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London Based On Tour Events Talks Audio Visual Equipment & The Audio Visual Hire Services They Offer

Audio Visual Hire Equipment in London
Audio Visual Hire Equipment in London

Audio visual equipment forms the cornerstone of many significant occasions. The glue, if you will, that holds of all your event production aspects together. From fashion shows and awards dinners to exhibitions and conferences, the quality of the audio visual equipment you hire will have a significant bearing on the overall success of your event. Here at On Tour Events, we provide the full gamut when it comes to your audio visual needs. 

But for those of you who haven't yet worked with us (where have you been?!), you might be aware of what we mean when we say "the full gamut." So let's go into the range of audio visual equipment and services we have available for hire.

What Does Audio Visual Equipment Hire Refer to Specifically?

It's undoubtedly true that audio visual covers a pretty broad spectrum. Obviously, audio refers to all of the sound equipment you may need to hire for your particular event. PA systems, amplifiers, radio mics, stage monitors, and mixing desks are just a few of the types of audio equipment you might need if you were hosting a London-based conference, for example.

Then you've got your visual elements, including lighting, screens, and projectors. But audio visual technically includes anything your audience or guests will see or hear as part of your production. So don't forget items such as your staging. It also covers the team of technicians who provide setup support and event production services to run all audio and visual aspects during your event.

So what type of events in and around London would need to consider audio visual equipment hire? 

What Type of Events Require Audio Visual Equipment Hire?

Well, as it turns out, quite a lot. If you can think of an event or an occasion that would benefit from (or even require) high-quality sound and lighting, then you should automatically consider it. Being the cosmopolitan and multicultural capital city, most events taking place in and around the London locale require this type of service.

Think about it. It's where most national, and plenty of international award shows take place for a start. That's without mentioning the ExCeL international convention centre or the plethora of conference venues in the Heathrow area. Throw in a few fashion shows, weddings, and a few trade shows, and it becomes clear that there will be several events taking place each day across London and the South East of England that require audio visual equipment hire. 

So let's go into a little more detail about what you might need if you are planning such an occasion. 

Sound Equipment Hire

When it comes to audio visual hire in London, or anywhere else for that matter, the sound requirements are always one of the first considerations. Whether you're planning a conference or a wedding, you're going to need top of the range sound equipment to ensure those in attendance don't just hear everything clearly, but they also genuinely feel part of an immersive experience. 

A lacklustre sound performance will leave your esteemed guests feeling less than impressed with your production, whatever it may be. Whether it be a London conference or a wedding in Kent, you need to invest in sound equipment hire that does the occasion justice. 

This is especially true if you depend on presenters, such as at a trade show or a product launch. Imagine if one of your potential top investors can't hear you because they're sat a considerable distance from your stage? Not that we're expensive, but you should avoid penny-pinching on this equipment when there's so much at stake. With the best wireless microphones in the business and a PA system to match, your sales pitch can be transformed from underwhelming to inspirational.

Of course, not all events have as much pressure riding on them. Take celebrations such as weddings, for example. These are once-in-a-lifetime, joyous occasions. But if the sound equipment you hired for the day lets you (or more likely your entertainment acts) down, then it's something you will, unfortunately, have to live with for the rest of your life (unless you happen to get married again, of course). 

Hiring the Complementary Visual Elements 

While sound considerations are perhaps narrower in focus, the equipment you require for your visual needs is much more extensive. The first thought for most event organisers is lighting hire given the hire of just a few lights can completely alter the ambience of a room. From LED uplighters to spotlights, if you're putting on a serious production, then sound equipment alone isn't enough. 

Dimmable lights can set the scene for an explosive entry onto a catwalk or a stage, while hired event lighting can literally change the colour of a venue. Lighting shows can wow your attendees at an exhibition, or set the scene for a crucial moment during a production, such as the first dance at a wedding. 

But of course, the visual components of audio visual hire stretch far beyond lighting. Increasingly we are being asked about LED screen hire. Not only are they great for providing supplementary imagery to productions, but they are also useful is relaying broadcast footage of what's happening on a stage in crystal clear quality for those sat further away from a focal point. We can also provide TV screens and monitors, which are often very helpful in playing footage of product demonstrations, if you have a stand at an exhibition, for instance. 

