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What Wedding & Production Services Does On Tour Events Offer? 


On Tour Events are one of the UK’s leading wedding suppliers of technical event production services for weddings across London, Surrey & the UK. We offer all kinds of wedding equipment hire & technical production services, and we can also provide technical support to you on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly. Wedding lighting, custom tiered stage(s) to wedding venues, uplighting & dance floors On Tour Events delivers exceptional production.  


We take the hassle out of your wedding planning by acting as a technical event services partner to either yourself or your dedicated event wedding planner. We are accustomed to working within strict budgets and developing cost-effective wedding lighting, staging & production solutions to maximise the budget & get the most out of it. 


We can deliver everything needed to your perfect wedding & if your looking to hire a wedding marquee this can even provided alongside our audio visual services. Here is some of the top-rated wedding equipment services On Tour Events include: Bespoke tiered wedding staging, wedding lighting, professional sound equipment, TV and LED screens, venue drapes, custom mobile bars, LED-lit furniture, dance floors, and we can even livestream your wedding day so nobody misses out. 


On Tour Events has been working wedding planning teams & delivering professional event design & production services for over 25 years, with a vast experience in the wedding industry & a faultless reputation for delivering exceptional weddings we are one the UK's leading wedding production companies. 




First and foremost, unlike the vast majority of event design and production companies in this space, we own and operate all of our equipment. Now, we know what you’re thinking. There’s no way a company stocks a full-size event-capacity marquee, a range of LED furniture, dance floors, and specially-designed white tiered wedding stage(s). But we do, and then some! 


We believe it's the sheer size of inventory that sets On Tour Events apart from other similar production companies in London & Surrey. You see, given our economies of scale, no one can provide the same quality of equipment at the same price point for the services & level of production we deliver. 


It also gives us flexibility too. We know that not everyone can spend tens of thousands on a wedding. That’s why we here at On Tour Events have a range of off-the-shelf wedding production packages that pack in all of the essential items for a production at affordable price points, many wedding planners & smaller production companies in Surrey & London use this service as its a cost effective way of delivering a fantastic wedding package with sound, staging & wedding lighting.  


In case you’re wondering, these generally include all of your sound, lighting, staging, dance floors, and any power infrastructure you might need. We’ve been helping put together wedding events for decades, so we’ve got a pretty good idea of what you’ll need & how On Tour Events can help deliver the wedding your want. Better yet, if something is missing, or you need a minor tweak here or there, we have plenty of options to make these packages your own, so if your require more lighting to a different sized wedding stage no problem. 


But what about bespoke events? No worries, it's our pleasure to announce that our in-house wedding design team have you covered. We can take your wedding concept or theme and bring it to life using our expertise & provide stunning 3D visualisations of your bespoke events production before we even lift a finger, guaranteeing your satisfaction on your big day. 

If you want to learn more about the specific bespoke events services we can offer to your wedding, then make sure to check out the FAQ section below. On Tour Events is London & Surreys leading wedding equipment hire company.



Let's assume that you have a wedding marquee roughly 25 meters long by 15 meters wide and you are looking for a company to up light the inside and outside of your wedding marquee as well as provide home lighting in the roof the marquee and obviously lighting for the dance floor and staging area to grab the attention of your guests, this is a very common request from event planners, event planning team(s), and brides.


Based on the above would suggest a budget of somewhere between £1500 to £3,000 to light a space this size but please note this could be slightly less and or a lot more depending on your requirements and shape/size of your event venues.


Wedding lighting is a key element of your production (give your event the wow factor) & making sure the lighting feel & looks right is On Tour Events job. We deliver exceptional wedding lighting packages at a cost efficient price point.


What has become more & more popular over the last 10 years is to have live corporate wedding bands play at your wedding and obviously with any live band they require a suitable stage to perform on so why not go all out and have a custom built white tiered stage to really set off the party.


