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Take a Look into What an Audio Visual Hire Company Does With On Tour Events

Event Equipment Supplied by An Audio Visual Hire Company
Event Equipment Supplied by An Audio Visual Hire Company

If you are in the business of planning for a forthcoming London event - literally anything from a business meeting, an awards ceremony, training event, meetings, a music concert, to perhaps a conference, staff training or fashion show, a charity dinner, or a product launch, or even a private wedding party, we at On Tour Events in London are a company who know you're going to need some professional help to make that London event that extra bit special so make that call.

We all know that it doesn't matter how great your speakers are, how perfect your food and entertainment maybe, how amazing your location is, the best way to keep your audience’s attention at conferences or in fact any function, is that crucial feature that is as equally important and yet often overlooked – the audiovisual provision On Tour Events has over 25 years experience in delivering technical production solutions to the wedding, corporate & private event sectors.

What Does An Event Visual Company Offer Your Event?

If your audience cannot hear or see the event properly because the equipment isn't doing its job, you'll find that their attention could be quickly be lost. And we all know that there is nothing worse than trying to hear someone giving a speech, when the microphone keeps breaking down, or if there's interference in the transmission. Similarly, think how crazy it makes you feel if you are trying to see a computer-generated image on the video screen and the picture is bad and lacks control - if the images, content, tables and diagrams are fuzzy, or if the video wall screen is positioned badly so that not everyone in the audience can see it, then your audience will lose interest, and your event is a shambles.

These are, after all, extremely essential factors to ensure that the people who come to your event, stay for the whole time, so it is not surprising that conference and event organisers worry about getting them right - the first time. As the event planner, your main goal is to create an event that has a great impact, with great content, and effectively captures your attendees throughout and also enables your presenters to shine. In a market as competitive as London, that means taking a creative approach through the use of technology. Lighting hire in London, or London sound hire and LED video wall screen can play a huge role in the success of your overall event.

Creating a successful special event or production in today’s high tech audiovisual (AV) world should be number one on your menu, and means working with all of the necessary technology available to create an outstanding and memorable experience for everyone attending your function - and that means getting it right on the night (or day) - the first time. In seriously competitive markets like London, that means you planning an event starring exciting entertainment, stunning content, fantastic food, state-of-the-art sound, lighting, staging and often video - that means getting your technical equipment spot-on with you in full control.

London Venues

And as the event’s producer for your company, you'll have to balance a myriad of different and often complicated details - from finding the right venue address to the hiring of any caterers and staff, booking the entertainment, marketing, advertising - and of course, ensuring the audio visual equipment is working and adding justice, and all this is just for starters. Add to this exhausting mix, the complex technical production needs of even a small, or private event such as a wedding, and you’ve got a serious to-do list!

So, for an event, however large or small it is, to go without a technical hitch, you'll need the support of an exceptional audio visual company whose high-quality audio-visual equipment allows for more engaging presentations. It's not just the splashy affairs of the high-stakes company fund-raisers, or the slick product introductions, galas, conferences, or the rollicking celebrations that are organised by teams of party professionals that need help behind the scenes with their audio visual - conferences, music concerts, weddings, AGMs, sports festivals, as well as charity events also need the support of the experienced professional technicians with the highest-quality AV equipment and audio visual technology know-how to make your event stand out from the madding crowd.

So, it’s essential that you understand the audio visual process behind the magic of your event day, so you can map out your event's strategy accordingly, and see it grow from a great idea into an actual extraordinary event. Because behind the scenes of any successful function, there's usually a hive of activity going on that no one attending the actual event would even dream is happening. And that's where we at On Tour Events for London AV hire step in...

Ta da. Step in On Tour Events, London...

We can offer you the perfect package of event production hire for all types of events. On Tour Events, London is a well-established audio visual hire and event production company in London with many years of experience in providing sound and lighting solutions for corporate meeting and entertainment events, catering for all your AV hire needs, in a number of different venues.

Allow our AV team to light up your event, and you will receive a top class service from experienced event equipment hire, London professionals. Professional audio visual companies, like us, can make you create that magic and impact through the creative use of audio visual technology. We'll bring our experience, expertise, knowledge, talent and outstanding creativity to the table helping you to achieve your creative vision and to easily meet your goals.

What Does an Audio Visual Company Do?

Great audio visual companies specialise in creating custom content packages to suit the specific needs of meeting your event - you'll get the exact lighting, audio and video screen services you need, as well as a full-service package that includes all the staff you need for your set-up, the operation and the teardown. What's not to love?

Most audio visual companies believe in creating great audio solution content that matches your design aspirations for the room or conference centre - wherever your London venue is. Whether your room space needs a complex fixed installation or a dynamic set of wireless microphones, our company (On Tour Events) can advise, assist and install. We will also set up large LED screens around the venue or location for any projected visuals or presentations you may want to display. If you need a video presentation created, we have London trained videographers and editors who will help you create your vision.

