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On Tour Events Explains Where Live Streaming Comes In & How It Can Help Your Event

Event Production Services in London
Event Production Services in London

Look back 10 years ago. The thought of having events streamed online was almost an inconceivable notion. Live venues regularly hosted parties, events, and conferences without ever thinking of the need to distance people throughout the space, but in 2021, that is exactly what we are faced with. Some claim, all is lost for live venues, but the truth is, it is just merely an adjustment that technology can help with. Live streaming events are becoming a welcomed relief from intense lockdowns and there are a wide range of events you can livestream to keep everyone safe and sound.


Conferences are a great way to bring people together whether it is for business or leisure opportunities. For generations business conferences have allowed companies to give their employees a little break from the mundane and enjoy a little fun with co-workers while making important connections with other like minded companies. Conferences such as cosplay events have also allowed fun loving cosplay fans to blow off some steam and enjoy time with those who share their passion.

There are endless varieties of conferences that go on throughout the year and live streaming your next conference can help everyone, get back to the fun once more. You can still maintain all of the events throughout the conference that you would normally, do while keeping people safe. Inviting a fraction of the amount of people that would attend normally while allowing others to view the event online is an excellent way to use technology while maintaining your normal routine.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties have become events in themselves. These events are no longer just a cake and a few balloons. Birthday parties are generally hosted at high end venues in which everyone can attend. The addition of a live band or DJ makes the party go on throughout the night, but venues must account for social distancing protocols at events which can sometimes turn people away from having birthday parties, but with the help of live streaming, your party can keep on going.

No need to worry about packing a venue to capacity for your party. Live streaming the event offers the opportunity for everyone to attend, but in a safer environment. Those that are immune compromised or have symptoms of COVID-19 do not have to miss out on your birthday party this year when you invest in live streaming technology. Live streaming keeps everyone happy and all attendees together, at a distance.


So you have been dreaming of your wedding since you were little. It is going to be the event of the century, but now you are faced with the fact that venues limit the number of people that can attend and outdoor venues seem to be the only safe place to have a wedding. As we all know, outdoor weddings come with risks of the weather not cooperating, so planning a wedding outdoors in certain areas can be unnerving.

Never fear. You can have your perfect day with the help of live streaming. Invite your closest friends and family to your outdoor or indoor wedding and offer live streaming for others who want to witness your special day. Live streaming can actually allow you to have more attendees and even more fun without completely breaking the bank. You will only have to feed the ones that are in attendance, so you can have better food for a lower budget and spend more money on your honeymoon or a house. Live streaming can help you start your lives together in the best way possible.

Watch Parties

These days, it is difficult to find a movie theater offering movies to watch with friends. Some production companies are even shut down, so new movies are slow coming to the theaters that are open. However, there is a solution that can make everyone happy. Watch parties help bring everyone together while keeping up with social distancing guidelines. Additionally, watch parties can help promote your personal audio visual accomplishments. If you have been working on your own project and looking for a way to get it into the public’s eye, a live streamed watch party is the perfect solution.

Let On Tour Events Help Your Live Streaming Event Be the Best

What makes a great live streaming event? Having the right lighting, sound options, and visual interest for your live stream attendees to enjoy. The same amazing events you would have at live venues, can still be completely awesome with a little help from your friends at On Tour Events. We can help with LED screen needs, audio visual equipment, stage needs, sound equipment, and much more. Give us the opportunity make your live streaming event the best it can be. Just because social distancing is required now, does not mean the party has to stop. Let On Tour Events make your next event amazing!

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