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Why Use LED Screen with Your Next Exhibition Stand, On Tour Events Can Design & Build Custom Stands

LED Screen Hire For Exhibitions
LED Screen Hire For Exhibitions

Exhibitions are big business for some companies. For many of you, especially in the B2B space, trade shows and exhibitions will provide you with the best opportunity to make sales and establish fruitful business relationships. 

Here at On Tour Events, we help to make sure that you can the most successful event possible by designing jaw-dropping customised and modular exhibition stands. While those stands have remained similar in nature for several years, a significant trend has emerged, with the majority of our clients investing in LED wall hire to enhance their exhibition stand.

So we thought we would use this space to tell you a little bit more about why this is happening, and make a case for including LED video wall hire as part of your overall exhibition stand design. 

Why LED Video Walls Are Proving So Popular on Exhibition Stands

When it comes to exhibition stands, the industry has been crying out for innovation. For decades, the pattern has been, book a stand, design your graphics, print them off, and attend the event. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that process, it could certainly do with a touch of innovation and inspiration — enter LED screens. 

While marketing graphics are usually plastered to the walls of your stand, they are static. Once you've decided what you're going to have, that's it. By contrast, if you invest in LED screen hire, you can have a whole host of marketing messages and videos playing throughout the day. 

With an LED screen built into your stand, suddenly you have the option to deliver a raft of new content such as product demonstrations, advertorial videos, and interviews with key stakeholders to your potential customers. Not only does a video screen transform how you many of your key marketing messages you can convey, but it does it in a much more engaging way than traditional print materials.   

Video content is so crucial today in marketing, regardless of your industry. The statistics speak for themselves. Today, 81% of all businesses use video as a prominent marketing tool, that's up from 63% last year. What's more, 72% of customers prefer learning about a product or service through a video. Thus, with a LED video wall playing a broad spectrum of video content for passers-by to your exhibition stand, video can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you before even starting a conversation with a potential prospect. 

Next, LED video walls are engaging in their own right. They are incredibly bright, emit all kinds of vibrant colours, and will grab the attention of those casually walking past stands filled with mundane printed posters. Given exhibitions and trade shows are all about reeling people into your stand to learn more about your products and services, it's only right that you want the hire one of the best tools in the business!

What Do You Need to Consider When Hiring an LED Video Wall Hire in London?

Whether your exhibition is taking place at the ExCeL, or any other prominent trade show venue, you need to understand that there are some critical differences between the LED screens you can hire for your stand. They are certainly not all one and the same.

The first aspect you need to grasp is that these are not akin to large television screens. While we can supply you with largescale LED TV screens should you need them, video walls are something entirely different, even if they utilise the same technology. LED video walls are much larger than conventional TV screens, and they are constructed using panels. Here at On Tour Events, we have two different sizes to choose from. You can decide to build your screen with 500mm x 500mm panels, or 1000mm x 500mm. No matter your choice, we can construct pretty much any overall screen size. 

This is vital because any video content you play on the screen will be of a specific aspect ratio. In most instances, that aspect ratio will be one of 4:3 or 16:9. But supposing your content is neither, it's no problem for us, we can build a screen of any square or rectangular proportions. Given we've got over 120 square metres of LED video panels in stock, there's not much out there that we can't construct. It's not uncommon for us to build a central, focal LED screen for critical content and complement it with two LED rectangular pillars on either side for branding purposes, for example.

Next, you need to think about your environment. While rare, some exhibitions and trade events take place outside. In which case, you need to make sure that you the LED video panels you've hired are IP 65-rated to ensure they'll keep going in the face of bad weather. Thankfully, here at On Tour Events, we can say that we've invested in the highest quality equipment to ensure that this is the case.  

Finally, you need to consider the pixel pitch. If you're unfamiliar with the term, it refers to the spaces between the LED nodes within the panel. The lower the distance, the higher the resolution, and the better the picture quality. For large outdoor events, such as music festivals, higher pixel pitch values such as 12mm are acceptable as the audience are usually standing a reasonable distance away from the screen. 

