss your needs and tap into their experience during your search. That way, you can better understand which type of string lighting will best suit your wedding celebration's overall look and feel.

As with all things, it's a case of horses for courses. If you are hosting a rustic outdoor wedding reception in the French countryside, then you may want to hire festoon lights with oversized faux Edison bulbs to create a warm glow.

But if your needs differ, and you are throwing a more intimate and modern chic indoor reception party, then you might want to think about hiring white fairy lights that have much smaller bulbs and closer spacing.

If you need help choosing between items or deciding how things will go together, it's always worth consulting your wedding planner, lighting designer, or lighting hire company. Not only do they have years (or, in our case, decades) of experience in pulling off successful events, but they can understand your preferences and come up with a coherent lighting plan to join all of the wedding production items together tastefully without a problem.

It's the best method to guarantee both you and your guests will be thrilled with the lighting production.

Choose On Tour Events for Your Wedding String Lighting Hire Today

Here at On Tour Events, we subscribe to the belief that the customer always comes first. When it comes to hiring your wedding lights, we don't just sort you out with the highest quality equipment at the most competitive prices, but we also meet with you to discuss your ideas and size up your wedding venue. We then send you home full of ideas so that when you do eventually enter your order with us, you will have made an informed choice.

While your mind might be preoccupied with the dress, cake, or even the wedding gifts, don't forget just how much your wedding lighting choices will impact the overall success of your event. To ensure your choices deliver the most value for your budget, we suggest speaking to our team of experienced lighting technicians about your plans.

All you need to do is enter your requirements and details into an email and click send to, and we'll handle the rest! Within 24 hours, you'll have received an email quote back with a transparent, straightforward fee (inc. delivery, pickup, and even currency exchange rates if necessary!).

So what are you waiting for? Either shoot us an email or pick up the phone and let's start planning your perfect wedding celebration today!

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