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Event Companies in Surrey & London & Why On Tour Events is Leading the Way

Best Event Company in Surrey, On Tour Events
Best Event Company in Surrey, On Tour Events

Make no mistake; when assessing event companies in Surrey, London, and the wider South East region, it's fair to say that you've got plenty to choose from. Regardless of your type of event, plenty of outfits are capable of offering technical event production and equipment hire. 

But we feel that we really do lead the way, not just locally, but nationally in the event production industry. However, you might think that we are a tad biased in that opinion (fair enough!), so we are going to use this space to explain a little bit more about precisely why we firmly believe similar outfits can't match us.

To set the scene, it's probably best that we go back to the start, just over 28 years ago! 

On Tour Events – An Overview

Yes, you read that right, we have been in the events industry for the best part of three decades, and On Tour Events represents an amalgamation of four different companies that we've worked hard to build over that period. As you can imagine, blending four events companies with slightly different focuses has allowed us to become one of the only all-encompassing technical event production companies in existence.

Whether you need a fully-rigged festival stage suitable for 10,000 screaming fans, or you need something as small as a projector, a screen, a wireless mic, and a PA speaker, we've got you covered. We cannot stress this enough, no matter the size or scale of your event, we can supply what you're looking for.

On the equipment side of the business, we have probably amassed one of the biggest inventories in Europe. This isn't cheap gear either. We're talking about state-of-the-art, top-of-the-range audio visual (AV) brands that are recognised as industry leaders such as d&b audiotechnik, Showtec, Shure, and many, many more! 

The best part? We constantly clean, service, and maintain everything we have in our enormous warehouses. From starlit LED dancefloors for lavish weddings to PA speakers for London conferences, we ensure that none of our equipment is older than three years, and we're always investing in devices that harness the power of the latest technological advances. 

We operate right across the UK with our headquarters and principal warehouse located in London. We then have a further office and warehouse in Surrey, and another similar setup in Manchester, giving us coverage right across the United Kingdom and even continental Europe! 

So that's a bit about our background. We'll go into more detail about our equipment and event services in just a moment. But first, it's worth just painting a picture of what type of events we tend to serve the most. 

Which Type of Events Does On Tour Events Supply Equipment and Event Services to?

The real answer to this question is that we can supply both our top-class equipment and event production services to almost any event you can imagine. However, to give you a better picture of the makeup of our 1500+ events we've helped (no, we can't quite believe it's that many either!) let's talk about our most common requests. 

The corporate conference sector has been our bread and butter for well over 20 years. In fact, there isn't a London conference venue we haven't supplied our equipment or services to! These types of events were our first love and helped us become one of the biggest event companies in London.  

We've since expanded from our relatively humble beginnings to supply all types of corporate and private events. Closely-related to conferences, we frequently supply companies with custom-designed exhibition stands as well as bespoke stages and sets for product launches. We've also been contracted to provide full event production services for national award showscatwalks for fashion shows, and handled all technical aspects for some incredibly posh gala dinners

Another area which we ventured into later in our company development was weddings. Today this arena represents a considerable proportion of our business, and we've been awarded the event production contracts to some of the most extravagant weddings we've ever witnessed. Many of these prestigious and exclusive wedding events have taken place abroad, and we've had to stretch the limits of what is possible, such as when we were asked to construct a transparent stage over a swimming pool! 

We also do a lot of work in the outdoor events industry, providing staging, rigging, trusses, and all manner of event production services for music concerts, music festivals, community events, Christmas light switch ons, you name it! If an event needs a stage, then we've likely provided it. 

The long and short of it is that we offer our equipment and associated services to any type of event that may need it. But hopefully, those examples will give you a sense of where we spend the most time as a company.

With that now taken care of, let's take a little bit of a closer look at our equipment hire services, starting with sound.

On Tour Events Sound Equipment Hire

When we started life as a small AV hire company all those years ago, sound equipment hire was one of the first services we ever offered. Today, it's one of our many strong suits, with an inventory that would make some competitors drool. Whether you need high-flying suspended line arrays for a music festival or just a small set of PA speakers for a company presentation, we have every imaginable sound device in stock ready to go out on hire.

From PA speakers to stage monitors, amplifiers, line arrays, wireless microphones, mixing desks and everything in between, you can bet your bottom dollar that we've got it in stock. Not only that, but the equipment we choose is from reputable brands and we go above and beyond in our care we take over our gear. We service everything at least every six months, we check everything over before it leaves the warehouse, and we rotate stock every three years. How's that for a commitment to quality?

On Tour Events Lighting Equipment Hire

As mentioned, we came to the event lighting hire party late, after getting fed up of our AV hire clients asking if we did lighting too. It's fair to say that we've made up for lost time though! We have now amassed one of the largest repositories of lighting fixtures in the UK. Although there's far too many to name individually, we've got spotlights, PAR cans, uplighters, moving head fixtures, pixel battens, stage blinders, Fresnel lanterns, lasers, to name just a fraction of what we have available. 