However, for indoor events such as exhibitions where visitors to your stand will be getting up close and personal, you need to invest in LED video panels with a superior pixel pitch. We offer some of the lowest pixel pitch screens on the market, coming in at 3.9mm. They offer clear, crisp visuals and are capable of broadcasting full HD content on your exhibition stand.

Why On Tour Events is the Perfect Choice for Designing Your Exhibition Stand

It's one thing to choose an events company that have the best and brightest LED video walls for hire, but "one swallow does not a summer make" as the old adage goes. In other words, while hiring an LED screen for your exhibitions stand is an excellent idea, it's merely one component of a successful overall design. As show-stopping as it might be, without a stand design that complements your LED screen, it's going to look cumbersome and out of place.

Here at On Tour Events, we have been designing and delivering exhibition stands for clients for the best part of two decades. We've developed an unrivalled knowledge of what it takes to build a stand that draws in those all-important trade show delegates. We provide all types of exhibition stands to our clients, from popup banners and modular exhibition systems to wholly customised and bespoke stand designs. We can do them all. 

If you are on a budget, then modular exhibition stands are an excellent value for money option, and they leave enough room to manoeuvre to add custom touches such as incorporating your printed branding or an LED screen. Modular exhibition designs may also make sense if you've not booked a particularly large stand in terms of square footage, where a custom approach wouldn't be appropriate. 

The main benefit of using a modular system is that you can assemble them pretty quickly, and move them from venue to venue without any hassle. We can even store your specific designs at our warehouse in between shows and update them with new graphics as and when required. 

By contrast, if exhibitions are your primary source of new sales, or you've booked a sizeable, prominent stand space, it makes sense to opt for a bespoke design. If you opt to go down this route, you can make some genuinely inspirational choices since there are minimal limits beyond the square footage of your stand. 

We start the process by talking through your vision and ideas before drawing up some concepts using cutting-edge 3D mockup software, allowing you to visualise every inch of your stand. We then talk you through your choices when it comes to extras such as audio visual equipment hire.

On Tour Events Provides Everything for Even the Most Ambitious Exhibition Stands

One of the overall structure of the exhibition stand has been agreed, our attention turns to incorporating all of the audio visual (AV) elements required. Those requirements go far beyond merely hiring LED screens. You will need to think about event lighting choices, hiring suitable sound equipment, and considering how those elements will be seamlessly integrated into the overall design of your stand. 

Adding an LED video wall and a full PA system to your stand retroactively will look awkward and clumsy. However, by working with the On Tour Events design team, we can ensure that all elements integrate seamlessly into the overall design. We can then take care of all other outstanding equipment and service requirements. 

If you're wondering what we might be referring to when we say "all other outstanding equipment and service requirements," we're talking about aspects you might not have necessarily given much thought to, such as the truss structures required for housing the lighting fixtures. We can also provide all manner of furniture for exhibition stands, such as chairs, tables, and lecterns, for example. You may also be glad to hear that we can also take care of your printing requirements for your marketing materials, and we can even help you with the video content on your LED screens. 

Finally, we take care of perhaps the most critical element, assembly! It's all well and good having an all-singing, all-dancing exhibition stand, but you still need the personnel on the ground to ensure that it lives up to the expectations set during the initial mockups. Thankfully we are blessed with some of the best in the business when it comes to stand assembly. We'll be on hand to set everything up, provide any on-the-spot training you might need with the AV equipment, and to pack everything away again at the end of proceedings. 

Talk to On Tour Events About Incorporating an LED Screen into Your Next Exhibition Stand

Here at On Tour Events, we provide our exhibition stand design and installation services to many leading brands within the UK. Increasingly, we're helping our clients implement cutting-edge LED screens into their stands to provide much more functionality and engagement for potential customers.  

We are also familiar with almost every major exhibition and trade show venue in the UK, such as the ExCeL or the NEC, and we have intimate knowledge of designing and delivering stands within these environments. Whether you require a bespoke exhibition stand and or wish to tweak existing modular exhibition structures to reflect your brand, On Tour Events always combines the highest quality finishes with top-class on-site installation. 

So if you would like to discuss your vision for your LED-screen-inspired exhibition stand with us, don't hesitate to give us a call or email us. We can't wait to work with you on your next event!  

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