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Make Your Venue Look Magical with Wireless LED Wedding Venue Uplighters from On Tour Events

Uplighting Hire Services in London & Surrey from On Tour Events
Uplighting Hire Services in London & Surrey from On Tour Events

If you’ve ever seen wedding photos from a venue and thought, “how on earth did they get that place to look so good?” The answer is usually wedding uplighting.

When done correctly, uplighting has the ability to transform a space entirely, creating an atmosphere that perfectly fits your theme.

Often the first fixtures to be considered when planning the wedding lighting, they can bring in beams of colour to match the decor, accentuate specific venue features, and add depth to those all-important wedding photos.

Although other lighting aspects are needed to complete the job, uplighting forms an integral part of the lighting design for your wedding, and its importance is often overlooked. You can do almost anything with uplighting, from emphasising your favourite decor pieces to lighting up the outside of the building in an array of colour.

With our extensive experience in wedding production, we know the impact that uplighting can have, and the fact that they’re wireless just makes them that much better. Let’s run through the benefits of having wireless uplighters in your wedding venue.

Why Invest in Wireless LED Uplighters for Your Wedding Venue?

More often than not, uplighting is an excellent addition to your wedding venue. For an indoor or covered wedding, uplighting can add elegance and intrigue to your venue, singling out points of interest in the building’s structure or your decorations. They can also show guests which areas they will interact with, whether it be the bar or the dance floor! For an outdoor venue, you can use uplighting on the outside walls of the venue to highlight prominent architectural features, entrances, or outdoor walkways after the sun has set.

The versatility of uplighters makes them one of the most transformative forms of lighting equipment that we supply. You can beam up one colour to change the appearance of indoor walls, so they match your theme, or have them roll through a spectrum of different colours to match the pacing of your wedding, for example.

Wireless uplighters have taken lighting design to a whole new level, making it possible to light up even the largest venues without needing miles of extension cords. Our LED uplighters last for more than eight hours, ensuring the atmosphere is maintained for the duration of your wedding. And you don’t need to worry about the unpredictable British weather either since all our uplighters are IP 65-rated.

Now that you’re convinced that uplighters are a worthwhile investment, let’s run through some things you should consider when hiring venue uplighting.

Considerations for Your Venue Uplighting

First, you need to think about the colours of the uplighters to ensure that they match your theme. Bold red uplighting would clash with the white and blue decor of a winter-themed wedding in the same way that a neon-looking green might feel out of place in an ultra-modern, minimalist black and white wedding.

Figure out what range of colours will match the mood you’re going for, and let us know what your vision is! Do you want the walls to be lit up with a golden glow during the speeches and then flowing through the full spectrum of the rainbow once the dancing starts? Should outdoor walkways be lit up in a particular colour to let your guests know what atmosphere they’re about to walk into? These are all elements that need thinking about to ensure maximum impact.

Next, think about where you want to focus on uplighting and whether it’ll be in a decorative or functional manner. Some venues won’t need uplighting to be striking, and some wouldn’t be navigable without it! Look at your venue and see which areas are dull, dark, or just plain boring without some extra lighting to give it some “oomph.”

Uplighting is also a great way to let guests know the boundaries of your event. By placing uplighters along a boundary made of bushes and trees, for example, they have a reference point they know not to stray past.

Once you have an idea of the ambience you want to create with your wedding lighting and how much functionality it needs to have, you can chat to us about your budget and how best to utilise the lighting you can squeeze into those restraints. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients from all walks of life, and we have the know-how to make every wedding stand out!

Uplighters Are Just the Beginning - Hire Full Spectrum of Lighting Fixtures from On Tour Events

As impactful as it is, uplighting works best when it’s used in conjunction with other types of lighting as well.

Something to keep in mind when designing the lighting of your venue is that uplighting lights around the room, changing the colour and entire feel of the space. So if you want to have light concentrated on specific people, such as the happy couple, or on table decorations, you’ll need a spotlight or a pin spot light, respectively. And while uplighters can flash through the full spectrum of colours, nothing indicates a dance floor quite like disco lights!

For large outdoor venues, you will want to invest in functional fixtures such as floodlights to cast a bright light over areas such as walkways and keep your guests from tripping or slipping over. Textured lighting is another type of light that throws set patterns such as leaves, stars, or snowflakes on to large areas, often using gobos (stencils). As a finishing touch to the decorative portion of your lighting, festoon lighting adds charm to all spaces in a way that no other type of lighting can quite match!

Why Choose On Tour Events for Your Venue Uplighting Needs?

We always make sure to invest in the highest quality equipment, and our uplighters are no different. Our wireless LED uplighters are manufactured by Core Lighting, whose ColourPoint uplighters are leaders in the industry. With their 2000 lumen output achieved via a 60W quad-chip RGB, you can choose any colour of the rainbow (and know that it’ll be bright enough for everyone to notice!).

On top of providing you with all forms of lighting imaginable, we can also handle every technical aspect of your wedding for you, from tiered stage hire and set design to live streaming and sound equipment, giving you more time to focus on everything else!

With our expansive inventory, decades of experience, and ability to transform any space into something magical, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more competent event production company to partner with for your special day!

So if you are planning a wedding, make sure to get in touch to learn more about how we can help you bring your wedding vision from concept to reality!

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