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Expectations are high when you are exhibiting at a trade show, convention, or conference. This is your opportunity to shine and engage with new potential customers interested in your goods or services.


We are one of the few companies that design, build, and manage exhibition stands (including delivery and collection) throughout the UK and Europe. Over the past 20 years, our team has built its reputation working with various brands and industries such as Medical, Financial, and Telecommunications. We understand the commitment and coordination required to ensure your exhibition is a stunning success.


With our captivating designs, in-depth knowledge and expertise supporting you every step of the way, we are sure you will attract an audience wherever you go. Being a leader in the audio-visual industry has also enabled us to implement the latest high tech, cutting-edge technologies in our designs giving our clients a visually inspiring, eye-catching display guaranteed to stand out amongst other vendors.


On Tour Events have succeeded in meeting our client’s requirements with our bespoke one-off exhibition stands and our catalogue of ready to go, off the shelf modular exhibition structures. Every stand produced is of the highest quality and finish, fully managed, delivered and installed on time to your event.




Our off the shelf options have grown in popularity over the years, giving clients a quick and affordable solution for their event. Time-crucial projects can be quickly turned around for clients with full branding and audio-visual integration included. Our modular stands come in various shapes and sizes and can be scaled and configured to suit any venue.


We understand the difficulties of planning such events that’s why, our packages come ready priced with visual examples making the selection process easy, quick and simple.

Our bespoke exhibition stands are aimed towards customers that have larger budgets and have time on their side. 

These stands allow for clients to have complete creative freedom over their design and the representation of their brand, so you end up with exactly what you need. Once again, stands can be constructed and moulded into any size or shape desired, making it completely unique to each of our clients.


All structures are meticulously planned alongside our professional and friendly team, then built from scratch to the exact specifications required. A wide variety of materials are available to be used including wood, metal and an array of fabrics to enable the perfect finish.

Our latest investments in cutting edge machinery guarantee the final stand will be built to the highest standards. Throughout the design and manufacturing process, our management team will work beside you keeping you updated step- by -step throughout the build.


Reoccurring conferences and trade show tours can benefit from our reusable set deigns, allowing structures of being reassembled and reused used for future events. Our storage solutions and maintenance department ensure your stage set is always ready and updated for your next event with modifications and alterations undertaken in house.  



How much does an exhibition stand cost?


Exhibition variations are so great it’s difficult to put an exact figure on how much an exhibition stand costs. To accurately answer this question, it is important to point out that On Tour Events has two different options when selecting your exhibition stand. Bespoke and Off the shelf exhibition stands and each have completely different pricing points.


Bespoke exhibition stands are exactly that, they are custom built to each client’s specification. Our team design manufacture and assemble these structures from the ground up. Every aspect of the project is built to meet the clients specifications and the demands of the event. These structures therefore are our more expensive option with prices ranging from £4000 - £10,000 for each unique stand.


Our huge range off the shelf exhibition designs offer event organisers a value for money option. You can quickly select a variety of pre-made designs that are ready-made and can be installed in just over a week in return for reasonable prices. Our of the shelf exhibition stands can also be fully branded and can be integrated with an array of audio-visual technology and exhibition furniture. Our extensive range off the shelf designs are much cheaper as the foundation of the structure is already constricted with prices starting at just £1000.


These solutions are excellent for smaller corporate events across West London and other popular locations. We also include a delivery and collection service within your price, which is vital for you event to run smoothly.


Can I see some of your exhibition examples?


Yes of course! The best place to see our previous work are our social media pages. You can see all the events that we have been involved in as well all our installed exhibition stands at venues across the UK.


If you would like to see our catalogue of our exhibition stands please send us an e-mail and we shall send you a brochure of all our designs. Our brochure includes all our off the shelf designs with full prices and specifications of each design. We have also included some case studies of our bespoke exhibition stands explaining in detail the full possibilities of these structures.


What size exhibition stands can you build?


