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On Tour Events Discusses the Different Types of Marquees and Their Benefits at Your Event

Marquee Hire In London
Marquee Hire In London

Here at On Tour Events, we can supply an extensive range of different marquees. From giant tipi-style marquees to the increasingly popular clear marquee, there's not a size or style that we can't supply to your event. But since the hire cost will likely take up a considerable chunk of your event budget, we thought it wise to run you through what you need to be thinking about when it comes to marquee hire.

After making your way through the following guide, you'll understand why marquees are such a practical solution for your event, better understand the different types of marquee that are available, and learn more about what you need to consider before hiring one for your event. 

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Marquee for Your Event?

Marquees have always been a popular solution for events of all types. Whether it's a wedding or a charity event, marquees have provided an excellent, flexible solution for many occasions over the years. However, today, demand for marquee hire has never been so high.

Of course, a significant reason behind marquees becoming so desirable during 2020 and beyond is because of recent world events. With current UK COVID-19 restrictions placing severe limitations on indoor gatherings for the foreseeable future, marquees can provide the perfect outdoor solution for your events that perhaps traditionally take place inside. 

Weddings are merely one example of indoor events that can easily be transferred outdoors with the help of a marquee. Local village fêtes, birthday parties, and even corporate events can all comfortably take place in a marquee setting. 

With the government likely to ease restrictions for outdoor gatherings far sooner than they are for indoor events, a marquee is a perfect vehicle to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor settings. But of course, the benefits of hiring a marquee go far beyond providing a neat vehicle for navigating COVID-19 legislation. 

Before the pandemic, the big draw of marquees was their flexibility, which hasn't changed one iota. The beauty of marquees is that you can hire them and place them anywhere within reason. We've attached marquees to buildings, erected them in remote farmer's fields, and have even delivered small marquee hire for London rooftops! 

Lastly, marquees provide you with all the advantages of the outdoors, without any of the associated drawbacks. There's no worrying about whether you will experience all four seasons of weather within one day, for example. With a sturdy marquee, you can enjoy robust protection from any adverse weather, while enjoying the flexibility of using a much more comprehensive selection of potential locations to host your event. 

What Do You Need to Consider Before Hiring a Marquee for Your Event? 

When considering a marquee for your event, there are few considerations that you need to take into account. While, in theory, you can place a marquee anywhere that has enough available outdoor space, you do need to consider the terrain. 

For instance, sloping and/or uneven ground is not ideal for a marquee. We do have a range of solutions to combat these stumbling blocks, but if you're not sure about a specific site, then don't hesitate to contact On Tour Events, and we can talk you through your options or assess any photos you email across to us. 

Then, as is the case for any outdoor stage hire projects, you would need to need to make sure that the proposed site is free of overhead cables. For some marquee types, and depending on what you choose to have inside the marquee we would also need to know that there weren't any gas, water, electric, fibre, or drain pipes underground. If you're unsure, a "Ground Site Services Survey" from your local authority will clear that up for you.

Of course, you also need to ensure that there is ample access. Our marquees arrive on large trucks, and they need to be able to manoeuvre to a location as close to your proposed site as possible. 

Lastly, you need to take into account factors that go beyond the mere structure. For example, you need to ensure that you're close enough to a suitable power supply for your marquee audio visual equipment (more on this later). If thinking about booking in wedding marquee hire in London (or anywhere else for that matter), you'll then have to also factor in the needs of other suppliers such as caterers, loo suppliers, and heating arrangements, to name but a few.

But once you've decided that a marquee is for you, what you may not have realised is just how many variations there are on this particular theme. So let's give you a rundown of the most popular choices. As an aside, if you don't see a type of marquee you'd like to hire listed below, just get in touch as we'll no doubt be able to supply it for you!

Framed Marquees

It's perhaps best to describe a framed marquee as placing the indoors, outdoors. This specific type of marquee has the traditional design, but it's constructed using sturdy metal frames and comes complete with solid floors, proper walls, and real windows. Not only that, but they have air conditioning (if required), lighting, and heating all taken care of. 

As you might have guessed, these marquees are at the upper end of the price spectrum, since they are so robust. They are perfect for those of you planning a large formal wedding event since you can easily section off parts of the marquee to create a dining area, a stage, and dancefloor, and a bar area. They are also an excellent outdoor alternative if you're planning events such as product launches or small to medium-sized conferences, given that they feel very much like semi-permanent structures.

