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Wedding Uplighters Change The Way Your Wedding Venue Feels & Looks

Wedding Uplighters Make Your Wedding Stand Out
Wedding Uplighters Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Weddings are perhaps one of the most important days of your life. Beyond perhaps the birth of your children, your wedding day is a milestone that you will cherish forever. Given the enormity of the occasion, it’s imperative that you get it right.

Obviously, it can feel as if there are one hundred and one things you need to organise for your big day, and it may feel like the event lighting has low priority compared to other items such as the bride’s dress.

But never underestimate the power of lighting. Many happy couples we have worked with in the past have been shocked at the ability of lighting fixtures to completely alter the look and feel of their chosen venue.

So we are going to take a look at one of the most effective weapons in this endeavour, wedding uplighters, before running you through what else you might want to consider when it comes to wedding lighting.

Choose LED Wedding Uplighters to Transform Your Venue

The lighting choices are vital for any wedding. Often they can be overlooked, leading to a tinge of regret on the big day. However, here at On Tour Events, we are on hand to ensure that the lighting options you choose are suitable for your venue and deliver the theme or visual appearance you are aiming for in your initial concept or vision.

Without fail, we always recommend LED uplighters for our clients. You see, there’s nothing quite like them. First of all, unlike most of our lighting fixture options (which have to be rigged to truss or other similar structures), these lights are floor-based and shoot light up from the ground. What that means is that, when positioned in close proximity to walls and ceilings, they can be used to strategically alter the colour of the walls and the feel of the wider venue setting.

Let’s say you have found the perfect venue for your wedding reception event. However, there’s an issue. The beige walls of the venue are hardly awe-inspiring, and you need to alter their look to better match the purple and silver theme present across your table settings and stage drapes.

With LED uplighters placed at 4-metre intervals and set to purple lighting, not only do your walls now fit with the overall wedding colour scheme, but the whole reception venue feels as if it’s been transformed to fit your specific theme. Your guests might think this is how the venue has always looked, but you and your other half will know precisely how significant a role the wedding uplighters played!

However, that’s not all concerning LED wedding uplighters. Recent advances in battery technology have allowed them to provide solutions for an increasing trend within the industry - outdoor weddings!

Wireless LED Uplighters Provide the Perfect Solution for Outdoor Weddings and Marquee Receptions

While wedding uplighters have been stalwarts for years now, carrying out a lot of the heavy lifting, the rise of outdoor weddings and subsequent receptions has meant that they have adapted and evolved to better meet the needs of a modern wedding.

Even indoors, running cables between uplighters is less than ideal. However, they can be easily covered and protected to ensure they don’t pose much of a threat as a trip hazard. But outdoors, things are much more tricky.

For instance, how many extension cords will you need to rig a dozen LED uplighters for your marquee-based reception? And how long will they need to run, given the location of your nearest power source? Will you need to hire a noisy generator just to run them for your wedding event? These are just a couple of the issues that running wired LED uplighters present.

As we’ve mentioned before on this blog (we know you’re an avid reader!), marquee weddings are on the rise, hence why we provide all manner of marquee options for hire ourselves. Wired uplighters are not really the best solution for these occasions (they can be pulled off, we’d like to point out, but not easily).

After trying to find workaround and solutions over the years, our prayers were answered when battery-powered versions started to hit the market. We invested heavily at the time and continue to do so as we rotate our older stock as these are excellent pieces of kit for both indoor and outdoor use.

But today, setting up uplighting for attractive mood lighting options is a doddle. We just place them in their optimal positions, configure each light as designed by us or requested by our clients, and they’ll happily perform for hours on end with no fear of running out of juice before things come to a close (they last for more than eight hours).

So you’re considering them for your wedding after we’ve started to nudge you in the right direction. But what if you need a little more convincing? No worries, let’s quickly through a few more of their benefits before discussing your wider lighting considerations.

Wedding Uplighters Have Multiple Benefits For Wedding Events

One aspect of LED uplighters that perhaps doesn’t get mentioned enough is their versatility. They are far more than a merely functional light. While they can be great for adorning outdoor spaces such as walkways, for example, in a rural outdoor setting, they are a jack of all trades.

Firstly, you don’t have to program uplighters to beam out a specific colour, as mentioned in the example above. Instead of beaming out a solid soft purple, as mentioned, you can opt to fade through several different colours. You can program the range of colours to fit with your broader wedding theme, and the added benefit is they will deliver a visually appealing light show during the dinner segment, for example.

