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From Conference's to Live Music Festivals & Weddings, We Find Out What Equipment Is Needed

Event Equipment Hire in London
Event Equipment Hire in London

Are you worried about the services offered by event equipment hire companies while planning your conference or exhibition? Or there can be a chance of worries about equipment and service quality? Well, to solve your hassles, we’ve presented an ultimate guide for hiring equipment, either you want them for concerts, trade shows, or small events.

Furthermore, we’ll also discuss the equipment to ease your analyzing process, either you want trestle tables, Chiavari chairs, projectors, or sound equipment. Let’s get into it.

Which Events Need Equipment?

Either you’re looking for a chair, tables, or any other type of equipment, identifying your type of event and needs is the first step. Some possibilities can be:

1. Conference

You may require custom set design, LED screen hire, and staging when it comes to conferences. It would be best to be sure that your event looks unique and creative, either small or large.

Your conference requirements may vary depending on the type of event.

  • In the case of small events, there is a chance that your requirements can be just carpeted stage, sound system, few mics, and a technician to handle them well.

  • While in case of extensive events, the list can be high, including projectors, LED screens, custom set lighting, and audiovisual equipment.

If you’re dealing with the conferences for the first time, it’s better to consult an expert or equipment hire to get an idea about requirements. Generally, it would be best if you got the following stuff:

  • Custom stage hire services

  • 3D renders of production

  • LED screen with latest specifications

  • Wireless speaker systems

  • On-site audio and visual technicians

  • Wireless lighting solutions

  • Conference lighting equipment

2. Weddings

For a fun wedding, you may end up hiring equipment. But do you know how can make it more effective? It would help if you considered a lot of stuff, including venue uplighting, custom-tiered stages, dance floors, and wedding lighting. Furthermore, you need to ensure flexibility along with power infrastructure to make your event the best.

  • On your big day, try going with unique themes expressing some meaning.

  • The idea of live corporate bands play at your wedding will be great with a perfect stage.

  • Lighting is the crucial part responsible for adding an enchanting ambiance to your event.

Your overall wedding equipment need will depend entirely on your requirements. For example, nothing can be planned without knowing the dimensions of a wedding marquee. For a general overview, you may end you hiring:

  • Wedding lighting

  • Tables, chairs, and cutlery

  • Venue uplighting

  • Dance floors and monograms

  • Carpeted or white tiered wedding stages

  • Mobile bars

  • Festoon and pea lighting

  • Live stream of wedding

  • Wedding marquees

  • Turnkey event production

3. Award Ceremonies

Whether the award show is related to any corporate event, media industry, or wedding, the equipment needs and designing requirements remain. For instance, it can include event lighting, sound system, LED screen, and custom staging.

You might need to plan a gala dinner and require technical production and event management services. The stage hire requirements will vary in this regard because of branding and showing creativity. For instance, the tiered stage with suitable rigging and lighting can serve the best.

  • Stage and audiovisual equipment are the primary centers of attention in award shows.

  • It’s better to get a custom stage designing for your brand awareness.

  • The flooring options with perfect spotlights should be creative.

Some of your hiring needs can be:

  • 3D production renders

  • Theme and drape solutions

  • Custom stage designs

  • LED with video floor choices

  • Stage lighting

  • Sound, lighting, and led screen

  • Rigging and proper power supply in-house

4. Exhibition

When you’re up to portraying your services and ideas through an exhibition, a perfect look is required to amaze and attract everyone. The exhibition can be small or large, and so is equipment in terms of size. The success of the exhibition depends a lot on the overall arrangements.

  • It would be best if you had an eye-catching display to attract multiple people.

  • The latest, high-end, cutting-edge technologies are also essential to portray the best form.

  • In the case of shelf modular exhibition structures, ensure that the stands are of high quality and installed well.

The exhibition stands need to stand out among the whole event and should be distinctive to increase the excitement of visitors. Even if you’re arranging in a short span, don’t forget these requirements. Also, the possible leading equipment that you may need include:

  • Exhibition lighting

  • Bespoke exhibition

  • LED video walls and intelligence screens

  • Proper Event power distribution

  • 3D renders of stand

  • Best exhibition furniture

  • Designing of exhibition stand

  • Integrated audio visual

  • Graphic design and print

Make sure to have the best quality of them to rock the event.

5. Trade Shows

While going for a trade show, your goals, and enthusiasm towards a particular event matter a lot. You need to develop it and associate it with the product you’re promoting. Your chances of conversion will be high. Also, it will attract the attention of the audience.

The design and equipment you’re using in a trade show are also of significant importance.

  • Suppose a client is walking towards you and noticing your table.

