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Professional Live Streaming & Audio Visual Services From the UK's Leading AV Hire Company

Live Streaming Services London
Live Streaming Services London

Most of us in the events industry agree that live streaming is definitely here to stay. Virtual events have proved to be the surprise runaway success of the 2020s. Even though their adoption was a knee-jerk reaction to the circumstances surrounding the pandemic, they have given event organisers a whole host of advantages.

So before we run over the services we can provide for your live streaming requirements (stay tuned until the end for some very exciting news!), let’s make a case for live-streaming your London event.

Live Streaming London: Why Make it A Key Element of Your Event?

Some of you may question the value of live-streaming your event beyond the simple fact that you can reach people that can’t be brought together for public health reasons. But it goes far deeper than that, particularly if you are hosting a for-profit commercial event such as a conference.

There are several advantages to live streaming that many event planners have recognised until they actually carried out the event. Fortunately, since we’ve already helped so many clients to live-stream their trade shows, networking events, and product launches that we have the first-hand experience of the benefits our clients have enjoyed.

So let’s tell you a little more about them.

Reduce Your Event Costs With Live Streaming

Obviously, for events such as exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences, you will recoup some serious savings in comparison to your traditional event-hosting costs. Since you’ll be using online live-streaming tools and working with a remote team to plan the event, your overall outlay is going to be much cheaper than an in-person version of your event.

You won’t have to pay for a venue, and you can save on the massive expenditures associated with travel, catering, and accommodation costs as well. If your event makes money by selling tickets to see some of the best keynote speakers in the business, you can charge a reduced fee for a virtual version of your event and make as much as double your typical profit margin.

Turn Your Event into an On-Demand Resource After Live Streaming

One of the most significant issues for visitors to industry conferences and exhibitions is choosing which workshops, networking sessions, and talks to attend. At in-person events, these usually clash and leave a bad taste in the mouth of attendees who wanted to extract as much from the event as they could.

However, with live-streaming and recording equipment, you can both broadcast your talks and key sessions in real-time and upload them later to a platform for on-demand viewing. That way, your online attendees can view precisely what they want, when they want to, dramatically increasing satisfaction scores and increasing their chances of returning next year.

A Live Stream Can Gain a Global Audience for Your Small Event

This is the most significant advantage we’ve seen our clients report back to us. They can take their once local event in London, and beam it to an audience from all over the globe. Those worried about event sponsorship money drying up needn’t have worried!

In-person events that attracted 10,000 or so visitors are now racking up 100,000 online viewers on their live streams. Yes, as many as ten times their original visitor numbers! And you guessed it; those eyeballs are something that sponsors will fight hand over fist to get in front of!

So, to recap, you can reduce your backend costs, increase revenues via increased participation figures, and increase customer satisfaction. We think you’ll agree that those are some pretty major advantages that live streaming brings into the mix!

But what happens if you have no clue where to start a live stream? No worries we’ve got you covered. We’ve been doing it for several years now, and we’ve recently expanded this line of our event equipment hire business to reflect the increased demand.

So without further ado, let’s tell you about everything we can provide for your event live streaming requirements for 2021 and beyond.

Hire Live Streaming Equipment from London’s Leading Audio Visual Services Company

The first place you need to start is with the live streaming equipment itself. We have a range of cameras you can hire for you live streaming requirements. We have professional-quality video-recording cameras in all shapes and sizes, and they include over-the-shoulder, television-style cameras, right down to mirrorless and DSLR options.

Of course, if you have a camera that you’re happy with, we can make arrangements to work with what you’ve got. However, the process is smoother if we control the whole equipment stack, and we can offer you a cast-iron guarantee that nothing will go wrong mid-stream, which is something we obviously can’t do when using your in-house camera.

But the camera is only one piece of the live streaming puzzle. You’re going to need to hire a tripod to ensure that you can achieve the right camera angle for your stream. Tripods become even more critical if you plan on switching between cameras during your live streaming sessions.

Next, we handle everything for you on the streaming platform of your choice. We already have access to several paid-for options, but we’re just as comfortable using free platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, or YouNow. The choice is yours, and we can be flexible depending on your requirements.

As part of setting your event up for a stream, we also provide all hardware. For instance, we supply items including video encoders and all associated cabling including but not limited to HDMIs, audio inputs, power cables, or other important data-transfer cables.

We can’t stress this enough. We provide everything you could possibly need when it comes to live-streaming equipment. Our solution is genuinely all-inclusive, and we can also supply personnel to your event to help run things in the background on the big day if necessary.

