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A London Audio Visual Hire Company




Whether you are looking to hire audio visual equipment for your awards ceremonies, corporate events, weddings, gala dinners, or product launches, we are able to supply all of the necessary sound equipment, event lighting hire, LED screen, additional AV equipment, custom staging & backdrops.


We have a range of off the shelf pre-made event production packages as well as offering a fully bespoke event design service, including 3D renders of the proposed production. With 25+ years of working in the events space, On Tour Events is a leading technical event production company in London.





Ok, well, you have found the right company! On Tour Events have over 25 years of experience building custom tiered stages, installing large bespoke LED screens and designing & creating unique lighting hire designs, having worked alongside some of the UK's leading event planners and project managers with clients in both corporate and private sectors.

We have pre-made event equipment packages including stages, flown lighting systems, and stage sets with integrated LED screens.


Generally, we have an off-the-shelf package that is suitable for most events. So if you're looking to rent any form of audio visual equipment (AV hire) or staging, we are certainly a company that can help. 


Our team are one of the most experienced in the event space. We offer event production support to clients across all industry sectors. Whether you are putting together corporate conferences or an awards ceremony, our event management and hire services are the best in the business.



How long have you been working in the hospitality events industry supplying audio visual equipment?


On Tour Events is a merger of individual sound, event lighting, screen & stage hire companies. We have worked in this industry for over 25 years working on some of the most prestigious event productions across the UK & Europe. Not many can match our experience within the industry. Our people deliver outstanding event experiences and never settle for anything less.


We believe that our team of technicians and engineers separate us from other audio visual companies in the UK. We have multiple dedicated team members who have specialised in one field for many years.

This has also been streamlined, so we are able to offer an extremely easy to use design & equipment hire service.


What sets you apart from other technical event production companies in London?


We believe that our unique approach to the events industry sets us apart from most other event production companies. So, what is so unique about On Tour Events?


Well, we are suitable for every type of event, whether you are planning a new product launch, your yearly conference or exhibition and you are looking for audio visual equipment. Or you are looking for a new conference AV supplier, planning a festival, and you need to hire a stage with all the relevant sound, lighting and LED screen for an awards show.


We firmly believe we are the best in the business and our long list of prestigious clients reflects that fact. We started as a family business and continue to rely on a small team of immensely talented guys and girls to bring everything together and make it all work!


But enough about our team. We also feel that it is rare to find a company that stocks everything in house & we also have a huge catalogue of off-the-shelf event production packages ready to go, allowing you to add your branding and creative touch with ease and at an amazing price point.


There are lots of technical audio visual companies, some only offer staging whilst some specialise in sound, and there are other companies that concentrate solely on event lighting. Whereas On Tour Events cover everything under one roof, one brand & under one company making designing, planning and running your event a lot easier.


One specific reason for this is, in a lot of cases, we are the only event supplier on-site, meaning less stress and more organisation. It's a much better event management experience. With a unified team of technicians and engineers, you can make a variety of changes to your equipment requirements without worrying about the impacts on logistics, third parties, delivery vans, the needs of additional contractors, or the way your chosen location will look.


THAT'S what it means to have a true events partner, rather than hiring a contractor for each category such as projection or video services. Our clients can relax safe in the knowledge that their trusted partner is handling their awards ceremony production that will no doubt impress and touch their audience.


We are planning our yearly corporate party & wanted to know how to get a quote from On Tour Events?


Surprisingly getting a quote is not hard, and we do our best to make it as simple as possible, which is done in a few simple steps.

First of all, it's good to have a telephone conversation about the sort of event you're planning, where the event is to take place & any specifics that you feel are necessary to mention to help us give you the most accurate quote.

One of the first things to establish is whether you are looking for a completely bespoke package or whether one of our off-the-shelf event production packages will suffice. These packages allow you to brand the set, staging and design the sound & lighting to suit your venue within a pre-made package(s).


Then we can talk about the types of experiences you are trying to create and look at what you are going to need on the front end (such as video projection), as well as the backend (such as logistics and power distribution).


