Shure UR4D Wireless Microphone Hire London

Every event needs a reliable and high-quality microphone so it makes sense to opt to make it wireless and this is the radio mic of choice for many artists and audio visual hire companies in London. One of the main reasons why On Tour Events stocks the Shure UFH-R wireless handheld mic systems is the same reason everyone else does......


The proven reliability and quality of these radio microphone systems sets them apart from other manufacturers. Shure handheld microphones professionals choice when it comes to microphones 

Shure UR4D Wireless Microphone

SKU: WirelessMicHire01
  • On Tour Events stocks the Shure UFH-R wireless handheld mic systems because these wireless microphones were designed to work in extreme conditions and on any scale of event from small weddings, conference events to large scale outdoor festivals. While reliability is one thing making sure that your your audio can be heard clearly and precisely is also another factor which plays a big part when a audio visual hire company chooses what products to stock and the Shure UHF wireless handheld microphone system offer exceptional audio delivering warm clear precise vocals to your audience or clients.


    Shure offers the ''smart'' menu allows up to 2400 selectable frequencies across a ultrawide 60 MHz bandwidth & the Shure UR4D+ receiver can also be used as a wireless audio transmitter which is really handy when it comes to things like outdoor cinemas and you need to transmit audio. On Tour Events also stocks the matching Shure personal in-ear monitoring system otherwise known as IEM and we also stock a range of different handheld capsules for these wireless microphones as some artists require or request a particular capsule to match their vocal tone and audio preferences. 


    So if you're looking to hire a wireless microphone for your conference event party or wedding then we would highly recommend this product for superior sound and rock solid reliability. On Tour Events is London's leading audiovisual company we can also supply any staging LED screen or sound or event lighting required for your event.