  • The design of the table and your portraying capabilities will play a part here.

  • The stand can be a pop-up stand or a large gantry stand, depending on your choice.

  • Your overall appeal should be following the product you’re promoting.

The equipment you’ll need in this regard will include:

  • Compelling table stand

  • Literature racks

  • Tables and stools

  • Display cases

  • Display plinths

  • Counters

  • Printed tablecloths

Apart from hiring equipment, pay special attention to the graphics of your trade show. They play an essential part in adding appeal and attraction.

6. Concerts

While planning for a concert, many technicalities ensure the best user experience in hearing the sound. It is vital to produce sustainable events and hire the best equipment to ensure an overall compelling concert.

  • While planning, do take into account the following considerations:

  • Make sure that your stage hire is well-versed in terms of designing a compelling stage.

  • If the event is significant, you may require to hire LED screen for portraying the performance.

  • Make sure that the amplifiers are of high quality and power-efficient to produce the best audio output.

  • Do take the number of speakers and their position into consideration as per your audience.

The stage hire, LED screen, and sound system are most important to consider. Some accessories you may require in this regard include:

  • Stage

  • Amplifier

  • Speakers

  • Audio console

  • LED screen

Depending on your desired audience and requirements, the frequency and number will be changed.

7. Classes

If your institute plans to hire some equipment for colleges in case of any event, the type of event will access the requirements. For example, in a science exhibition at college, it will be your choice to do it inside the college building or use a marquee.

The required equipment in this regard will include:

  • LED screen

  • Stage design

  • Tables and stools

  • Proper power distribution

  • 3D renders of stand

  • Best exhibition furniture

You can hire event marquee with outdoor covered tiered seating and custom stage hire for ensuring the best performance. In the case of other events, you can analyze the required accessories and make your decision accordingly.

What Kind Of Equipment You May Need?

We’ve already gone through the events you may look for to get an idea of the required equipment. Let’s discuss equipment a bit. Either you’re hiring or buying, it will be helpful to ensure the quality to prevent any hassle during the event.

You can also ask about the equipment features from the event equipment hire company during a stage hire, provide trailer mounted outdoor covered tiered seating marquee, or LED screen hire. Let’s get into equipment details for ensuring the best results.

1. Lighting

For events in Scotland, England, or any associated area, the event equipment hire option is good in terms of lighting. Either you want lighting in trailer mounted outdoor covered tiered seating marquee or at the exhibition, check for intensity and quality. Some associated conditions include:

  • Wedding lighting

  • Award show lighting

  • Lighting for parties and private events

  • TV, studio, and film lighting hire

  • Corporate event lighting

  • Product launches

  • Festival lighting and live event

  • Equipment for conference lighting

  • Exhibition lighting

  • Stage lighting

The lighting will have a substantial impact on the environment. Therefore, it should match your theme. Also, make sure to check event equipment hire with a vast range and stock to cater to your demands.

2. Stage Hire

There are versatile possibilities when it comes to stage hire. You might need a stage hire for festivals, or a trailer mounted outdoor stage hire for adding the best appeal. It is best to produce sustainable events with high-quality stages as per your needs. Some of the requirements can be:

Overall, it’s better to look for a custom-built stage that helps brand awareness and deal with issues. Pre-built ones are also good to consider, provided they can be modified to your needs. Also, take a remarkable account of designing as the stage is the center of attention. Furthermore, the boards in the front of the platform should also be considered. The standard choices are black hand-pleated stage drapes and solid fascia boards.

3. LED Screen

When you’re up to hire LED screens, check their quality and technology for a sustainable event. Also, the size should be compatible depending on your requirements. Furthermore, display results can be considered for engaging your audience. When it comes to LED screen hire, the options can be:

Whatever your needs are, be sure to have the best quality product for the best event. Also, consider the best event equipment hire company for impressive visuals.

4. Live Streaming

Either you need a live streaming service for your business or for personal reasons; there are various choices for you. Multiple event equipment hire companies to provide these services for user experience. Building your system will be a bit costly. Also, the events option include:

During your events, a lot of technicalities are involved to ensure that your video runs smoothly. Therefore, make sure to have a technical team around you.

5. Projector And TVs

When it comes to projectors, understanding the brightness in terms of lumens is essential. Also, it would be best if you made a final decision depending on your needs, either a small conference or a business presentation. Make sure to consult a technical team for proper positioning and dealing with heating issues.

Also, try to get efficient TV options from the event equipment hire companies. The audiovisual equipment and screens matter a lot to provide efficient results during your event. Some options for you can be:

You can also check for equipment quality before hiring to ensure their best performance at your event.

