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On Tour Events provides a wide range of TV plasma screen and projector hire services to a broad spectrum of events across London, Surrey, and the wider United Kingdom. Events that make use of our industry-leading screen hire services include conferences, educational institution events, product launches, and even private functions such as weddings and birthday parties. 


All plasma TV screens, AV projectors, and indoor / outdoor LED screens are owned and operated by us. We have invested heavily in the latest and greatest technology, including but not limited to LCD, LED, and OLED displays. We can travel to any location within the UK to set up your audio visual installation, and we can even help you with outdoor events such as pop-up outdoor cinema events. 


A lot of local clients in & around London hire plasma screens for small to medium sized indoor conferences, it should be noted that On Tour Events is able to provide not just the screens you require for your conference / event but we can also design, build & install custom stage sets & we offer a wide range of audio visual services.


You can find out a little bit more about our various plasma screen, TV, and projector hire services by scrolling down to our FAQ section. Alternatively, you can learn more about our specific services offered within this sector of event equipment here by clicking on one of the service pages listed below.


Projector & Plasma screen hire services in London


Here at On Tour Events, we are an AV hire company that differentiates ourselves by offering you a complete end-to-end event production solution for your specific occasion. Not only can we provide audio visual devices such as plasma screens, projectors, and even LED TV screen hire services, but we can also provide stage hire, set design, event lighting, and industry-leading equipment to all types of events. 


Whether you need an impressive small pitch LED video wall display for an indoor mobile cinema experience or you want to create an eye-catching outdoor projection mapping display at your outdoor music festival, we are one of the UK’s leading AV screen hire companies. 


Finally, perhaps our most critical differentiating factor is our value proposition. We make no apologies for not being the cheapest audio visual hire supplier, but what we simply cannot be beaten on is value for money. We supply top-of-the-range, industry-leading equipment at prices that cannot be matched when hiring the quality of equipment we provide & this is just one of the many reason why On Tour Events is trusted by many venues & event planners, we have a flawless reputation for delivering exceptional events.



What type of events hire projectors?


It’s a real challenge to name all of the types of events that might hire a projector since they are such a versatile piece of AV equipment. Perhaps their most common purposes are for corporate and business-related events such as office meetings, presentations, product launches, and of course, industry conferences.


But their use at events proliferates far beyond the corporate world. While perhaps not classed as an “event” as such, projectors are used by thousands of educational establishments every single day. Whether it’s a typical day in the classroom or a temporary requirement as part of an assembly, parent-teacher conference, adult education program, or remote learning classes delivered at a university or college, projectors have proven time and again to be the favoured visual aid for teachers, lecturers, and course instructors up and down the country.


However, they are also widely used in private events. For instance, we have supplied our projector and screen hire packages to many weddings in the past to display photos and videos of the big day as it progresses. We also supply projectors and screens to private individuals wanting to put on a home cinema night.


They have also found a new home in the world of live streaming when those on camera need a visual aid when presenting content to their audience watching from their homes or offices.


How much does it cost to hire a projector & screen?


The price you pay will depend very heavily on your specific needs. If you’re hiring a projector and screen to pitch your products or services to investors in an office setting, for example, then you can pay as little as £250 for the equipment hire for the day.

We often find ourselves supplying our projector and screen hire packages to conferences across the country and in London in particular. For a small conference, where perhaps you have booked out a hotel conference room, you’re looking at paying in the region of £700 - £1000 depending on the specification of the projector and size of the screen.


Those pieces do increase if you are organising a large conference with hundreds of delegates in attendance. Once you get into the realm of 500+ attendees, you will not only need to invest in hiring larger screens, but you will also have to select the brightest projectors we have in stock to ensure that everyone in attendance has a fantastic viewing experience.

For our top-of-the-range packages, which include the industry-leading Panasonic projector and screens as big as 5m x 3m, you're looking at a total hire cost of £1500 - £3500 including delivery and set up.


How much does projection mapping cost?


