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On Tour Events is a collaboration & merger of individual sound, lighting, video, staging & set hire companies. We are a knowledgeable & experienced event production hire company with locations in London, Surrey & Manchester.


Over 25 years experience working in the events industry we are one of the UK's leading event production companies. Our approach ensures that it's easy & cost efficient when working with us. 


We offer reliable & professional services at a fair & reasonable price point. On Tour Events is a group of friendly, proactive audio visual production specialists from LED screens, sound, to lighting design, custom stage sets & live streaming services we cover all areas of event production. ​


You can find out more about On Tour Events by reading our Q&A section below where will be answering some of the most popular questions asked giving you a better idea of our company & the work we undertake. 


So if your planning a conference & need a reliable AV company to stream your event to your guests no problem, if your planning a wedding & need a AV hire company to help with lighting & sound we can help or if you need to hire a large outdoor covered stage for your concert again On Tour Events stocks the right gear needed for any event or production




On Tour Events is about being creative with the space & budget that's available for your event, we believe that we are in one of the strongest positions, leading the market in AV event production & we have a long-standing reputation for being trusted, reliable & doing exactly what was agreed. 


With an extensive client list in all sectors our knowledge field & understanding of diversity across different event sectors puts our company exactly where we want to be: Leading with creativity


Having creative ideas is one thing but you also need to stock the right equipment & the right amount to be able to produce the high level standard of production our clients expect at their event. On Tour Events has warehouse space allowing us to not only pre-build custom stage platforms & exhibition stands but it also allows for a complete mock up of the production before the event date. Lighting & sound is also factored in at this point.


We also offer full 3D renders of your technical production giving you the flexibility of seeing what your event will look like before committing to the sign off. 


Looking at live streaming your next event? On Tour Events is a London based live streaming company offering live streaming services across London, Surrey, Manchester & the UK. Plan your next hybrid event at our newly built live streaming TV studio in Surrey or hire us to stream your event at any given location in the UK. We can stream your event from anywhere & provide bonded 4G / 5G wireless internet where your venue or location doesn't have a hardwired connection.


On Tour Events is a Black Magic, Canon & ARRI lighting products stockist (all highly regarded in the TV and film industry). On Tour Events can live stream exhibitions, virtual awards shows, hybrid conferences, and social media events. We also have solutions in place to stream funerals & weddings. So if you're looking for a London based audio visual company that can reliable stream your event you have found the solution with On Tour Events. 


So where did it start for On Tour Events? How did On Tour Events become one of the leading sound hire, event lighting, creative staging & LED video wall hire companies across London & the rest of the country. 


Like a lot of AV hire companies we started off in the sound hire industry which quickly grow to include supplying event lighting for weddings and small corporate events around London & Surrey. Within a matter of a couple of years we were providing custom creative staging solutions for conferences, building truss & supplying lighting for exhibitions which then lead us into a designing & building custom exhibition stands incorporating LED screens or a plasma screen into the stage set, we worked in this industry for just over 7 years before moving once again into larger productions.  


While we were growing a firm reputation in London we also were supplying technical production services to a number of local sound & lighting AV companies in Surrey, where we would work as a white label events company providing mostly technical sound, lighting & staging services to the wedding industry & for larger marquess companies in Surrey who had customers looking for a professional production package included with the marquee.  


16 years later & we are still providing audio visual & event services to a number of lighting & sound hire companies in Surrey, so much so that we opened a smaller site in Surrey allowing us to service current clients but also the growing our business & relationships in the vast corporate events industry that Surrey seems to offer. It also helps with the wedding planners we have built up a trusted relationship & still work with today providing our wedding production services too. 


Ask any of the event / wedding planners in Surrey if they have heard of On Tour Events from London we are confident that the feedback will only be positive. It has taken many years to build such a trusted & proven reputation for delivering exceptional events & production but it's what we love & it means a lot to us.


What is a ''turnkey'' event production package & what does it include?


A turnkey event production package is where a company like us provide you a service whereby you only need to use one hire company or one supplier.


For instance, if you were looking to hire staging from one company, lighting from another company and PA speakers from another hire company, you're now dealing with three separate hire companies to achieve the same results. Whereas turnkey covers everything in house, this is where On Tour Events comes into its own....


