Clay Park Sharpy Hire London

If you don't know what the clay paky sharpy moving Head fixture is don't worry you definitely would have seen hundreds if not thousands used over the last few years as there isn't a TV show which doesn't use the clay paky ''Sharpy'' and for good reason. The sharpy is a powerful moving head which produces a perfectly parallel laser like beam with incredible brightness and speed this lighting fixture is a must for most if not all events (On Tour Events even use them as sky trackers in waterproof domes).  

Clay Paky Sharpy

SKU: ClayPakyHire01
  • So as already mentioned the clay paky sharpy is powerful moving head light which produces a parallel beam of light with an incredible light output just short of 60000 Lux which if you don't know what that means fine not many people do but it does mean it's so bright you can use these lights as outdoor sky trackers! (Thats bright) Now of course they are 100% perfectly dimmable and there is a number of different gobo's and colours.


    A ''Gobo'' A “Gobo” is a small stencilled circular disc, and used in lighting fixtures to create a projected image or pattern. Frost & other filters can be put over those light & gobos for instance a rotating prism combined.... All of this & more have made this one of the most used rider friendly lighting fixtures currently on the rental market, used all across the TV world, festivals to showrooms, conferences to weddings parties as mentioned above even outdoors these are an incredible fixture & we stock them for very good reason (The above)  


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