Here at On Tour Events we have been designing & building custom wedding stages for many years all over London, Surrey & the UK


Your typical live wedding band is 6 to 8 members and would suggest a stage no smaller and 5 meters wide and 3 meters deep. Generally these wedding stages are set at somewhere between 1-2 ft high but in the case of a tiered stage we always suggest starting at a minimum height of 1 meter, based around this we would suggest a budget of somewhere between £1000 to £2,000


So you probably want to know what a full production costs with lighting, sound, staging, draping, A mobile bars etc (basically a full production from start to finish excluding the marquee)


This is very hard to answer without asking several questions first like how big is the venue, what sort of lighting do you like, how much drape is your required, what are the sound requirements for the live band... a long list. 


What we can we can tell you is it for your typical 150-200 person wedding in a marquee in the London or Surrey area where we providing a turnkey production service including sound, wedding lighting, tiered staging & dance floor we suggest a minimum budget of £7,000 - £10,000


On Tour Events are experts in this events space and can deliver everything from stock & at the right price. 



How much does wedding lighting cost to hire?


Wedding lighting has probably the most extensive potential range in terms of pricing out of all of the wedding production services we provide. The truth is your lighting costs will depend on several factors.

Perhaps the primary factor to pay attention to is your budget, but there are other aspects that undoubtedly play their part. For example, the number of guests and the shape and size of your venue will have an influence on how many (and which type of) lighting fixtures you hire.


Another factor to consider is whether your wedding is inside or outside since outdoor weddings are obviously going to require more in the way of lighting than indoor venues. Lastly, think about your evening’s entertainment. DJ performances require lots of different pieces of lighting kit, whereas live bands are usually a little less extravagant.

If you want to get into specific figures, then at the lower end of the pricing spectrum, a set of wireless uplighters will cost you around £500. At the upper end of the scale, you could spend upwards of £10,000 hiring professional stage lighting, uplighters, festoon lighting, pin spots, and moving head lighting fixtures.


On average, happy couples tend to spend between £1000 and £3,000 on their wedding lighting packages for weddings with 200-300 guests, which many would consider a large wedding.

No matter your budget, we have lighting options to suit you and a range of predetermined wedding lighting packages that offer excellent value for money!


How much does a dance floor cost to hire?


Hiring a dance floor for your wedding is increasing in popularity. While venues will often include a dance floor in the hire price for their venue, the rise in exclusive-use venues and outdoor weddings has driven up demand for wedding dance floor hire services.

There are a few aspects to consider when hiring a dance floor for your wedding, chief among which is size. The larger the dance floor, the more expensive it’s likely to be in terms of the hire price. The style of the dance floor is also something to factor in. For instance, we offer premium starlit (LED) dance floors, which, as you might have guessed, are a little pricier than the plain versions.


We have hundreds of square metres of dance floor in stock. We also have a range of style and designs, including a broad selection of colours and the option to have LED-lit floors to encourage your friends and family to get up and throw some shapes.

If you want some ballpark figures, an 18ft x 18ft wide white starlit dance floor (nea the capital) will set you back around £800. However, we can build you dance floors that are up to 40ft x 40ft! However, you will likely be constrained by factors such as your venus’s size and how many people will be up and dancing the night away!


How much does a wedding marquee cost?


Perhaps the most challenging of these questions to answer since the number of factors that go into the overall price run into double figures!

Not only do you have to factor in what is possible at your chosen venue, but you need to consider the number of guests, the surface area you have to work with, and whether you plan to use the marquee for the ceremony or merely the reception. And that’s just the beginning!


However, we know you’ll be looking for some ballpark figures to work with so let’s give it our best shot! For a wedding for 150-200 guests and no specific requirements over and above our standard hire package, you can expect to spend in the region of £10,000 to £15,000 with the marquee lining included.


If that sounds like a little bit of a stretch, we offer standard marquee packages for as low as £8,000. It depends on your specifications, really. You could easily part with £25,000 for an all-singing, all-dancing wedding marquee that includes all the extras such as flooring, doors, heating options, lining, and premium tables and chairs, for example.


