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On Tour Events Talks About TV & Film Lighting Hire in London and Surrey

TV Film Lighting & Screen Setup in London
TV Film Lighting & Screen Setup in London

With the world slowly returning to normal, demand for TV and specialist film lighting hire is rising. With many TV and film studios now returning to pre-pandemic levels of operation, we thought now is a great time to remind people of everything we can offer to clients in this specific industry.

So whether you are working on your first-ever feature-length film or you are gearing up for production on a television series, we’ll tell you a little bit about how On Tour Events is helping clients in London, Surrey, and across the rest of the UK.

But first, let’s take a look at studio lighting hire itself and how it differs pretty significantly from more traditional event lighting fixtures.

How TV & Film Lighting is Different to Event Lighting

If you’ve been in the industry for a long time, we may well be treading over old ground here, so please bear with us. However, if you are still navigating your way through the television or film industry, it’s important to inform you about how these specific lighting fixtures are very different from the standard fare you might use for other events.

You see, in many cases, lighting in the film industry isn’t necessarily about providing light for functional purposes as a spotlight does on a stage, for example. Instead, it’s about lighting the actors in front of the camera or artificially recreating light that should naturally appear in a scene.

For instance, a significant proportion of TV lighting hire is dedicated to recreating daylight in settings whereby the real thing doesn’t provide enough light for filming. The other issue is when you introduce lights to a set, you create shadows, a real problem for filming. Thus, you introduce even more lighting fixtures to offset the so-called “key” lights put in place for filming a scene, such as side lights.

The other way in which film or studio lighting fixtures differ is through their specificity. Rarely, if ever, will you hire a generic lighting fixture for filming. Instead, they all have specific lighting temperatures, colours, and bulbs to ensure they perform precisely as intended.

In many cases, film lighting requires specific lighting attachments to create the desired effect. For instance, softboxes, “barn doors,” spill rings, diffusions, filters, and light reflectors are all familiar sights on a production set.

With those distinctions covered, it’s also worth spending a moment to cover what these specific types of lights are capable of in terms of use cases.

TV, Film, and Studio Lighting Use Cases

While this type of lighting undoubtedly does what it says on the tin, it goes deeper than that. Yes, obviously, these types of lighting fixtures are used widely across the film and television industry. However, they are also constantly in use for all sorts of events that may require filming and recording equipment.

For example, conference events are increasingly going hybrid. In other words, they are hosting in-person audiences whilst simultaneously beaming their content around the world via live streaming services. Exhibitions, product launches, and trade shows are no different.

Suddenly you can begin to understand the number of events that benefit from this type of specialist lighting. If cameras are recording on-site, then chances are you will need proper TV-style lighting fixtures on hand to ensure that those on camera look the best they can for the audiences watching back at home.

That goes for events of all sizes too. It doesn’t matter if you are an up-and-coming YouTuber or an established music festival recording artist interviews. There are literally hundreds of events every year that benefit from investing in this specific type of lighting.

So without further ado, let’s tell you a little bit more about what we have in stock for you at On Tour Events.

Hire Industry-Leading ARRI Lights from On Tour Events

If you’ve been reading our event production services blog for a while, you’ll know by now that we only stock the best brands in the business, no matter the type of equipment it is. Thus it will not come as a shock that we operate the same policy regarding studio lighting.

As the heading suggests, we only stock ARRI lighting fixtures, widely regarded as the highest-quality brand in the business. More specifically, we have invested heavily in their range of LED fixtures.

Not only can they deliver the piercingly bright light required for filming, but they have become much better at mimicking natural light and even tungsten lamps that give off a much warmer colour. That said, we also have a range of more traditional film light hire options in stock, including lights with tungsten bulbs.

Another brilliant feature of ARRI lights is that most of them boast at least IP 23 ratings (some fixtures offer much higher), meaning you can continue to film outdoors if the weather lets you down.

If you’ve spent any time in the TV or film industry, you will be well aware of the costs involved in temporarily shutting down a production (due to inclement weather or otherwise). Therefore, having this kind of protection in place can be a godsend when the clouds draw in and when, coincidentally, your dependence on exterior lighting increases even further.

Of course, TV lighting hire wouldn’t be complete without an equally extensive set of accessories. We can supply our clients with the following list of add-ons to our ARRI fixtures:

  • Softboxes

  • Domes

  • Barn doors

  • Spill rings

  • Diffusions

  • Filters

  • Light reflectors

  • B-mounts

  • Snoots

  • Louvers

  • Scrims

  • Cabling

  • Grips

  • And much, much more!