Canvas Marquees

This version of a marquee is what many would call a 'traditional' marquee. Usually white, this style of marquee is effectively an enormous tent that is erected using poles, guy ropes, and tent pegs. They are available in a wide range of sizes, meaning they are a little more flexible than their framed counterparts. 

The main difference with these marquees is that you will notice that you're very much outside (which isn't a bad thing!). There's slightly less protection from the weather, but if it's glorious, you can roll up the sides to allow a welcome breeze to blow through. Given their design, they're also more flexible when it comes to setting up on uneven or sloping ground.        

Once again, these marquees are perfectly suited to weddings, and most still have plenty of room for a seating arrangement, bar area, and stage/dancefloor. They're also well suited to garden parties, anniversary celebrations, or village fêtes.

Giant Tipi Marquees

Giant tipi tents are a style of marquee constructed with a tripod arrangement of poles, interior exposed beams, and guy ropes. While one of these tipis looks great, joining two or three together can create a show-stopping outdoor venue for your event. Due to their sloping sides, they create a much cosier atmosphere that traditionally-shaped marquees.

Again, this particular style is the perfect choice for a wedding. By joining up multiple giant tipis together, you can create a miniature' tent village.' This feature of tipis makes them an excellent candidate for small-scale festivals or outdoor music concerts too. 

Trapeze Marquees

Speaking of show-stopping talking points, trapeze marquees are undoubtedly easy on the eye and make a real visual statement for your event. Sometimes referred to as stretch tents, these marquees use rods and tension to form the overall structure. Usually free of sides or doors of any description, these marquees are also incredibly flexible in terms of layout and interior design.

These are excellent as either a statement tent for your event (such as a 'dance tent' at a wedding), or they could provide the weather insurance policy required for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Clear Marquees

If you're looking for something very different, why not try a clear marquee? Constructed similarly to a framed marquee, this is a variation that gives you the security of protection against the weather while allowing you and your guest to connect with their surroundings through transparent ceilings and walls.  

Hiring a clear marquee can add a magical feel to your event – especially if you are having an event in the late afternoon leading into the evening, such as a wedding or a special birthday celebration. Everyone in attendance can enjoy the sunset or the starry night sky enveloped around you. Or your gala dinner guests can unwind to the relaxing sound of rain pattering on the top of the marquee.

Marquee Audio Visual Equipment for Your Event

As briefly touched upon above, it's no good merely hiring a fantastic marquee, you need to deck it out with everything you need inside. If it's a wedding, for example, you need to choose your interior furnishings, find space for the caterers, the bar, live band (or DJ), and hire the necessary accompanying sound and lighting equipment too.

Fortunately, here at On Tour Events, we can not only provide you with a stunning marquee, but we can also take care of all aspects of technical event production. Whether you want to make use of our end-to-end wedding event services or you wish to move a conference outdoors, we have an unrivalled capability to provide the full package.

With starlit dance floors, LED-lit bars and furniture, cutting-edge sound equipment for hire, and one of the most extensive lighting inventories in the country, On Tour Events is your one-stop solution to the perfect marquee-based event. We can also provide stage hire and design services as well as on-site sound engineers and lighting technicians to ensure your event runs smoothly. 

When it comes to your audio visual and event production requirements, we won't be beaten on our commitment to quality and service.

Choose On Tour Events for Your Marquee Event 

Whether you're planning the perfect outdoor wedding or you're moving your awards show outdoors due to recent world events, On Tour Events can help you deliver a truly memorable occasion.

We can supply you with any style of marquee, and our full range of audio visual and event production services allows us to become your turn-key provider for your outdoor events. As if that wasn't enough, we also stock an enormous range of brand-new sound and lighting solutions, offer stage hire and set design services, and own an impressive inventory of glow-in-the-dark furniture and starlit dancefloors.

We weren't joking when we promised you a turn-key solution for your next outdoor event!  

So whether you're planning a beautiful outdoor wedding celebration, or you're looking to move a traditional gala dinner outside, why not get in touch with us to find out how we can ensure your outdoor event is a stunning success? We look forward to hearing about your plans!

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