6. Sound Equipment

In the case of a concert or any audio-related show, sound equipment is of foremost importance. You need to analyze the services of any event equipment hire company and use them after satisfaction. While planning for sound equipment hire, you may require:

  • Stage

  • Amplifier

  • Speakers

  • Audio console

  • LED screen

  • Conference sound equipment

  • Touring package

  • Soundscape and acoustic design

  • Digital mixing consoles

  • Wireless, headset, handheld MIC systems

  • Outdoor distributed systems

  • Installation and rental systems

  • Line array and point-source options

  • Wireless audio systems

A clear and loud sound reaching the audience will be your primary goal. Do carry out proper research to prevent any hassle.

7. Set Design

When it comes to set design, you need to ensure that the overall look is appealing and up to par for the entertainment time of the users. There are several available options in this regard. It is better to consider a visual 3D example for getting an idea. Also, you can go with premade options with a bit of customization for branding purposes.

The options in this regard include:

  • Conference set builders

  • Integrated lighting and screens

  • Multi-level tiered stage

  • Wireless solutions for lighting

  • Truss, rigging, and power

  • Custom conference design

  • Conference AV equipment

  • Proper risk assessments

  • Foamex printing

8. Marquees

There are versatile options for you if you require a marquee set up for your business conference or an exhibition. In terms of equipment, you’ll need to stay vigilant to prevent any mishap during the event. Also, do check for the best equipment hire for assuring the top-notch equipment.

Either you’re going to have a tiered seating marquee hire event or multiple small events, many companies can provide event marquee hire services. It will further include the led screen hire and event marquee hire serving options. So, be vigilant in all the cases and go for the best option for your event.

Where To Get Equipment?

After accessing and analyzing the equipment required for an event, it’s time to check how you can get the equipment. There are plenty of options in this regard. If you need the equipment for one-time use, hiring or renting will be the best option. You can go with options in case of long-term use.

1. Buy New

The first option for you is to buy new equipment for your desired event. It can be a conference, an exhibition, or a trade show. But it will be an expensive option, especially if needed for one-time use. You can go with new in case of permanent use.

2. Buy Used

If you’re constantly arranging conferences or exhibitions, it’s best to buy the used equipment. But don’t forget to check the quality as it will be used for a long-time. Access the condition well, and you’ll be good to go.

3. Hire Or Rent

The most reliable and efficient option for arranging conferences or exhibitions is hiring an event service. They’ll take care of all the technical terms with the assurance of the best equipment. Also, some companies help in attaining custom designs to generate brand awareness.

Where To Rent?

After making your decision, you might be looking for renting options. Well, if you’re feeling good, check out our event equipment hire services at On Tour Events. Either you’re looking for an exhibition, event marquee hire, or stage hire, we provide multiple services and the best customer support.

Furthermore, our equipment is up-to-date with the latest technologies and technicians are well-versed in operating them. Here is a glimpse of services provided at On Tour Events.

  1. If you’re looking for an event marquee hire, check out our covered tiered seating marquee hire event services. We provide event marquee hire options at an affordable cost with multiple perks and support. Design and quality are our top priorities for user satisfaction.

  2. If you want to hire LED screen, don’t forget to check our variations in different sizes. We’ve also categorized the LED screens in various categories depending on the event. For instance, stage hire led screen. Also, the LED screen hire services include their proper setup and management by expert technicians.

  3. You can also check for high-quality sound equipment for audio-related events like a concert. It can include amplifiers, speakers, and related equipment.

  4. When it comes to stage hire, we provide trailer mounted outdoor stage hire for festivals and other variations. We also offer custom services in terms of decoration and designing according to specific events.

Why Hire Us?

The On-Tour event equipment hire serving the cities London, Surrey; cities of leeds Manchester produces sustainable events. It’s not like 2006 event equipment hire or hire market in 2014, where the services are devastating. Many of our screens have been hired repeatedly, and you can check out our statistics through the website. Also, we’re notable among larger events nationwide check for providing quality services.

  • Check On Tour Event Hire about us, support, and customer care to analyze well.

  • We are a versatile hire company, including the outdoor furniture hire to stage hire led screen.

  • We proudly ensure that no one is capable event industry than us, download brochure our new services are mentioned there.

  • For further analysis, do get in touch through your favourite social media channel. We constantly post about our achievements and results.

Get Equipped Now!

That was all about the ultimate guide for event equipment hire. You have multiple options of customisation in all aspects of branding. We’ve tried to discuss our best discuss every relevant event, including equipment hire. If you’re still confused about the event management or planning, shoot us a message through the contact section, and our team will reach out for further assistance.

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