This isn’t the whole list of accessories, but merely a selection of the most common additional devices we get asked to supply. So if you’re ever unsure if we stock an item, just ask! The chances are we do.

Lastly, we also provide a whole range of supporting equipment such as stands, rigging, mounts, and other necessary equipment such as carry bags as part of our standard TV lighting hire packages.

Oh, and there’s something else we should probably tell you about – we can also provide you with the venue for your shoot!

On Tour Events Opens Surrey-based Filming Studio

Yes, that’s right. Not only can we supply you with all of the lighting equipment you could possibly need, but we can also provide you with the studio within which you can film your project. Based in Surrey (ask us for details of its location), our live-streaming/filming studio is set up and ready to go for all types of broadcasts and recording sessions.

Whether you are recording a television program or you want to host an online stream, our studio has all of the studio lighting, audio technology, and set equipment you might need for your specific needs.

We’ve hosted everything from cooking programs to live gaming streams. Plus, we even have room for a studio audience should you want that as part of your recording experience. All you have to do is tell us what you need from the studio, and we’ll crack on right away and set it all up for you. Then, all you have to do is turn up! How’s that for a hassle-free solution?

It’s a great setup if you’ve got any of the following in mind:

  • Virtual conferences

  • Product Launches

  • YouTube Streams

  • Fashion Events

  • Esports Tournaments

  • Social Media Events

  • Book Readings

  • Live Speeches

  • Pre-recorded or live TV programs

  • Product Demos

  • TV and online adverts

  • And many, many more!

As we’ve said, it’s a really flexible space fully laden with top-notch kit, which is ready whenever you are (subject to availability).

Don’t Forget You Can Hire Additional Production Equipment from On Tour Events Too

While we are proud of our TV or film lighting hire packages, don’t forget that we can supply all manner of event production equipment. We are so much more than an event lighting hire company. For instance, we can also supply state-of-the-art sound equipment, design custom sets and stages, and we can even supply power generators for when you are filming in the middle of nowhere.

If there’s anything you need to hire for your film or TV production, the chances are that not only do we stock it, but we also carry the best brand in that respective industry. We won’t be the cheapest, but what we will never be beaten on is value for money. No one else in London, Surrey, or the rest of the UK, for that matter, can provide the same quality of equipment for the same price.

So whether you need expansive truss structures and rigging to film your extravagant final set piece or you need LED screens as part of your TV set, we can help. Plus, by hiring everything you need from one contractor, you can significantly reduce costs and eliminate time wasted toing and froing between suppliers.

Our job is to make your life as easy as possible, and we take great pride in our long track record of working with many leading London-based television and film production companies.

Why Choose On Tour Events for Your TV & Film Light Hire Needs?

If you need a London-based company to supply all manner of production equipment quickly, then we might well provide the answer you are looking for. Not only do we carry an extensive inventory of impressive ARRI lights, but we can react quickly to changing demands and provide all manner of additional production equipment, including microphones, to ensure your filming runs as smoothly as possible.

Better still, we can both design and build custom sets for your television (and even film productions. No other events company is quite as flexible when it comes to the TV and film industry. Our work in this industry is not merely a nice add-on. We have been supplying our specialist equipment to production teams for over two decades, and our track record speaks for itself.

Lastly, we can bring our knowledge from the events industry to help you create specific setups or scenes for your production. Given how many strings we have to our collective bow, we can work with you on overall production design and liaise with key stakeholders to provide insights into what can be achieved with the equipment you have.

As you might have guessed, we are far more than an equipment hire company. And if you want to keep us at arm’s length, that’s fine too! We are here to provide as much or as little support as you need for a successful production.

Contact On Tour Events Today To Secure Your Studio Lighting Hire

With filming and events now back in full swing, equipment is unsurprisingly getting booked up. Our TV lighting fixtures are no exception as the film and television industry is gearing up for a busy year of filming in the UK.

Therefore, if you know that you are going to need concerning lighting fixtures and other similar production equipment, it’s vital that you get in touch with us sooner rather than later. As they say, when it’s gone, it’s gone. With some productions lasting weeks, it’s better to have your equipment secured today and relax rather than scrambling around at the last minute and overpaying for sub-standard equipment.

Here at On Tour Events, we are available 8 ‘till 8 on weekdays, and we often reply to urgent email correspondence over the weekends. So feel free to get in touch with us as soon as you know what you need, and we’ll have a no-obligation quote back to you within 24 hours.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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