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London-Based Events Company On Tour Events Talks About "Event Production''' & What's Involved

Event Production Services in London
Event Production Services in London

Event production is perhaps one of the trickiest parts of pulling together a successful event. We are often handed a design or event brief, and then it's up to us, the event production company, to kind of 'fill in the gaps' and bring the event from concept to reality.

Nine times out of ten, this isn't too much of a challenge since we're familiar with the industry in question, or we've done a similar event hundreds of times before. However, some requests pop up now and again that force us to think outside of the box. 

For instance, we had a demand within a wedding brief over in Europe to construct a transparent stage across a swimming pool. We needed to call in the help of specialist underwater welders, but we still managed to pull it off! That's without mentioning all of the work that went into the load-bearing calculations, design considerations, and physical transportation of components beforehand. 

But these infrequent, unusual requests are just a few of the items we'll happily take in our stride here at On Tour Events. If you feel as if you're still a little in the dark when it comes to technical event production services, let's use this post walk you through each of the critical elements you'll likely be discussing with us or any other event production company based in London.

Sound / Audio 

Sound is undoubtedly a critical element of event production. Any event production company in London worth their salt will have a vast range of options for both hiring equipment and providing the associated services. Let's take a moment to focus on the equipment first, before then focusing on the supporting services.

On the audio side, whether you are hosting a huge music festival or looking for help on the event production side of your wedding, PA speakers are going to feature pretty high on your list. For smaller events, when paired when a phone or laptop, the PA speakers may suffice for your event's sound requirements. However, for any occasion involving more than a few hundred attendees, the audio requirements tend to jump up a few notches.

For live sound, in particular, you are going to need to factor in audio equipment hire such as amplifiers, stage monitors, mixing desks, and a selection of microphones. Don't forget about all of those power and data-transfer cables either!

There's not much we don't have in stock when it comes to sound equipment. In fact, sound equipment hire was perhaps our 'first love' when we started providing event production services over 20 years ago. 

We've got both ends of the technical event production scale covered with our vast inventory. From high-flying suspended line arrays, to stage monitors, instrument mics, PA speakers, and digital mixing desks, we've got pretty much every imaginable piece of sound kit in stock and ready to go out on hire.

That's the sound element of event production taken care of, so let's move on to lighting. 


Without effective lighting choices, some events fall flat on their face. Well-chosen event lighting has the unique ability to set the scene and create a mood or ambience for a special occasion. If you thought there were plenty of choices when it came to your sound equipment arrangements, just wait until you browse lighting! 

There are so many different fixtures from which to choose, and they all have slightly different effects. For instance, you may want to opt for LED stage washes, uplighters, and a couple of spotlights for your small conference event. By contrast, for an awards show you may want to hire the full gamut, including moving heads, Fresnel lanterns, lasers, PAR cans, and stage blinders. And that's merely mentioning a fraction of the available options!

For that reason, you may want to spend a little more time with your London-based audio visual hire company discussing your lighting choices than you do on your sound requirements. We have all of the fixtures mentioned above, plus plenty more. A significant proportion of our lighting inventory utilises industry-leading LED technology as we firmly believe it's the future of the industry, with better energy usage, no heat issues, and more extensive functionality. 

But when speaking about lighting, it's essential to not forget about the associated infrastructure such as the rigging and truss structures that will house the lights for your event. Of course, we can provide this aspect of lighting event production too without any fuss. 


There's no doubt in our mind that video is becoming an increasingly integral part of events. When you pause to evaluate the marketing impact that video can have on customers, event attendees, and guests, then it comes as no surprise. 

Of course, video is a pretty flexible format, so you'll spend most of your time deliberating over which device to broadcast your footage on. For larger events such as music concerts, award shows, and festivals, you're probably going to hire a LED video wall for the occasion. By contrast, for your smaller London conference, you may only need a projector and screen.

Fortunately, yet again, we have one of the most comprehensive ranges of all London AV hire companies. In total, we stock three different types of LED screen systems, ranging in tile size, pixel density and outdoor capabilities. 