We are flexible to meet your requirements, and we can construct to pretty much any size. Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to get a more accurate quote, and we’ll have one back to you within 24 hours.


Can you uplight the outside of the building?


Yes, we can indeed! In fact, it’s one of the options we recommend if you’ve got a large budget because of the effect it delivers for the outlay. Uplighting inside a venue is one thing, but lighting up the outside of your chosen building takes your entire production up a couple of notches.


We have dozens of different uplighters to choose from, and we will match the size and height of the building to the uplighter to make sure you maximise their effectiveness. We can also program and sync our uplighters to change colour simultaneously or “chase/fade” in and out of different colours to add that extra “showbiz” feel to proceedings.


Since there are numerous different building shapes and sizes, it’s a little tricky to put a definitive figure on it. However, to light up the front of a building, you're generally looking at between £500 and £800. But we would add the disclaimer that this is heavily dependent on your building. If you want to light up an entire castle, then we’re going to be talking in thousands, not hundreds.


Do you provide full wedding production services?


The answer to this question is an emphatic YES! We can provide the full spectrum of wedding production services to our clients is what differentiates us from the rest. Better yet, all production equipment and personnel are in-house.

We have three full-size warehouses chock-full of event equipment. From disco lights to dance floors, if you need anything for your wedding event and it’s technical in nature, then we can supply it to you.


The below list isn’t exhaustive, but here are some of our key wedding services:


Staging hire

Wedding lighting hire

Professional sound equipment hire

Projector, TV, and LED screen hire

DJ Equipment hire

Live Streaming equipment hire

Custom wedding set design

Stage drapes

Truss and rigging hire

And much more!


Not only can we deliver and set those elements of your event up for you, but we can also supply some of the most experienced individuals in the industry to operate them for you, should you need a hand on the day.


We eliminate the need to hire several technical contractors for one event. With just one call to On Tour Events, you can source absolutely everything you need concerning technical equipment, and we’ll take care of the rest. If you need to take a load of stress of your organisational shoulders, then we represent your best bet!


Can you livestream my wedding?


On Tour Events has long been experts in the field of live streaming events for clients, and weddings are no exception.

While the technology has been around for quite some time, the advent of the pandemic threw live streaming into the spotlight. Luckily, since we’ve been offering this service for years already, we are incredibly well-versed in beaming live events right across the globe via the internet.


What we’ve noticed is that, despite live streaming being forced upon society, millions of people (including wedding planners) have now been exposed to the technology and the benefits it brings to the table. That’s why live streaming is going nowhere despite the lifting of restrictions.


It makes deciding who makes the cut for the ceremony and wedding party so much easier since, no matter what your decision, everyone can join in no matter where they are. Whether they are getting ready for the reception party later, or they are stuck on the other side of the world, unable to justify the expense of attending, live streaming opens up your wedding to those that cannot attend in person.


Here at On Tour Events, we have a full suite or broadcast-quality level cameras on standby, along with the necessary auxiliary equipment such as tripods and encoders. Better still, we can stream via a platform of your choosing. Whether you want to use Facebook Live, Twitter, or issue a password protected Vimeo, it doesn’t matter because we can support/work on any streaming service!


What does it cost to hire a mobile bar?


Mobile bars are an excellent solution when your event is taking place in an unconventional setting, such as a rural farmer’s field. Even if your wedding is taking place closer to civilisation, a mobile bar is a lovely conversation piece, and it can act as a handy secondary bar if you have both indoor and outdoor aspects of your wedding venue.


We have a range of mobile bar options that suit anyone and all occasions. In particular, we would recommend our LED-lit mobile bars, which light up in all kinds of colours and look very cool once night falls if we do say so ourselves! A perfect inspiration piece.