We have pre-made turnkey event production packages for all event types, for all sizes of events and we have found that our vast catalogue of options sets us apart from other technical event production companies. Easiest way to book one of our turnkey event production packages for one of your conferences, award shows or gala dinners is to contact us via phone or email with a brief outline of what you're looking to achieve, the type of event/s you are planning, the must haves and as always an idea as to the budget you're working to always helps.


We normally respond with a quote within 24 to 48 hours and within this proposal you will clearly see all elements of the production split down into individual costs so you know what you're paying for the sound, for the stage, projectors, microphones, for the lighting and for the LED screen(s) - all of our quotes and proposals are valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated in the email to you.


How long has On Tour Events been running as a technical event production and audio visual hire company?


To quickly answer this question, we have been working in the event production industry for 28 years! On Tour Events was a merger of four different hire companies coming together to offer a slick, streamlined audio-visual production service across the country.

The collaboration of these companies means that we have team members who specialise in each section of our business whether this is live sound reinforcement (sound engineers), event lighting design (lighting technicians), conference or award show set design or understanding the technical aspects of installing LED screens for a production.


We have a small strong dedicated team of 5 who run the day-to-day business at On Tour Events & between us we have worked on over 1500 corporate events, with many of these events being held in London at prestigious venues where we are noticed and recommended as the preferred in-house AV supplier. If you would like a list of the venues that we have worked for as references from 3rd party organisations, then please feel free to email or call us and we'll be happy to send these over. Don't forget to check online our testimonials- browse over the reviews and you'll see that our reputation is faultless, and our very human and personal experience is nothing but exceptional.


What industries do you work in & is there any services you don't offer?


We primarily work in the corporate event sector designing and producing award shows, gala dinners, bespoke conference sets while also supplying power, rigging, projectors, microphones & LED screens to the exhibition market.

There isn't anything we don't offer to be honest (well there was that one time we were asked to build a floating stage off a pier!) We don't offer dry hire options or any form of a self-collection service as all our kit, regardless of what is being supplied, is always delivered setup and engineered by one of our experienced teams.


If you're looking to hire a small sound setup for a couple of conference presentations or maybe you're looking to hire a simple wedding lighting package then please email or call us for a quote as you might be surprised as to how competitive we are even when your equipment is delivered and setup by one of our team.


You offer 3D production renders but do we have to pay for these?


Maybe this should have been one of the first questions that we had answered because this is one of the most asked... '' do we have to pay for the 3D renders?'' - the short answer is no but the real answer is somewhere in between so let us explain.

Let's say you're getting married and you want to use a trusted wedding lighting hire company like ourselves, you approach that company and explain what sort of lighting you would like, how you would like the event to feel and maybe you have some pictures of other events you have seen on the internet. Or maybe you have seen an example on an Instagram page, and you would like the same. Ok so far so good.


We will always send you a full proposal and quote based on your requirements and needs & within this proposal we offer all of our clients an additional option of being sent a full 3D render of the proposed production (in terms of lighting & layout) but to allow us to do this we have to first have a site visit and secondly ascertain all of the power and rigging requirements needed to produce your event which is charged at £275 plus VAT for this service but if you are to accept our quote you are refunded the full £275.

As much as we would love to offer completely free renders to all customers wanting just a ''quote'' unfortunately this has been abused in the past so we opted for this fair solution allowing us to still offer completely FREE 3d production renders to serious clients.


Do you have a gallery where we can see the events you have worked on?


Yes, here at On Tour Events we have several social media platforms allowing us to showcase past and present events we have worked on or produced completely in house by ourselves. Below you will find links to our Instagram and YouTube channel & you will also see on our website we have a gallery section, but this is just a feed from our official Instagram page.


Something to bear in mind.... when you're looking over our photos we might have only supplied one aspect of the production for instance we build a lot of festival stages and sometimes we are not the event lighting or audio supplier, so if you see something and you're not quite sure if this was provided by On Tour Events please feel free to call or email us and we can explain exactly our involvement with that event at which point we can then discuss how we can help you.