This is perhaps the most tricky pricing question to answer as it’s almost entirely dependent on your specific project. For instance, you might be wanting to use projection mapping to make your museum exhibit come to life. Alternatively, you might be wanting to light up the side of your building to create patterns to celebrate a particular national awareness event such as World Book Day or Pride Month.


The point is that your costs will be heavily linked to the specifics of the project. If you simply want to project simple shapes and patterns onto an object or several objects, we can provide that type of service for a little as £2500.


However, we are often enlisted to provide our projection mapping services for much more ambitious projects, such as 3D projection mapping, which makes inanimate objects come to life through the projection of animation and moving graphics. This particular service is becoming very popular for events such as international car shows where vehicle manufacturers might be launching a new car.


For these ambitious projects, you are looking at an absolute minimum of five figures (there's lot of work involved regarding the design, connections, and mapping), and we have even completed projects that have run above £100,000. It’s all about just how extravagant you would like your projection mapping to be.


What is the largest TV you stock?


Concerning TV plasma screen hire, we have several size options for you to choose from. At the smaller end of the scale, we have our 50” and 55” models, which are perfect for smaller business meetings, or if you’re putting together a watch party of your favourite TV show with your friends.


We then start getting into the huge plasma screen sizes. We stock 65”, 75”, 85”, and 95” TVs, which are perhaps better suited to corporate or conference environments where there is enough space to cater for them.


Our biggest plasma screen is a whopping 110” and feels very much like a miniature cinema screen! Again, hiring a plasma screen of this size is probably better suited to a conference setting where delegates need to be able to see everything from a distance away. On a related note, we would say that bigger isn’t always better for your needs. You have to factor in the space restrictions of your venue. There’s no point hiring a massive TV screen that doesn’t fit!


We have a range of different display technologies available for our TV screens. Technically speaking, the actual plasma display technology is long gone, and thus our plasma-style screens utilise either LCD, LED, or OLED displays to deliver outstanding picture 4K HD picture quality.


Can you provide a turnkey production?


Yes, we can! Here at On Tour Events, we believe that this is one of our best selling points. Rather than dry hiring a TV screen or a projector/screen combo and leaving you to figure out the rest, we can take care of everything, including delivery, set up, and disassembly after your event has concluded.

But our event production services are limited to these specific AV elements. We can take care of EVERYTHING on the event production side.


For example, let’s say you are hosting a conference or exhibition, and you need a set, props, stage lighting, projector, screen, laptop/DVD player, audio output cables, and even live streaming equipment to broadcast proceedings to online guests logging in from all over the world. Here at On Tour Events, we can supply all of that equipment AND provide experienced and highly-skilled engineers and technicians to oversee everything to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.


That goes for your exhibitors too. We can provide everything they might need for their exhibition stands, including but not limited to LCD stand monitors (available in all sizes), audio cables for data connections, PA system, laptop(s), and anything else they might require for one straightforward price (including delivery and collection charges).


By enlisting our event services in this way, you can hand over all technical responsibilities to us while you work on other critical aspects of your event, such as marketing, booking guest speakers, and catering.


What makes us unique is that we can also provide you with a venue for your small conference or hybrid event. You can use our Surrey location to host a number of different events, such as small conferences or online classes. Once you’ve detailed how you would like the space to be equipped, all you have to do is show up, and we’ll handle everything else on the technical side.


How much does it cost to hire a mobile screen?


Mobile screens such as outdoor cinema screens or indoor LED video walls vary in costs depending on the specific size you need. For context, we are referring to our professional 3.9mm pixel pitch LED screens here, as opposed to projector screens or TV screens (which cost less).


If you want some ballpark figures, let’s start with our popular 4m x 3m outdoor LED screen size — this configuration costs around £700 a day to hire (based in London). If you want to hire something a touch larger, a 6m x 4m outdoor mobile screen costs about £1200 - £1500 a day (once again based in the vicinity of London).


Prices will continue to increase at a similar rate as you go up in size from there. Of course, size isn't the only determining factor in the overall hire price (even though it’s the most important). Your location will factor into the associated delivery and setup costs too.