Whether your function's ideas would benefit from a gentle, soothing ambience background music, or a full-blown rock concert with high-intensity effects, is just one of your a great many options, you can have installed. An audio installation does not just include audio conferencing and presentations, it extends to equipping your space with the video conference audio as well as voice reinforcement. So, taking into consideration space, presentations, and their specific needs is essential when determining the type of system needed. You can be certain that no matter your requirements, we will design a solution to suit your needs.

Audio visual companies all differ - some just hire equipment out in specific categories without the technical support, whereas other audio visual companies such as ours offer you the whole hiring and servicing package which ensures safety measures for even the biggest of ideas. Some events take a lot of planning in advance because you intend to invite some of the most important people in your company's business, and so there is plenty at stake.

When the event happens, you'll need to rely on all your suppliers and services to get things right. But getting it right isn’t just about luck, it’s about commitment to detail. So, perhaps you should hire the whole design package, after all, and opt for what audio visual companies can offer?

By having pre-planning meetings with audio visual companies allows your business to research and address creative and budgetary issues early on in the game.

Getting an A/V business company means they can bring their expertise to your business. If they are full production service, they can make sure every technical element of your production is integrated. You need to have the budget to make sure everything is covered with the best possible solutions for your venue. Let's make this happen together.

If you're planning an event, it is really tempting to look online at the internet for a menu of audio visual company content offering lighting, sound and projector hire to engage your audience into your presentations, amongst other ideas you'll possibly need for your event. Some audio visual companies also provide videography, photography services, a help desk, remote monitoring facilities and even interpretation services. Audio visual companies offer to take the stress away from you - that's why this is a multibillion-dollar industry... So, why not?

What Audio Visual Equipment Do you Need for an Event?

Audio visual planning refers to the planning and setting up the audio visual technology that will be used to display video or images, and broadcast audio at a business event - whatever the size of the function.

For most company events you'll need high quality equipment that should always thoroughly tested prior to use by qualified and experienced audio visual company technicians, engineers and crew who can work with your team to ensure that everything works perfectly on the day - the people, the set (or room), the stage, the lighting, the sound systems, the image…everything.

All you have to do is make preparations for audio visual coverage very early in your event planning by booking an audio visual company such as On Tour Events. Talk to us about the event, give us all the information we need in relation to anticipated audience numbers, the size of your chosen venue and the type of service you need to provide - and of course what budget you're working with.

You should add any details about any special requests such as conference links with speakers in other regions, outside London, or countries and whether translation services will be involved. The mark of a good AV company is one that can offer everything you need, from the beginning of your project until the end of the process of your

AV installation.

Give us the chance to go to your venue and assess the rooms that will be used. Seek our advice on the best type of audio visual equipment needed for the project and think about whether you want to have your own people taking responsibility for operating the equipment, or whether you want us to provide you with special visual or audio technicians.

Because using specialist audio visual technicians could definitely reduce the potential risks of problems arising, or anything going wrong with the equipment.

The technicians at our audio visual company will always have spare kit at hand, and will be able to react instantly to any signs of potential problems - the audio visual technician will be able to deal with an emerging problem before the conference organiser even knows that there is a problem!

Our audio visual company has a project group of specialists who are assigned to your specific project and they'll work closely with you to ensure they know the exact numbers for their services and equipment rentals to help you stay on budget. Their goal is to provide you with a top notch professional creative service within your budget, to help you to create the best event possible by coming up with solutions for any potential problems before D-Day.

Different types of events obviously have quite different requirements, but there’s some audio visual equipment that is frequently used and includes:

  • Mixer / soundboard

  • Lighting cables

  • Projectors

  • Microphones, transmitters, and receivers

  • Adapters and dongles to make sure everything can connect

  • LED video walls

  • Sound system equipment

  • Staging

  • Rigging

  • Lighting Fixtures

  • Special Effects

  • Custom drape

Audio visual companies tend to work by checking out the venue where you are going to hold the event, directly, so they are clear on a number of important subjects which will impact your function - electricity and wall plugs might sound simple but they are probably the most essential to guarantee the success of your event!

Often venues have their own audio but it's best to check with On Tour Events to see if the sound system & speakers cover the room appropriately

Audio Visual Companies

Audio visual companies such as our On Tours Events highly skilled engineers will ensure that your event will be brought to life through our high class technology, excellent services and attention to detail. Because of demand, many audio visual companies in London & Surrey have expanded from just hiring equipment, into event production whereby they help with the planning, production and the bringing together of every bit of a successful event.