Our new YouTube channel is slowly taking shape but please bear with us while we build this platform.


What sets you apart from other technical event production companies?


The main thing that sets On Tour Events apart from other audio visual production companies, is that we stock the sound, all of the lighting (including lighting control desks, the staging, the set and the screens needed to produce your event in house without the need of a third party. We cannot stress how much time, money and energy is saved by using just one company for your technical event production needs and of course there are always times when certain events require third-party. We understand this but 70% of the time customers who contact us having had previous issues with other suppliers are delighted to hear all the aspects of their production are coming from just one company.


One of the major issues when you have three or four suppliers in one venue is timing and planning. Every audio-visual company works in a slightly different way and having three or 4 different companies involved working on one event can sometimes cause disorganisation and stress. When we turn up on time smartly dressed to load into your venue rest assured that we have everything with us, all of the sound, all of the staging, all of the power, all of the rigging required, the right size LED screen and the right spec LED screen with the right cables with no complications as to who is supplying what. Everything is taken care of by On Tour Events making your experience as an event planner or an event organiser stress free.


We been using the same audio visual company for sometime now but we are looking to change supplier, why should we choose On Tour Events?


This question is very similar to the last question so I won't go over old ground but essentially what we have found over the years is when you don't look around for any new or creative companies you may find that your current list of suppliers aren’t motivated to innovate or change anything and let's be honest why would they if you keep booking the same AV company? You will keep getting the same results and if you're happy with the results then fantastic but if you are looking to change there must be a reason why, there must be something that maybe you feel could be improved upon.


Well at On Tour Events we are creative & helpful so why not call or email and let's see how we can help you and your event. As stated in the above question one of the main reasons our clients like working with us is because we offer a turnkey solution for your event meaning you only have to deal with one company and that one company supplies all of your audio visual, staging, LED screen, set design & production needs on the day of your event


Do you stock weatherproof outdoor LED screens as well as indoor screens?


We stock three different LED screen systems. These range in tile size, pixel density and the ability to be able to use them indoors and outdoors. You cannot take a normal LED panel or LED screen and use it outside unless it's fully IP rated / waterproof and is manufactured to work outside in the damp, in the cold and with high levels of moisture. Many of our corporate festival clients find it challenging to find a company that provides not only small pixel (below 6mm pitch) big outdoor LED screens but it is also hard to find an LED screen supplier who stocks a product which has the brightness to deal with daytime events.


There's nothing worse than trying to watch a football game, tennis game or maybe the F1 racing on a nice sunny day only to find that you can't actually see what's happening on the screen because it's just not bright enough in direct sunlight.... This is a common issue and common problem found within the events industry and is very important that when you book or hire an outside LED screen you must make sure that it has the capability of at least 5000NITS (NITS is very similar to lumens and is how you determine the brightness between each LED screen system - the higher the NIT rating the brighter the screen will be)

Don't worry our screens are 100% dimmable which means as the evening gets darker the screen automatically adjusts giving you the best picture quality and contrast on the day of your event.


Your website talks about staging but do you hire out complete festival stages?


At On Tour Events we have two different staging systems. One of our staging systems is used for building conference sets, conference stages and catwalks whilst the other is used for small to large outdoor events for live bands and festival stages. When we use the term, festival stages what we mean is these are stages which have been manufactured specifically for the use of being used outside for live bands or DJ festivals. Our mobile stages have an arched roof giving you a slick modern feel to your outdoor event. We also offer additions like PA towers, PA wings for sound or LED video screen for branding exercises.


Alongside the above we also supply stage extensions, stage ramps and of course our extensive sound, lighting & LED screen inventory to build a number of turnkey festival stage hire packages which we have put together over the years having worked with a lot of small to medium and some large festivals. Sometimes our clients aren’t looking for exactly this service so if you would like to talk to us and discuss a more bespoke festival stage then of course we will be more than happy to help. We have a very good, strong understanding of what works within certain budgets in certain locations and our knowledge in this field is extensive.