Each and every exhibition is unique. From a small intimate shell to taking the main stage at an arena we have the knowledge, capabilities and skill to produce the perfect exhibition structure for your next event. Our off the shelf and bespoke exhibition stands can be designed to be fully modular and therefore scalable to the demands of each event from 2m wide all the way to 10m (even larger if required). So, if there is a stand design you desire, there is a good chance we can make it happen.


Can you provide me with visuals of my exhibition design?


Yes, we can! When planning your exhibition our expert sales and design team will ask to meet you and discuss your design requirements. Once we are confident we have understood precisely what is required we will go ahead and create a bespoke CAD drawing for you, providing full 3D visuals and a fully itemised quote. These visuals will give you a clear concept of exactly what the exhibition stand would look like when constructed for the show.


It's an incredibly detailed visual representation. It would show everything you have on the stand, including your event furniture, where your guests will be standing, and


Can you incorporate the necessary audio-visual elements to my exhibition stand?


This question is often overlooked, but yet so important when booking an exhibition stand. We are able to provide a variety of audio-visual equipment that can and should be included when planning an exhibition. By implementing various types of equipment to your stand you are able to further increases the visual attractiveness to your audience allowing you to stand out amongst other vendors beside you.


Our stands often include a range of LED lighting fixtures, visual displays such as LED screens and TV’s and the necessary audio equipment. We install each item subtlety to the design of your stand and simultaneously it then allows you to enhance and project your business brand at the event.


On Tour Events is primarily an AV company with many years’ experience in providing the very best equipment to conferences, trade shows and exhibitions. All equipment and engineers are supplied in-house, and not supplied by third parties, giving the client full confidence in our capabilities, knowledge and service.


I have a particular vision for my exhibition. How do I do about designing my own bespoke stand?


For our bespoke exhibition stands we have developed a four-stage planning process to we can easily bring your idea to life for your event.


Firstly, On Tour Events begins by setting up a meeting with the client to help understand the brand, company and its objectives. We discuss how the members of staff will engage with the audience on the day of the event and what are the outcomes the client is wanting to achieve form the exhibition. From selling goods and services to building a brand or providing a product demonstration, what is the exact purpose of the exhibition? We clearly outline your goads and the desires you want to achieve from the exhibition stand.


We then start to understand the practicalities of what is required. We list the requirements and features the client wants to be included in the stand. Items such as furniture, Audio-visual equipment and storage are just a small example of the features a client may want to include within their stand. We also discuss the size of the stand as well as the budget we required to meet.

With the detailed brief, we begin to design the stand. Sketches are made incorporating all the items discussed. At this point, we will also include our experience and knowledge in the industry to provide ideas that may enhance the experience of the stand. Our design team then develop a realistic demonstration of your stand using computer-aided design software with 3D renders showing an exact representation of stand. We are then able to graphically show you your stand from all angles making any necessary changes you may require.


Once the design has been approved our craftsmen are off constructing the stand. Stands are built in sections using our state-of-the-art machinery and then installed on-site ready for your big event. Each process of your stand is overlooked and inspected by our project manager that will guarantee your stand is finished on time and to the highest quality.


How fast can you produce my exhibition stand?


On Tour Events design ,manufacture and install exhibition stands for every industry and a common question is how long will it take to make? Well, great things don’t come overnight....

Firstly, it is important to point out that we have two different types of exhibition stands and each varies in their delivery and manufacturing time.


Starting with our modular exhibition designs. This is the quickest option to produce and deliver an exhibition stand for your event. These are pre-manufactured and ready to go structures, all that is required are your customisation options and branding.

Once you have selected your design, our team of designers walk you through the final touched including; colour theme, printing and branding requirements. Once the planning is finalised, the structure is then hand-built and completed by our in house manufacturing team and delivered ready for your event.


A minimum time scale we request to organise one of these exhibition stands is two weeks. This allows our team enough time to confirm your stand is ready, along with the required engineers to install the structure for the event.

If you have the budget and time then why not consider manufacturing a high-quality bespoke exhibition stand that is sure to make an impact are your next event. Our team of designers and skilled craftsmen are able to turn any concept or design idea into reality.

Bespoke exhibition stands do require a longer lead time due to the precise design and manufacturing processes involved, however, in turn, you are guaranteed an exhibition stand that will not look like any other at your show.