When it comes to London conferences, you need to create a winning setup. Presentations hold just as much value in the corporate world today as they ever have. Therefore, you're likely going need to hire a projector in addition to your microphone, screen, and speaker system setup. You may also need stage hire or set design to really make you conference look the part. Fortunately, our in-house On Tour Events team have been designing sets and stages for corporate events, exhibitions, conferences and product launches for decades, so you'll be in good hands should the need arise. 

That highlights a significant, but often overlooked, aspect of audio visual equipment hire; the technical team. Happily, we're blessed with some of the best in business. 

A Creative Audio Visual Team That Can Deliver Your Vision

As eluded to above, an all-too-often overlooked aspect of AV hire in London and surrounding areas is the team. Most of the technical setup required for conferences, corporate events, weddings, and exhibitions is not something that can be carried out by your average Joe. That's why you need a team you can trust to get it right. 

In pretty much every scenario, an incorrect set up would lead to devastating consequences. It could be lost sales, embarrassment during a critical moment of your wedding day, or humiliation for a presenter that can't be adequately seen or heard on stage. Whatever the occasion, while a great deal of your event's success will depend on the quality of the audio visual equipment you decide to hire, it can become useless if set up and operated incorrectly.

Unless you have intimate knowledge of how to work a mixing desk or have experience in coordinating and executing a light show, it makes no sense to even think about attempting to dry hire audio visual equipment. Not to mention the additional stress it places on you as the event organiser. Every combination of equipment we hire out includes the cost of at least one of our experienced technicians to make sure everything runs smoothly, both during the initial setup and throughout your event. 

We are also on hand to help you through the process if you don't know what you need regarding audio visual hire. We are more than happy to sit down with you and discuss the specific requirements of your event. It gives us the opportunity to work through everything item by item, to design (if necessary) your stage or set, assemble appropriate sound equipment, and then select which visual elements you're likely to need. 

In many cases, we find that our "off the shelf" packages offer a perfect fit for our clients. But when's that not the case, and you're looking for something a touch more exclusive and unique, then we have a creative team that is more than capable of delivering the event you've envisioned.  

An Audio Visual Inventory to Rival Anyone

While our experience audio visual production team is undoubtedly one of our greatest assets, we stock the equipment to match. We have a vast audio visual equipment hire inventory, and crucially we own all of it. We regularly service and test all of our audio visual equipment and replace any stock older than three years. We also stock all kinds of staging and set equipment. 

Anything you require for your event, be it a custom stage set, event lighting, sound equipment, LED screens, projectors, power and distribution equipment, or rigging – we've got you covered. As if that wasn't enough, we also only invest in the top brands such as d&b audiotechnik to name a few. Up until now, it's a strategy that's served us well, with no equipment failures to date (touch wood). 

Premium Audio Visual Hire London

One of the questions we're first asked is where do we provide our audio visual services. The truth of the matter is that we can cover pretty much anywhere in the UK, and continental Europe too if necessary. 

But we forged our reputation by providing stellar AV hire in London, and it's where we still have much of our core client base. When we say London, we're implicitly referring to surrounding areas too, including Kent, Berkshire, Surrey, and Heathrow (famous for conferences!) to name but a few. That said, we do have a warehouse in Manchester, which acts as an excellent base for all events taking place in the North of the country. 

The reason we continue to serve so many clients within the Greater London region is that we offer some of, if not THE most competitive rates when it comes to audio visual hire in London. We also take the time to dig into the specifics of your events, to see if you can uncover more efficient ways to run your occasion successfully from an audio visual standpoint. That's why it's worth just reaching out to us even if your event only requires a small stage, speaker and technician package. You may well be pleasantly surprised. 

If you're hosting an event, whether it be a wedding or a conference, we have the personnel and audio visual equipment to make it a success. Just reach out to us using the contact information below, or arrange an appointment to sit down and meet with us in the flesh. We look forward to hearing what you have in mind!    

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