Where are you based & what areas do you cover? It says you're in London, Surrey & Manchester


On Tour Events has three office locations and two warehouse locations. Our main office & warehouse is in London, our second office is in Surrey on the border of Hampshire and we have a third office with warehouse in Manchester. Site visits are by appointment only as we are often either out on a site visit discussing projects with clients or we are loading or unloading for an event. If you would like to meet up, please feel free to call or email us and arrange a convenient time for you.


Please note we do not offer any sales or dry hire services from any of our locations. A lot of our clients are based either in or around London or further north, up towards Manchester but we are not limited to these locations as we are often working in places such as Devon, Wales, Scotland to Jersey and we spent a good part of 2018 in Portugal. We have supplied the event production for a corporate client of ours in Germany for the past 6 years and we even took a four-month tour around France for a motorbike exhibition so any location is fine with us, just tell us when & where!


We are really happy with the quote & production proposal, what are your payment terms?


We try to keep things very simple, our payment terms work as follows: Once you are happy with our proposal, you've read over the quote & you've decided that you would like to proceed, we require a 25% reservation fee which will hold our services & the said equipment as per your quote, for the times & dates as agreed in the proposal. The second part of your payment is required before any prep starts or any build takes place but of course you will be notified of this date within your proposal and quote & is generally 14 days before your event. This can change depending on the scale and scope of your project as materials and labour can differ hugely from production to production. On some occasions we get asked if we offer any payment terms such as 30, 60 or we've been asked to provide 120-day terms on invoices. This is not something that we currently offer.


Do you offer a delivery / dry hire service? We only need to hire a small sound system with wireless microphone for our conference


Although we have mentioned this in some of the other questions above we thought we would add this one to the website because although we do mention that we don't offer a dry hire service it's a question that keeps coming up and maybe this is because some clients might have felt at one time that we only provide equipment for large scale events. That is just not true as many of our clients only ever need a few uplighters in a room with a small stage carpeted, a nice neat perspex truss lectern and a small distributed conference sound system with lapel mics and handheld wireless mics for the audience this is what we would class as a small sound and lighting conference package.


We certainly offer this service & that’s with or without all the above, but all our audio-visual conference packages always include a technician on site. This is because our track record means a lot to us and we want to make sure that any event where our gear is being used we prefer to have a representative of our company on site should there be any confusion or issues while your event is running.


Is it possible to come along & see what you do at an event?


We have a large and extensive catalogue of photos & videos of a huge number of events that we have provided our technical production services for but on occasions we do get asked by potential clients if they can come to see some of our productions first-hand. Unfortunately, unless it is a public event this is completely out of our control and is not something which we would entertain.

If you're just a "menu browser" at this point, luckily we do provide our services at a lot of public open-air festivals, trade shows, running festivals, food festivals & car motoring shows all of which will be happy to supply you free access* for a few hours so you can see for yourself what we do & how we work (*Please note that we have to first ask the event organisers before this could be agreed).


What sound & lighting equipment do you stock & do you have a full price list?


We don't have a hire price list like some sound and lighting hire companies, as their prices are for individual pieces of kit & this is normally because they offer an equipment rental service where you can hire or pick up or have delivered one piece or a section of lighting for example. Or maybe it's another AV company and they need to hire in extra LED screen which is something we get asked all the time, another company will call and ask if they can hire a spare 20 panels of LED screen but this isn't a service that we offer and this is why we don't have a price list in the traditional sense.


What we do have is a brochure with examples of turnkey packages covering all sectors so whether you're looking to hire lighting for your wedding or a complete package for your conference, or award show, or maybe you have been tasked with finding an exhibition AV hire company who can supply you the rigging, LED screen, lighting and power. Well we have pre-made very clear pricing structures in our brochure allowing you to pick an off the shelf production package and establish a basic price range.

If you are looking for something a little bit more bespoke or you want to be more creative and develop a "menu" of ideas, what this will do is it will give you an idea (rough price range) as to what something costs from On Tour Events & how much is it to hire us to provide the audio visual equipment your conference.


We have a preferred sound, lighting or stage supplier but would like you to supply X or Y is this still possible?