Another factor is the manner in which you want your mobile screen to be configured. For instance, do you want to rig the screen with ground supports and mounted from the ground up? Or does having the screen suspended (or “flown”) from a purpose-built truss structure make more sense for your specific event? Do you need a stage to be built around the screen?


All of these additional production elements will influence and most likely increase the costs. Speak to us directly about getting an accurate quote returned to you within 24 hours.


What does a large screen cost to hire for my event?


First and foremost, it depends on the type of screen you wish to hire. Obviously, there is a considerable price discrepancy between hiring a large TV screen and hiring a large LED screen. So let’s take a look at some ballpark figures so you can get a better idea of what it might cost you to hire a screen from us for your event.


Starting with large TV screens, hiring an 85” TV for your small conference meeting costs just £125 per day. By contrast, if you are looking to hire a large 7m x 4m outdoor LED screen (perhaps for an outdoor cinema screening event), you’re looking at around the £3000 mark for the day.


As you can see, the general rule when it comes to costs is the larger the screen, the more it’s going to cost you. Also, don’t forget that when hiring substantial LED screens, there is a lot of associated equipment such as truss structures, staging, and ground supports that need to be factored in too.


One of the advantages of hiring a large TV screen is that there is very little to do in terms of setting up. Just a few cables need to be plugged in to your laptop/DVD player and connected, and that’s it; you’re good to go!


Do you provide technical staff?


Yes, we do. We provide all manner of AV technicians and engineers to help your event run smoothly. Of course, while we can provide technical staff members to handle all aspects of delivery and set up, it’s vital to note that they can also handle all aspects of your event production.


For example, our team can assemble the stage you have hired for your conference, mix the sound to ensure all the microphone levels are correct for your guest speakers, and run a lighting desk to ensure you have a captivating accompanying light show. We provide some of the best technical staff in the business with over a century of industry experience between them.


Better yet, not only can we provide technical staff to look after everything you need on the day, but we also have our own in-house design and manufacturing teams. Yes, that’s right; we can design custom stage and set solutions from scratch and have them manufactured for you! You can even take a look at what your conference or awards show set will look like before we get to work with our industry-leading 3D renders of our designs.


We also setup everything you need for the day. Whether you need us to help with your laptop/DVD player, media player, audio output, PA systems, your LED monitor, USB drive, brightness settings, or even your content search, it doesn't matter, we help event organisers to ensure everything is perfectly adjusted and ready-to-go for your presentations and exhibitions.


What areas do you cover?


Our services are available to any location situated in the UK. As we are headquartered in London, most of our work does tend to take place in the capital along with surrounding counties such as Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Buckinghamshire, and Kent.


However, we have satellite warehouses spread out throughout the country, and so we can serve clients no matter their location within the UK. We also regularly serve customers on the continent, particularly in Western Europe.

Since we can offer a competitive service no matter where you are located, the best thing to do is contact us with your location information and equipment delivery/collection requirements, and we’ll supply an accurate quote for you within 24 hours.


Why should we use On Tour Events?


What makes us unique as an event production services partner is that we can offer you a genuine turnkey solution for your event. It’s not just a case of us showing up and setting up a 4K HD TV screen or LED monitor. We can supply everything you could possibly need for the overall event, including technical staff if needs be.


We cover all bases, from the cutting-edge Panasonic LED screens to the set design, event lighting, and sound equipment. We can even provide you with a purpose-built event space for your small business conference or presentation. No one can match us on quality of equipment or service levels.


While you’re busy selling tickets to your product launches or outdoor cinema events, you can relax knowing that we are working hard in the background, taking care of all technical aspects for you. From assembling the stage or set to rigging the plasma screens of your choice, we handle everything while you’re focusing your energy on other vital aspects of your event.

Whether they are commercial or private, organising events is hard enough. Don’t make it even more challenging by trying to accommodate several different contractors within event production when you can turn to On Tour Events and have everything taken care of by one high-quality audio visual team.


Give us a call today to discuss your large screen or projector hire requirements, and we'll send you a breakdown of our charges and other important information via email, within 24 hours. We look forward to working with you in the near future!


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