Another small but very noticeable trick we recommended to wedding planners and happy couples is changing the lighting settings as the day/evening wears on. After all, the vibe during the sit-down meal will be very different to the scenes approaching midnight when everyone is on the dance floor enjoying those familiar wedding tunes.

You can set them off to display neutral tones during the ceremony or during the first phases of the reception, but switch them to bolder shades that compliment the disco lights and moving head fixtures hired for the live band performance later on.

Next, and this is more specific to On Tour Events than the lights themselves, we stock the optional diffusion lenses, which give you versatility regarding the angle of the light beam. You get to choose from 30, 60, or 90 degrees allowing you to get even more creative with the light show you are planning.

All in all, if you’re planning a wedding production, you need these near the top of your shopping list. However, as impressive as these lights are, they can’t do everything. So let’s briefly take a look at what other wedding lighting options you might want to hire to complete your event and make it the best it possibly can be.

Additional Wedding Lighting Hire Options

You are going to need to hire a broad spectrum of lighting fixtures to complete your wedding production. If we are honest, they are simply far too many options to name them here. However, if there’s a type of lighting that is not listed below that you’re thinking about hiring, then you can rest assured that we have it in stock.

So without further ado, let’s quickly run you through some of the most commonly chosen options:

  • Spotlights – You can use spotlights for several wedding elements, but one of the most popular uses is stage lighting. Other use cases include highlighting the happy couple on the dancefloor for their first dance.

  • Floodlight – Demand for mobile floodlights has increased in line with the increasing number of weddings and receptions taking place outside. As the name suggests, they literally “flood” large open spaces with light and are an excellent functional addition that will allow people to see what they are doing in communal areas such as walkways after nightfall.

  • Textured lighting – These lights shine a preset pattern, such as leaves or a starry night sky, which is great if there's a theme to your wedding. Revolving snowflakes is a popular choice for winter weddings.

  • Pin Spot lights – Pin spot lights use tight beams of focused light to spotlight or highlight specific parts of your event. In the wedding context, a pin spot’s highly-focused four-degree beam is often directed towards table centrepieces to highlight floral arrangements and other centrepieces, making them stand out in the room.

  • Festoon lighting – These lights go by many names are an absolute must for most weddings, indoors or out. They mostly appear as a long line of lightbulbs on a string, but there are many variations.

  • Disco lights - Whether you’ve hired a live band or DJ, you’re going to need disco lights to accompany their sets and make the dancefloor look all the more enticing. Another essential lighting fixture you’ll be adding to your list!

Why Choose On Tour Events for Your Wedding Uplighters and Wider Wedding Production Needs?

When it comes to wedding uplighters, it’s no secret that there are plenty of outfits to choose from – so what makes us so unique?

Firstly, we set ourselves by investing in equipment that is widely regarded in the industry as the best of the best. That’s why our wireless LED uplighters are manufactured by Core Lighting. Their ColourPoint uplighters are industry-leaders for a reason.

Firstly, they have a 2000 lumen output achievable via their 60W quad-chip RGB (for those who don’t know, this stands for red, green, blue). This chip also allows you to choose any colour of the rainbow for your specific wedding theme.

We specifically stock the Mk2 version of the Core ColourPoint, which have the added advantage of being suitable for outdoor and indoor use in all weather conditions. We don’t need to tell you about the British weather’s ability to interfere with even the best-laid plans, so having a workhorse of a lighting fixture that will work in all settings is one less thing you have to worry about.

Lastly, and by no means least, no only is our equipment second-to-none, but so is our sheer range of services. Forgetting lighting for a moment, we can provide everything you need on the technical side of wedding event production. Yes, we really mean EVERYTHING.

We are also the UK leader’s in stage hire and design, professional sound equipment hire, LED screen hire, and we can even live-stream your wedding event to loved ones right across the globe. There’s nothing we can’t help you with.

With just one point of contact and one straightforward price, you can hire everything from us, from wedding uplighters to a tiered platform wedding stage. Better still, we set it up and take it all away for you. It really doesn’t get any more hassle-free than this.

So if you’ve decided that you’ve already got enough on your plate trying to organise one of the biggest days of your lives, then it’s time to pick up the phone and give us a call. We can’t wait to talk you through your options!

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