This one is something we would have to look at case-by-case. Essentially you don't have to use all of our services it's just something that we offer, so if you have a preferred sound hire company that you would like to use for your award show or conference, of course absolutely no issue with us if we are supplying the LED screen or event lighting and of course we are happy to work alongside them in a professional manner as anybody would expect. One thing we don't do is we don't share services so if you were to ask us to provide you all of the live sound gear for an artist or band but you would like to hire the mixing desk from one company, the radio mics from another company, the backline from another company etc this would be something which we would have to discuss as it gets very complicated when you have more than one supplier on one aspect of the production.


We have events taking place across the UK & Europe, do you work abroad?


We covered this in question 10 but this is a little bit more specific about do we work across the UK and Europe as opposed to where we are located. Again, as answered in question number 10, yes, we work all over the UK and we work anywhere within Europe. We are advising all our clients at present to allow an additional 2 months of planning if your conference or production is going to take place across Europe due to changes in the law with reference to Brexit.

Let's keep this on a lighter note & remember there aren't any issues and of course we make sure there are no delays or issues at customs - we use one of the industry's leading event logistics companies for all trucking and this means stress free service from start to completion.


We are looking at a number of venues & we would like a site visit to discuss our production requirements, is this something you charge for?


You may be looking at a number of venues but you would feel more comfortable having a professional events company there with you, after all this is what we specialise in! Maybe there would be things which you don't see or maybe you don't realise at the time for example if you were to put a stage in a certain place there could be a fire exit blocked or the power in the room is located in such a way that you need to design a plan or lay cable around doorways or drape it in a certain way. Therefore, some people prefer assistance from the start!


We do not charge for site visits or quotes. The only time we charge is if you are after a full event production proposal with 3D drawing and renders, which we have already covered in question and answer 4, but to explain again we charge £275 plus VAT for us to produce you a set of 3D rendered drawings of your production & send you a detailed proposal for your event. Now if you were to use our services that £275 is deducted off your quote. Unfortunately drawing and lighting software packages are extremely expensive and one of our event designers will spend a minimum of 10 to 12 hours designing your event and of course we have to safeguard ourselves from misuse of this service by charging a small fully refundable fee on acceptance of a proposal.


What's the difference between a sound or lighting hire company & a technical production company like yourselves?


There is a huge difference between a sound and lighting hire company and a technical event production company offering event production services. To explain quickly what the main differences are: Your normal everyday sound and lighting hire company often deal with 15 to 50 customers on a weekend, sometimes in the peak of season these companies can deal with up to 60 or 70 customers in one weekend. These companies often offer a dry hire sound and lighting service or delivery service as well as a DIY pick it up party service.


There is nothing wrong with this and these are very successful business models, but when you are producing & designing an event to a high level & standard, you can only work on one to two events at a time and the larger events you could be up to 2 weeks just on prep, so yes there is a difference. You have our attention, we don't ever stretch ourselves or overwork ourselves to the point where we feel it will compromise an event because at that point you are doing too much. Far too often this happens within the events industry as the ''stack it high, sell it cheap’’ model doesn't work over time.... We prefer to do it once & do it right.


Where can I find your social media pages & do you have a YouTube page?


You will find links to our official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and. We do our best to share as much information as possible but some of the events we work on are private events where they have asked for no photos to be taken on site & shared. Please note some of the pictures and videos that you will see in our portfolios and across our social media pages are from third-party event photographers / film companies where we have asked permission to use their photos beforehand.


Also please bear in mind that sometimes we are just the main stage supplier we are not supplying other aspects of production on site but this is normally noted below in the description of each picture detailing what it is and what On Tour Events has supplied in terms of production. If you see something you like, please feel free to email or call us to discuss how we can make your event even more creative.


I am an event planner who would like to use your technical event production services but are you willing to work under my brand & company?


Absolutely an obvious yes! In fact, this is something that event planners and event organisers and, in some cases, other rental companies like about our service and that is it is completely free of any company branding in terms of our flight cases, vehicles and crew wear. All our equipment is unbranded apart from flight case numbers allowing us to work with other hire companies, event planners & organisers meaning there's never any worry or confusion with your client. If you would prefer us to also wear YOUR branded crew workwear, then we have no issue with this our only goal is getting in on time, in place and produce a quality event. We will let our work do the talking.

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