For this type of build, we insist on a site visit so we can discuss all the design ideas face to face and to go through all the audio-visual integrations. CAD drawings and 3D renders are also drawn up to give the client a full visual perception of what the stand will look like on the day.

Once given the go-ahead our skilled manufacturers transform the concept into reality ready for installation. For such exhibition stands we request a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks to turn around a project.


Can I reuse my exhibition stand and make adjustments depending on the venue?


Our modular exhibition designs are manufactured to be reused numerous times in various venues. They can easily be packed away, transported and set up at the next venue ready for the next show. All our designs can be scaled suitably for the smallest to the largest shows.


This is perfect for clients that are planning repeat exhibitions or attending multiple events. Our structures are also unique to the industry as they are capable of being assembled in different configurations and shapes for each individual show. Such configurations as a straight line, U shape or T can all be achieved. This way our clients have the confidence that their stage can be adapted and moulded to suit any venue thought its lifespan.


Some of our customers do events every year or even several times a year. We often receive requests for us to make changes to their stands by updating the graphics or making alterations on their design. This can be a simple update to their company graphics or a change in the date, for example. Once again it is all achievable by our in-house technical team that is able to deliver any amendment the client may wish.


Another popular scenario we have had with our clients is that they have started out by planning a small exhibition stand, then over the years as the firm has grown business size so has their exhibition stands. Our team have used their skills to adapt their exhibition stand through the years adding and changing it to meet their requirements along the way.


How can you guarantee that my stand will be distinctive, high quality and will stand out at the exhibition?


I want my exhibition stand to really “pop” is what we hear allot amongst our customers. Having an eye-catching, attention-grabbing stand is vital for any firm who wishes to succeed at a competitive trade show or exhibition. This is your chance to get your company heard and it is your opportunity to strike new business.


Having the biggest stand does not always mean it is the best option or that it will result in success for your event. Having a quality stand that grabs attention and brings you across your audience whilst representing your company is fundamentally most important. Our area of audio visual solutions, such as our LED screens for example can be incorporated into designs and can really assist to project your brand and your message amongst your audience.


Our in house team of experts use high-end materials and top of the range machinery to achieve the very best finish for all the exhibition stands we produce. Each stand is finished to precision then delivered and installed on-site by our skilled engineers to ensure the final product is perfect.


Exactly What Exhibition Equipment Hire Services Do You Offer? Do You Provide Catering Equipment Hire?


While our exhibition equipment hire services do cover a great deal, it's important to spell out what we DON'T provide. Services such as catering equipment hire or glassware hire are not our domain. That said, we can put you in contact with companies we know and trust to be our first port of call for these kinds of requests.


We do offer several event furniture hire services, such as chiavari chair hire (including seat pads), cutlery hire, and we can even supply you with bar equipment (custom bar equipment at that!). However, as soon as we start straying into items that may need hygiene licences to operate, that's where we draw the line.


You would be best served to contact companies that specialise in food and drink event hire services. You can often receive a price online (sometimes you can even order online) or speak to their dedicated sales team who we are sure will offer you a first class service!

It's just not our domain. Our focal point is AV and event production services. If you need services such as catering equipment hire, glassware hire, or cutlery hire for your event, it's probably best to contact another sales team that specialise in the supply of those services.


Where are you based, and what areas do you cover?


On Tour Events is distributed across three independent units located in Surrey, London and Manchester. Surrey hosts our design and manufacturing centre, however, it being located in the south of England does not mean we only supply to the local area.

Over the years we have installed and supplied our professional events and exhibitions services nationally and internationally all across the UK and Europe. Our London and Manchester sites act at as business hubs. These hubs help to deliver essential audio-visual equipment as well as required engineers across West London, the South East, and the rest of the UK.


There are not many venues our team have not been to and can often be found working in; the NEC Birmingham, Excel London and the Manchester Central. Our team have also developed their knowledge of these sites and are therefore able to give clients advice and ideas when thinking of exhibiting. Our team are always at hand to help with your next event so be sure to call us when thinking about your next exhibition stand.


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