When it comes to hiring outdoor LED screens specifically, we have a range of fully IP-rated LED panels that are manufactured to work outside with high levels of exposure to moisture. We also have a wide range of projectors, screens, monitors, and laptops available to hire for your meetings, conferences, and exhibitions. 

Stage / Set 

While you would expect to see the above elements of event production required for almost all events, some may require the additional need for a stage or set. Awards shows, music concerts, conferences, and fashion shows will all need a stage or set. If you're confused regarding the difference between the two, the terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

However, you would tend to make use of a set for a conference, or perhaps a wedding production. In contrast, you would use a stage for events with presenters such as award shows, or for live musical performances on festival stages. A useful way to differentiate is by gauging how far off the ground your stage or set is going to be. If it's only a few feet off the floor, then you're likely talking about a set rather than a stage.

In addition to our vast repository of AV equipment, we also offer an extensive range of stage and set equipment too. We have solutions for both indoors and outdoors, and we have a design team that can design and visualise your concept with the latest 3D rendering technology. 

Technical Event Production Services

Now that we've run through the key pillars of event production, it's vital that we don't skip over one of the most critical elements, the supporting event production services. It's all very well hiring a plethora of sound, lighting, and video equipment. But what if you don't have anyone capable of operating them on the day/evening of your event?

This is what makes us an unusual London-based AV hire company, because we provide all of the associated technical event production support too, offering you a complete turn-key events solution. From our lighting technicians taking on the artistic direction of your light shows, to our sound engineers mixing and balancing the sound of your live performers to perfection, our in-house personnel have all 'been there and done it' in the events industry.    

While we've been in operation for nearly thirty years, our event production team have well over a century of event production experience between them. Whether it's setting up a few bit and pieces of AV equipment for a conference or overseeing a high-pressure awards show production at the London ExCeL, you're going to need experienced professional ensuring that the hard work you've put into your event production pays off.

Why Choose On Tour Events to Handle All Aspects of Your Event Production?

When evaluating event production companies in London, there are obviously a lot of factors to consider. With that in mind, let's run you through we genuinely feel that we are the best in the business. 

Perhaps the most significant differentiating factor that sets On Tour Events apart from other London-based event production companies is that we stock all of the sound, lighting, staging, set, and the screens needed to produce your event in-house without the need of a third party.

Better yet, this isn't merely any old equipment either. We heavily reinvest our earnings every year into equipment manufactured by reputable, industry-leading brands such as Shure (sound) and Showtec (lighting). Furthermore, we know of no other company that goes to the same lengths when it comes to the care we take over our gear. 

We service everything at least every six months, we double and triple-check everything over before it leaves the warehouse, and we replace an existing stock that is older than three years. It's this unwavering commitment to providing you with the highest-quality equipment that has helped us avoid any technical failures while supporting an event. Not bad when you consider how long we've been in the industry!    

We are also an industry leader in the sense that we can provide you with every possible technical event service you might require under one roof. Calling us a one-stop-shop doesn't quite do it justice. 

This offers you several benefits as the event organiser. For instance, because we work with this equipment every day, we can operate much more efficiently during setup and deliver much higher-quality on-the-day production services. Better yet, you can completely eliminate the hassle and stress associated with dealing with several technical contractors, each with their own set of demands and accommodations. 

Lastly, we believe we offer some of the best customer support services in the country. Never put together an event before? No problem! We can walk you through each of the steps at a pace your happy with. We can also help with the design of event production aspects, such as sets, stages, or lighting displays.

Talk to On Tour Events Today to Discuss Your Event Production Requirements   

We'll think you'll agree that when it comes to event production, here at On Tour Events, we've got you pretty well covered. Whether you're as experienced as it gets concerning event production, or you need a little bit of hand-holding through the process, we are here to help you regardless.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss what you think you might need for your event, and our friendly team will be more than happy to help you convert your ideas into reality! 

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