But let’s get down to brass tacks. How much will one set you back? Well, the answer is a classic “it depends.” Your specifications will determine the overall price. The larger the bar, the more expensive it will be, for example. We can also add little extras such as branding the bars or sticking a personalised message such as, “To the happy couple Mr and Mrs Smith!”


For a small mobile bar section, you can hire this for around the £250 mark. But what if you want to go all guns blazing? It’s your wedding, after all! In that case, a fully-customised bar with built-in lighting will set you around a minimum of £1,000. However, it will steal the show, so many of you will think it a very worthy investment indeed!


Can you build us a custom wedding platform?


We can indeed, and this is just one of many trump cards up our sleeve. Not many event equipment hire companies can claim to have an in-house custom set design team! It’s why we are the go-to company in this field for many of the more “extravagant” weddings in the South East.


The most popular tiered stage we offer is a white tiered platform, which comes in many shapes and sizes and can be customised to your needs. We have many preset designs that will help you save on costs, and we can still help you add finishing touches that make them your own.


Alternatively, we can design a production from scratch based on an idea or concept you have in mind. We can even provide you with 3D visualisations of any stage or set we design using our cutting-edge rendering technology to give your total peace of mind that it looks right before we start manufacturing and installation works.


If you’re looking for rough costs, a standard, small tiered wedding platform would cost you around £500 to hire. For a large stage that included carpets and stage drapes/backdrops, you would be looking at around £1,500. For a completely bespoke design, you would be looking at spending more than those figures, depending on the actual size and specification.


What areas do you cover?


Since we are based in London, we tend to mostly service weddings in the capitals and around South Eastern counties such as Surrey, Hampshire, and Hertfordshire. However, we can comfortably supply our services to any location within the country. We have satellite warehouses in major cities such as Manchester, which allow us to remain competitive right across the country.

We have on many occasions also travelled abroad to provide our services to weddings taking place in the EU. While these are rare events, the fact that we have done it on so many occasions suggests we offer very reasonable prices despite the additional travel requirements!


Here at On Tour Events, we have a simple policy on locations – if you don’t know, just ask! Even if you live in the Outer Hebrides and want to check what it would cost to cart our kit over to you, just get in touch, and we’ll be honest with our assessment. Better still, if we feel we are not best-placed to help you out, then we’ll point you in the direction of someone that can. How’s that for excellent customer service?!


Why should we use On Tour Events for our wedding?


Thank you so much for asking! Not that we are biased, but there are so many reasons, it’s difficult to know where to start! Perhaps our most significant selling point is the sheer breadth and depth of our equipment hire services.

With just one company, you can source absolutely everything you could possibly need in the form of technical event production. From the truss structures from which you will rig the disco lights to the dry ice machine you need for the happy couple’s first dance, there’s nothing we can’t supply you with. What’s more, it’s all ours. We don’t “sub” equipment in. Our team works with our equipment day-in and day-out, ensuring they know it like the back of their hand.


Furthermore, we invest a considerable slice of our profits back into our inventory. All equipment is rotated out of our stock every three years. It’s this commitment to our equipment that has ensured we’ve never had a significant equipment failure on-site for ANY event in our decades of operation. You only get one chance to enjoy your wedding, so don’t let shoddy equipment ruin it!

Another huge selling point is our ability to use our custom solutions. From the type of bar you hire to a custom wedding stage, our in-house design team can work miracles to ensure your equipment fits seamlessly into your overall wedding aesthetic.

Finally, we take the stress out of planning a wedding by becoming your full wedding event production services partner.


We can source anything and everything that’s even slightly technical, including furniture, making your planning so much easier. With just one point of contact, you can organise well over half of what you need to make your day super special.

And we don't stop until we've achieved perfection! Your event's success is always our ultimate goal, and our testimonials back up our claims!


So make sure to give us a call or shoot us an email to our professionals and experts get the ball rolling. We can’t wait to help you make the most memorable day of your life come to fruition.


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