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On Tour Events Provides Technical Event Services To London Based Electric Car Startup Company ZE

Event Services For Car Launch
Event Services For Car Launch

On Tour Events provided technical event services to the London based electric car start up company, ZoElectric including stage, screen & audio.

ZoElectric are a small family run business with an incredible concept and skill level to match. Simon first approached us back in 2019 with an idea behind the car launch revealing it to a small group of potential investors, clients and magazine publishers.

His concept involved us supplying staging, event lighting, LED screen and audio equipment for the event. Simon and his team made it clear from the start they wanted the stage set and production to reflect their new age, high end, luxury, electric car market. There are only a handful of start up car manufacturers making small numbers of bespoke hand built electric cars useable for race tracks and aimed at car enthusiasts. The guys promised us a ride in one after the launch party, which we were happy to accept!

The car launch was to take place at the manufacturing and testing facility near London where a space of 3000 square foot would be allocated for the stage, production, two ZE07 cars and 30 delegates.

The stage was designed to be small & compact but give a high impact reaction. Size wise it just needed to adequately hold 4-6 people at most so we opted for an 8 meter wide x 6 meters deep, set at a height of 1 meter. We then covered the stage in their corporate colours and finished the look with a bespoke curved frontage. Once this was set up, we installed a large 7 meter wide x 4 meter high LED screen to be flown at the back of the stage giving the audience a wonderful audio visual experience.

Alongside the huge screen we installed LED moving heads into the roof of the warehouse attaching to the beams already in place. These were programmed using a GrandMA lighting desk giving the sophisticated results of a time coded, high impact, visually pleasing lighting show which had been requested by the client in their brief. Not forgetting the 4m rounded LED bar which was used to serve drinks throughout the event.

Sound wise we thought it best to put in a couple of conference stage monitors alongside a small, discreet flown L-Acoustics Kara PA system controlled wirelessly via a Midas Pro2c. It was a simple set up of mics as they only required 6 x Shure wireless handheld radio mics. A smaller distributed satellite speaker system was also set up around the stage used as front fill & side fill, to ensure additional areas were covered that the flown system couldn’t reach.

The whole 3000 square foot floor space was covered in black carpet, for a couple of important reasons. One was the visual aspect the clients wanted and secondly we made this suggestion from an acoustic perspective as with all sound, acoustic waves reflect off hard surfaces which is why it can sound odd & echoey. This is the last thing you would want when you have speeches & presentations taking place to launch your new product! With the carpet being laid this helped to absorb the reflections which are unavoidable when you have a PA system in what is essentially a concrete and metal hanger. Needless to say the sound system delivered as all L-Acoustics products do.

Load in was on a Wednesday allowing for rehearsals and programming on the Thursday. The car launch was organised for late afternoon on the Friday, followed by music and a drinks reception after the initial launch event. It took us 3 hours to build the stage allowing us then to lay the carpet and fitting the bespoke perspex frontage.

Followed by the installation of the LED screen which was rigged across 4, 1 tonne motors in the roof via use of a telehandler. Next up was lighting, but before we could rig anything, we added some of our own F34 truss across different sections of the warehouse in addition to using the in house beams. This was to allow different angles and heights to install the event lighting from giving the audience a fully immersive audio visual experience wherever they stood.

Lastly the sound was flown then the smaller speaker system distributed across the audience area at ground level offering an all over clear, high defined audio sound.

The result is what we all had hoped for and that was an extremely happy client with what looked like many potential investors and buyers in this new founded company.

We were extremely pleased with ourselves as it was evident the audience were engaged with the event from start to finish and we feel that we met both the clients budget and the criteria that we were given at the start. As a result of these technical services supplied we have been asked to join Simon and the ZoElectric team again for the 2022 official launch of the kit car! Watch out Tesla....

If your planning an event & your looking to hire stage, lighting, sound or LED screen & your wanting to work new a new, creative event production company then we would love to hear from you. Below is the your find all our contact details with all the links to our social media pages:

On Tour Events: Technical Audio Visual Event Services London
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