From everything from lighting control desks to sound mixers and PA systems, from video to speakers and stages, and from screens to state-of-the-art technology, an audio visual company like On Tour Events can take you in the right direction by offering a multitude of services.

Our specialist team can help by with working with your chosen venue including hotels, studios, conference centres, exhibition arenas, and theatres as well as in-house venues to provide the onsite audio visual technicians you require for your kind of event.

On Tour Events are also happy to create bespoke sets for your event and to design dance floors, presentation lecterns exhibition panels, a stage - no matter where or what the room, we can supply the light, and sound to make your company conference, or whatever, the great success you want it to be.

As part of this managed service, our AV technicians and Video Production Managers will direct the organisation of your daily events, as well as maintaining and servicing any audio visual systems our company has installed, and we’ll oversee your video conferencing to ensure any presentations go smoothly.

Our onsite technicians’ main goal is to support you in the management of all the audio visual technology our company has provided, and we’ll work out the best solutions to the audio visual equipment for its use for your further advantage.

Other things that audio visual companies do include working closely with venues like hotels, studios, exhibition arenas and even company head offices - by forming close partnerships with them for their audio visual services. Professional audio visual companies can help you to add that special magic and impact through their creative use of technology.

Audio Visual Company Hire

If you decide you just want to hire your audio visual equipment yourself, this is known as 'dry hire' - which basically means that once you've hired the kit, you'll set the equipment up and then operate it yourself. However, you might decide to 'wet hire' which, in a nutshell means you're going to pay the audio visual company's technicians to install and operate the audio visual equipment for you... Audio visual companies can take all the headache out of setting up your sound and lighting equipment, to putting it away after your function.

If you require a full service, an audio visual companies' goal is to make sure every technical factor of your event is completely integrated and we'll work together with you to give your event a unified look. Pre-planning allows you to look at any creative and budgetary issues from the onset. Working with a company that has expertise experience in this London market means we will probably have had previous experience working with your venue and therefore can bring that prior knowledge to the table which will help making the planning process even more efficient.

Here to Help...

As we are the London AV hire company, we are bang-up-to-date in our knowledge of the latest audio visual technology in all areas including video, sound, lighting and staging, and we're extremely proficient in their use. We usually have the audio visual items and services needed in our inventory - microphones, screens, lighting, and even if we don’t, we will know whom to call to get it to your venue, no matter where it is.

We can also provide you with an experienced event production manager who can act as a liaison with your speakers, actors, guests etc. Having a production manager also gives your function albeit a corporate presentation or conference, a concert, or even an intimate wedding, an extra air of professionalism. And just think of the time you’d save by not having to research and hunt down the latest lighting technology or presentation lectern and your energies can be redirected towards more you-critical jobs!

The right audio visual planning can therefore make your event - so, you'll need dedicated professional audio visual staff who can help plan your extraordinary event, however ordinary it might realistically be - from start to finish, so you can have a special event that is on time and to budget ...

So, if you're in the business of planning an event, regardless of its scale or budget, whether it's a corporate or private function, you'll probably know you'll need various pieces of audio visual equipment to make it go smoothly - equipment such as microphone hire, lighting hire, London and projector hire. This means you're very likely going to have to turn to an audio visual company to hire their specialised equipment with their bespoke solutions.

Event Production

But AV equipment hire isn't the only thing that audio visual companies do, as many audio visual companies have now expanded into event production. A professional technical event production company is an extra set of eyes and hands that can help you stay focused on the big picture. While they are there to provide technical support and equipment as their main focus, as a major part of their job, they will also be aware of all the details of the overall design and the aesthetic desire you want for your event. Therefore a huge part of their job is to ensure creative continuity and they'll work to ensure your event’s overall aesthetic to help maintain your vision is achieved in the way you want by offering a variety of products and solutions.

Conceptualising, managing and producing a large or small-scale special event is a challenging endeavour for anyone. Even really experienced and seasoned producers can become overwhelmed by unexpected events, even if contingency plans are already in place.

Audio visual companies such as On Tour Events will appoint a dedicated project manager to ensure you have a single point of contact who understands and appreciates every single aspect of your event down to the smallest detail.

Our team works with their clients to create professional stage design, stage and lighting, transport, logistics, and health and safety to ensure your conference/presentation/meeting or whatever function runs smoothly. Our wide range of audio visual equipment caters to all production requirements, including customisable lecterns, comfort monitor systems, speaker preview solutions, as well as presenter cue light systems.

Our events team will ensure that a full team of experienced staff is available from sound technicians right through to drivers, electricians and runners. One huge advantage of working with professional audio visual companies is the full-service benefits they provide for their clients.

For further details on how we can help you exactly with cutting-edge AV solutions, give us a phone call on the number below.

On Tour Events: Technical Audio Visual Event Services London
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