But of course, the streaming equipment, while necessary, is only the start. You’re going to need a whole host of additional event production equipment hire services to make your live stream the best it can possibly be!

Let’s start with live streaming lighting hire.

Live Streaming Lighting Hire From On Tour Events

Getting the lighting right for your live stream is absolutely critical. There’s nothing worse than viewers struggling to see who’s at the other end of the camera lens.

If you follow any YouTubers online, you may have noticed that they use very specific lighting types to illuminate their faces. Thus, if your event will primarily consist of talking heads, getting the same kind of lights is critical. Lucky for you, we’ve got a massive inventory of ARRI lights that are specifically designed for lighting live broadcast sets.

But suppose your event is a product launch or a hybrid event with physical audience members. In that case, you’re going to need to hire a full set of event lighting solutions appropriate for your specific occasion. If you’ve hired a stage or set (more on this later), then you’ll need fixtures such as intelligent moving head lights, spotlights, and even LED uplighters to set the mood for your event.

Hire Live Streaming Sound Equipment from On Tour Events

While you may not require massive PA speaker systems (unless you’re streaming an in-person event), your choice of sound equipment hire and in particular microphones will have a significant impact on your live stream’s overall success. You can’t expect to enjoy a rip-roaring success if no one can hear those on-camera speaking properly. We have a new live streaming section on the website which can be found here On Tour Events Live Streaming Services

In most instances, you’re going to want to choose a wireless microphone option such as a lapel mic or a handheld mic, since they afford you freedom of movement. But they do require receiver stations, so remember to take that into account.

Whether you want to go for a wired option like a shotgun mic instead is up to you. The point is that we stock every type of microphone imaginable so there’s no type of live stream we can’t comfortably cope with. We can also provide on-site sound engineers to mix the mic volumes of different guests, if you’re hosting an in-person industry panel, for example.

Hire a Stage, Set, and LED Screens for Your Live Stream

Let’s say you’re hosting a hybrid event with physical audience members, or you’re putting together an impressive virtual product launch event. In that case, you’re going to need to create the most professional set for your live stream that you possibly can.

Our team can design the set and provide all manner of staging services, no problem. We can either provide you with preset modular designs that can be customised with your company or event branding. Or we can create a completely custom solution for you from scratch. The choice is yours.

We would strongly recommend hiring one or many LED screens if you plan on showing any video content. These will be a given if you have physical guests, but they are every bit as effective for online-only live streams.

Here at On Tour Events, we have the best in the business. We supply industry-leading 3.9mm pixel pitch LED video panels that will keep viewers engrossed with delicious HD footage delivered with over 4,500+ nits of brightness.

New for 2021! On Tour Events Provides a Live Streaming Studio!

Yep, that’s right. We can now proudly announce that we have a purpose-built studio to broadcast your live stream from. We’ll have all of our equipment in a warehouse nearby to mobilise quickly for when your live streaming requests come in.

It’s based at an as-yet-unnamed Surrey location (we’ll reveal all in due course). But the important point is that we are now a full-service live-streaming production provider. We can handle all elements, including securing the venue!

By dealing with just one event production company, you can take advantage of our economies of scale and secure unbeatable prices on the quality of equipment and services we provide. By adding this final outstanding string to our bow, we are now one of the UK’s ONLY full-service live-streaming events companies.

Speak to On Tour Events Today About Your Live Streaming Requirements

Here at On Tour Events, we lead the way in modern audio visual AV services in London and surrounding areas. We can every single piece of equipment you could possibly need for your event including but not limited to:

  • Cameras

  • Stands and tripods

  • Specialist lighting equipment

  • Microphones

  • Live streaming hardware and software

  • LED screens

  • Set design services

  • Stage hire options

  • Props

  • Specifically-designed venue for live streaming broadcasts

  • And much, much more!

As mentioned, our live streaming studio is based in Surrey, but we serve all boroughs of London and the counties of Hampshire, Berkshire, Kent, Essex, and Hertfordshire to name but a fraction! We can also travel anywhere in the UK thanks to our subsidiary warehouses based in the North West and South East.

We’ve said it once, but we’ll say it again, we are a full-service live-streaming company based in London. We live stream all types of events, including but not limited to weddings, conferences, product launches, networking events, and office social events. You name it, we can live-stream it!

We are only one of a select few outfits offering this type of all-inclusive, hassle-free service, so get in touch with us quickly before demand outstrips supply!

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