Next up is a site visit. We always recommend a 2 to 3-hour site visit to make sure that the venue can be scoped out, ensuring all areas are covered, leaving additional time to chat about some creative ideas that you have. We can go through our portfolio to show you what we feel might work.


The next bit is easy! You receive an email with a quote attached & depending on the size of the event & the technical aspects required. This may be a simple 1 or 2-page email quote or a 10-page technical proposal. That is why it is important to meet at the venue beforehand, so we can gain as much knowledge about the design concept/ scope of the room in use in order to put together the relevant proposal.


If we have worked in the venue before and you are booking one of our pre-made packages, you will generally have a quote by the end of the day. There aren't many venues in London we haven't worked in.


Can you supply catering equipment as well as the audio visual equipment for our event?


We get asked this a lot as it can be hard to find a good catering equipment company in London. (check out our event blog, where we often mention event suppliers we have worked with over the years, but we don't offer catering equipment for any events).

We can put you in touch with a reliable supplier for sure, and of course, we can help with all of the audio visual and staging elements for your event, but we are purely a technical event production hire company.


What technical event services do you offer & is there anything you don't supply?


Like with every company, we all have our limits. As much as we would like to dream about a world tour with the Rolling Stones, the reality is there are companies of that size out there for a reason..... So what technical event production services and equipment hire services do we offer to our customers in the UK?

Well, this is easy to answer, and we will briefly cover each area as to what we offer below:


Let us kick off with lighting. We stock a vast range of lights from theatrical to vintage to wireless and fully waterproof fixtures. Let's be honest we could list every make, name and model of every light, moving head, par can, pixel bar, and lighting desk that we own, and the reality is it's not going to mean much to you! So instead, we make it simple. If you're looking for lights for your award show, wedding, conference or for a festival or any sort of event, we can help.


Sound equipment is very much the same. We only stock premium trusted audio manufacturers. Our infrastructure is second to none, and our knowledge in this field is vast. We have a straightforward methodical way of solving a lot of common sound problems. If you need sound for your event regardless of size (no global tours, thanks), we can assist.


We offer a vast range of conference and award ceremony packages. These are brilliant for any style event where you're looking for a stage, LED screen (perfect for video content), lighting and sound, all bundled into one pre-made package. These are very popular due to being extremely cost-efficient & perfectly suited for smaller budget events.

Something we get asked for commonly, especially for award shows, is an LED screen. As mentioned above, we stock a large number of screens for use indoors and outdoors available in different formats, sizes and the ability to build within a set design.


We have both flown outdoor screen systems available for concerts, sporting events, or outdoor cinemas. Likewise, on the other side of the scale, we have ground supported LED wall systems that require minimal ballast due to the unique rigging capabilities of our screen. So, if you're looking to hire an LED screen for your award event, this is something again On Tour Events can assist you with.

Our staging hire service is quite vast as we stock 4 different designs of tiered stage available to be covered in any colour of carpet right off the shelf, as well as fully mobile outdoor festival stages. Unlike any other festival stage, these are modular in design, allowing for a lot of creativity at an excellent price point. All this being something we stock in-house, allowing us to be very competitively priced.


Not only do we offer different tiers of staging, but we also incorporate extensions specifically for catwalk runways and t section additions which are normally supplied with lighting and an LED screen. We can offer this in a bespoke manner whereby the client configures their requirements from scratch, or we also have pre-made packages making it a very easy to use service.

These aren’t all the services that we offer, and as you can see from our portfolio, our event services are vast. We can supply dance floors, foamex branding, lecterns, power distribution, plasma screens, rigging, special effects & so on... we just don't do world tours! We can even supply with a studio, perfect if you are filming a video or putting on live streaming studio experiences.


Where are you based & what areas do you cover? It says you're in London, Surrey & Manchester


On Tour Events operate UK-wide, offering technical event production services to all private and public sectors. We have three locations in the UK. The head office & warehouse is located in the centre of London, one smaller office in Surrey and a further warehouse & office located in Manchester.


We also offer our services across Europe, working in Germany, Portugal, Belgium, to name a few, and we have even spent 3 weeks in Lithuania!


On Tour Events UK Ltd

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