Of course, we also supply all of the rigging and truss structures to house these lights for your event. Whether it's an awards show, a wedding event, or a music festival, we can handle your lighting requirements with ease. We've invested heavily in LED technology as we firmly believe it's the future of the industry, with reduced energy requirements, better heat performance, and superior overall functionality. We can also take on the artistic direction for any light shows you may have in mind, which can help to make your event even more memorable.

On Tour Events Stage Hire and Set Design

Many events would be lost without stage hire. Can you imagine an awards show, a music concert, or a fashion event without a stage or set? We own and store all of our stage equipment too, in case you were wondering (yes our warehouses are enormous!). We can design any of your stage or set requirements using the latest 3D rendering technology. Whether you need a custom set for a product launch, our you need a curved catwalk for your fashion show, we can deliver. 

When it comes to set design and stage hire services, we are just as comfortable working indoors as we are outdoors. We can create a jaw-dropping set for your conference, or build a festival stage complete with PA wings and a sizeable backstage area for your music festival of 10,000-plus attendees. Neither is a stretch for our talented team of stage/set designers and assembly crew.

On Tour Events LED Screen Hire

LED screen hire is becoming increasingly popular within the events industry, thanks to their versatility and constantly-improving capabilities. Fortunately, yet again, we have one of the most comprehensive ranges available in the UK. In total, we stock three different types of LED screen systems, ranging in tile size, pixel density and outdoor capabilities. 

It's perhaps our outdoor LED screen offering that is the most impressive, given its performance capacity. It's fully IP-rated and is manufactured specifically to work outside in the damp, in the cold, and with high levels of moisture. So many clients who've found us have admitted how challenging it's been to find a company with a system that can provide a screen with less than 6mm pixel pitch and at least 5,000 NITS (a measurement which determines brightness). 

Bright sunshine is an average outdoor LED screen's worst nightmare. But with our technology, it does not matter if your music festival is enjoying some glorious bank holiday sunshine, your audience will still be able to see everything in crystal-clear HD.   

Event Production Extras

As if we haven't covered enough ground, it's worth mentioning those little extras that might not be covered as a hire service in their own right. For example, you may need a whole host of special effects for your music concert, including flame machines, hazers, UV lights, and confetti cannons. Yep, you guessed it; we can provide those too. 

On the less fancy side of the event extras, we can also provide you with the necessary set pieces and stage furniture for conferences and product launches, for example. Don't forget our LED-lit furniture either. Bars, chairs, and even starlit dancefloors (popular at weddings!) are all in stock and ready to go for your event.

Event Production Services

While we've spent a great deal of time running through the sheer breadth and depth of our equipment capabilities, it would be remiss of us not to mention our incredible team. We don't dry hire anything, and it wouldn't be possible to provide a complete end-to-end events solution without our fantastic personnel on the ground, mixing the sound, building the stages, and rigging the lighting. 

We've been going for nearly three decades, but our event production team have well over a century of experience within the industry between them. What is so great about our employees is that they are just as happy setting up a few pieces of AV equipment for a conference as they are setting up and overseeing a high-pressure awards show production at the 02 in London.

We know that we are only as strong as the weakest team member, and thankfully we have assembled one of the best teams in the business, capable of running the production side of any size or scale of event. From the sound engineers to the lighting technicians and stage crews, our clients always comment on how we work like a well-oiled machine, allowing them to turn their attention to other essential aspects of their event.

Why Choose On Tour Events for Your Event?

When evaluating event companies in London, there are obviously a lot of factors to consider. So let's focus on what makes us so unique. First of all, the most significant differentiating factor that sets On Tour Events apart from other event production companies is that we stock the sound, all of the lighting, the staging, the set, and the screens needed to produce your event in-house without the need of a third party.

We don't 'sub' anything in. It's all provided by us, and because we work with this equipment every day, we can work much more efficiently during setup and deliver much higher-quality on-the-day production services. Better yet, it means you can hand everything over to us, and we'll take care of it. No messing around with several points of contact or tearing your hair out when one supplier lets you down. Just a seamless process from start to finish.

Unlike some other event companies in Surrey, we genuinely mean it when we say that we're a turn-key events solution. What's more, we can even go the extra mile and guide you through the entire process if you are unsure when it comes to a few critical aspects of your event, such as the design of your set.

As we see it, you, as the event organiser, have two approaches – the hard way, or the On Tour Events way. If you think you'd prefer the latter option, just get in touch with us using the contact information below. We're ready and waiting to turn your vision into reality!  

On Tour Events: Technical Audio Visual Event Services London
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+MONDAY - FRIDAY 08:00 - 20:00 
+POST: Office 108 Belgrove House Belgrove Street, London, WC1H8AA
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